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Advanced Techinques For Retribution Paladin By Chocolatina

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Greetings! In my own experience with Retribution Paladin I have tested lot of great ways can really maximize your damage and your DPS as Retribution Paladin and I would like to share my ideas with all fellow people who like this class. and I have managed to find some advanced ways can really maximize your damage and DPS to its fullest.

we all know that following the clash resolution and FCFS will maximize your dps but... I will add some of my advanced techniques that will make you do even more damage and more DPS.

1 - Libram Switch:

We will use ( Libram of three Truths ) >>>> 220 str after it stacks 5 times. ( Libram of Valiance ) >>>>> 200 Str requires seal of corruption/vengeance.

I have found that we can switch between these 2 Librams in the middle of the fight to maximize the DPS and the damage, so instead of using 1 Libram we will use 2 Librams but..... it's kinda risky and need some practice to do it perfectly because you can lose Libram of three Truths stacks easily if you didn't switch to the other Libram before the stacks gone. and you have to watch the Gcd because you need to do this Switch when all the other Abilities are on CD so you can switch without losing even 1 second, - This Switch will trigger the Gcd that's why you need to time it properly, i mean when all the other abilities on cooldowns.

2 - Seal Switching :

this is the hardest Technique and very very risky and will require patience and a lot of time to practice it without making any mistakes. let me explain.. we will use normally seal of Corruption/Vengeance until you get 5 stacks then we will switch to the other seal ( seal of righteousness ) .

recommended Glyph for this Technique >>>>>> we will use : Glyph of seal of Righteousness which will give you 10% extra damage to seal of Righteousness so we can remove Glyph of Consecration and put this instead.

the benefit from this tactic is that seal of corruption has a nice Dot and seal of righteousness has a very high judgement hits so we will combine both of their effects to maximize our damage.

The method that maximizes damage is this: Don't use spell to reset SoV , use your melee hit.(i Recommend using some ad-dons that shows your Auto attack speed as Clcret or Quartz). Based on your attack speed( changes using the fight ) calculate your white hit(100% deals a reset)

when Sov is 3/4 one, calculate your next melee hit such that as soon as you switch to SoV and the Gcd for it is done your white hit takes place, so you don't even waste a second more in so and you pop back SoR

-with this technique we will get the the double effects from both seals which will make your damage more powerful.


- its a very risky and most of the ret palas don't like this technique but if you mastered it you will do a lot more dps than the current dps you doing..

for example if you are doing 21k dps in fights like death bringer surfang with mono seal you will do like 25k dps if you did this seal switch perfectly without losing seal of corruption/vengeance stacks even once.

- and you have to watch the Gcd so you can switch the seals when all the other abilities is on CD and try to never lose seal of corruption stacks.

- it will take a lot of time and practice to master this technique.

- its better to reset seal of corruption stacks with your auto attack so watch your auto attack speed to decide when exactly you can switch.

- Don't Bother switching seals or libarms on the bosses that require paying alot of attention to the tactics.. i mean on bosses as (Bpc-BQ-Sindra..etc) because it can lead to distract from the tactics while you switching seal and libarms, so i recommend trying this Techniques only on tank n spank fights like (Deathbringer- Festergut..etc) and any bosses that don't need you to pay a lot of attention for the tactics.

-Don't bother Switching seals or libarms if you don't know how to time it perfectly because if you failed on it you will lose instantly 2-3k dps at least, so i recommend from anyone who want to try this techniques to get addon as Clcret or Quartz or any kind of addons that shows your melee swing speed because you will rely heavily on melee swings speed on switching between Sor and Sov so you wont waste much Gcds.


To be professional on seal switching you have to keep this in mind , >>> you will never reset seal of venegeance with a spell because if you did reset it with a spell you will lose a DPS.

the way that will maximize the damage by only this >>> you will reset seal of Vengeance/Corruption by your Auto Melee Swing only not by another melee Spells (DS-CS)...Keep this in mind!!!! you will calculate your melee Swing Speed by an addon to make it easier for you!

3 - Chaos Bane Aura:

If you have Shadowmourne you should cancel Chaos bane Aura by an addon Called (Freeme) the spell id is 73422 , this technique worth 300-800 dps increase sometimes if you are lucky. If you ask me why, the reason is very simple than you expect. the reason is: when you get Chaos bane aura you get 270 strength for 10 sec yes its good but if I you canceled the aura you will start gaining soul fragments again instantly after the chaos bane aura canceled so in the end of the fight you will find chaos bane damage is more than 3.5%-4% of your DPS. I think its definitely worth canceling the aura. I tested this technique in the dummy and on raids, i have found it worth 400 DPS increase at least.

4 - Timing your Divine Storm :

This technique is based on the fact that sometimes as a Ret Paladin you get stuck and don't know what ability to use because all your abilities are on CD therefore your DPS drop, the main reason that can cause this to happen is that you don't time your Divine storm, i mean that you use it on a time you shouldn't use it on. I will explain now : First of all, you must get a swing timer addon as Clcret or Quartz. Secondly, after you get the addon watch closely your swing timer.

(1) If you have more than 1.5 sec until your next auto hit to take place and there is a free ability you can use, don't use Divine Storm. use the other ability first then after it followed by Divine storm.

(2) If you have less than 1.5 sec until your next auto hit to take place, use Divine Storm even if there is an ability is off CD, by doing so you won't waste a use of Divine storm, and you might get a reset to Divine Storm CD again due to tier 10 2pc Bonus.

5 - Don't use Exorcism :

At the moment in Eternal-WoW Exorcism spell is bugged and it does reset your swing timer (in retail it doesn't) so you should drop Exorcism from your rotations because your Auto attacks are more precious and you should never waste them because of less DPS ability like Exorcism and i will explain now how your Auto attack is more important.

Melee swings usefulness:

1- Your Melee swings procs your active seal for more damage. 2- Your Melee swings Refreshes Seal of Vengeance/Corruption on your target. 3- Your Melee swings could proc motes if you are using Taj Trinket. 4- Your Melee swings scales well with your weapon and your current AP and Arp, for example if you have very strong weapon like Smourne your melee swings would increase your damage by 2x-3x your exorcism damage. 5- Your melee swings scales very very well with how much Agility you have, the more Agility you got the more melee crits you get. 6- If you have Shadowmourne Your melee swings would procs soul fragments.

As of Exorcism resets your swing timer defiantly you should never use it because using it could lead easily of wasting lot of Auto attacks and that's very very bad thing for ret.

Conclusion :

This 5 Advanced techniques if you mastered them you will look at insane dps.