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Ban Appeal English

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When your account has been banned, you have the right to make a ban appeal. This may get your ban lowered or an explanation as to why you are banned and what steps you need to take to have the ban removed. To do this, follow these steps.


First Step

Your screen should look like this when you log in. If it doesn't look like this click on the "Home" tab. Once you are at this screen, click on the word "here". This is a link to the Ban Appeal Forums.

Second Step

Here we are at the Ban Appeal Forums. It is very important that you read the Rules before you continue. So click on the topic.

Third Step

Make sure to read the rules. The Rules are stated in many different languages, just scroll down.

Fourth Step

Once you have read the rules, you can make a new topic and appeal your ban.

Fifth Step

On this page you will enter a topic and type your appeal. The appeal should consist of your side of the story. You are trying to convince the Admins that you would like to lower or remove your ban if possible. The less you type, the more correspondence we will need from you (asking questions and such). So the more information that you can give us in the first post the faster you will be able to play your account again. You will only be able to see your ban appeal and any responses that are made to your appeal. DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN ONE POST. This will not speed your appeal process up.

Sixth Step

Now that someone has responded you can see what is the outcome of your ban appeal. This may take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours depending on what the ban is for. Please be patient.

Seventh Step

A Response has been made and can be seen here. This will be the final response or you can try again and give more information.

If you have been given leniency on your ban, the reduced time will be noted and you will have to wait that time. When it says that your ban has been lowered to 1 day for example, this means that it will be 24 hours from the time that your ban was lowered. This is an automated process and will be cleared by the system. Do not post again and ask why you are still banned. It may just be a few hours that you are off.