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CataclysmWoW to Eternal-WoW Merging Guide

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This Post is Directly from Cataclysm WoW's Homepage

There have been some rumors about us merging with Eternal-WoW.com and I have been denying it ever since the day the rumor started and i am here to tell you that you were right. We are merging with www.eternal-wow.com and we are becoming a part of their community, this naturally means a lot more players, a lot more GMs, a lot more Devs and a lot more support.

Now merging with them has already begun and will be ready in a week. Now to clarify some things.. You do not need to register at their site, you will be able to play with your normal account right away.

For those who cant see their characters on their account anymore, you will have to use a certain merger to fix that, its very simple and very fast to use, all you need to do is get on http://eternal-wow.com/migrate and follow the instructions and you will be able to rename your account and get your characters back.

How to use the merger:

1. In the first box put "Cataclysm-wow" 2. In the second box write down your account name 3. If your account name is taken, write down in the additional box that appears your new account name which you want (can be anything) 4. Write down your password to confirm that it is your account 5. Write down your e-mail address as this is the only way to recover your account in case of problems. http://eternal-wow.com/migrate