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Changing Realmlist

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How to change your Realmlist manually *Windows Users*

1. Locate your World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King directory/folder. By default it should look something like this.


2. Locate your Data folder which is near the top of the directory and should look something like this.


3. Double click your Data folder to enter it and you should see patch files and another folder. Do not worry about the patch files, ignore them.


4. Double click the enUS/enEU folder, depending on which client you have. The folder is located at the top of the Data folder, shown below.


5. Inside your enUS/enEU folder, you will find MPQ files and some other misc files and folders. Ignore those. Locate the file that's named "Realmlist.wtf", this is the file you need.


6. If this is your first time manually editing your realmlist file, it will not show up as a notepad file or a .txt file. Here are some steps to fix that shown in pictures.

6a. Right click the file and go to "Open With"


6b. Now that you have clicked "Open With", you will be brought to a small window, yours may look different than the one in the image below.


6c. If Notepad is not a part of the "Recommended Programs" list, click the downwards arrow next to "Other Programs" and a list of different programs show up. Yours will look completely different than the one shown below!


6d. If Notepad is not a part of the "Other Programs" list, you will need to search for it. Click the "Browse Button" You will be brought to your Program Files folder on your C drive. Click where it is shown where it is shown in the first image link to go to your main C drive directory. After that, depending on how many folders there are in your C drive, scroll down to the folder that says "Windows", double click it, scroll down and "Notepad" should be towards the very bottom of the folder. Shown in the second image link.



7. Not that you have added "Notepad" to your programs list, go ahead and double click it and Notepad should open with the realmlist (set realmlist etc). This is where you will change the realmlist. For example: If you have a different realmlist, delete it all and type this in "set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com". After that, click File in the top left corner and then click "Save". And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed this small guide, made by GM Pein. I'm leaving some small few important notes below this message so please be sure to read them.

ALWAYS save your realmlist when changing it or you will not be able to connect to the server realms.

ALWAYS be completely logged out of the WoW client before changing realmlist.