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Bloodsail admiral and Argent Champion Easy Guide

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First Off: Bloodsail Admiral As you all might or might not know, you have to kill Booty Bay people before you can even consider doing a quest for the Bloodsail Crew. First off what I noticed is that the guards at Booty Bay are pvp guards with ridiculous damage (I’ll touch up more on that subject later). So what you want to do is go up to where the two Booty Bay leaders are, and get out to the very edge of the boat thing they are on. Now, enter you reputation and put Booty Bay as “At War” (if you don’t see it, just talk to a Booty Bay vendor). After you select “At War” Simply walk up and kill the goblin, then the Tauren. But kill the Tauren from as great a distance you can. (PvP guard right inside). Then jump down to a preferably non guard protected area, (I stealthed into the shop on the far side) and kill until you are friendly with the Bucs. Now that this is done, go to "Pretty Boy" Duncan who will be on your left after you exit the Bay. Accept the quest he gives you which tells you to go see the captain. (Check your map and go to the question mark). There are two quests. 1. You get Bloodsail gear. 2. He tells you to kill the Booty Bay Leaders. Do this. When you turn it in, you get the hat and title. Now here’s the pain: the PvP guards throughout the game are teamed with Booty bay so that you can’t do anything now, right? WRONG. After you get the title, go to “At War” with the pirates. While all the npc’s have stupid health, the captain has 55, kill him and you get 33k reputation and you’re are friendly with booty bay. Enjoy

Second Off: Argent Champion This one is easy as pie. First you want to get Exalted with the Argent Dawn(AD). To do this, go to the Western Plaguelands and go to the camp in the bottom, mid right. Talk to one of them so you can get the trinket, and have their rep available to you. Now that this is done, go to the island on the East side of Western Plaguelands. At the northern side of the island enter Scholomance (relog if you can’t get through invisible wall). !!makes sure you have Scholomance Key!! Now as soon as you enter jump off the first bridge. There are easy 116k mobs rather than the 702k mobs on the bridge. Grind until revered. Now for the argent crusade. (preferred if you have a flying mount) head to Light's Breach in Zul'Drak and talk to Crusader Lord Landing for the quest “In Search Of Answers”. Now simply fly upward and over to the quest turn-in. (Look on main map for location) Thank you.