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Client side DisplayID change!

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Ever wanted to change the appearance of your player character to the one of the Lich King? Or this epic dragon you just saw? Well now you can do it with only 2 clicks! After some search, I finally found a program that's lets you easily change your own characters displayed to whatever you want with only 2 clicks. Download this: http://en.file-upload.net/download-7929369/Simply_Morpher_2.rar.html Its client side, so only you and no one else will see it!

Need a little tutorial on how to use it? Well here it comes! Extract the folder to wherever you want first. Log onto the character in WoW you want to play. Start Simply Morpher 2 with a double click, you might have to do that as administrator or the next steps might end in an error window appearing! The number top left is the process of your WoW, it will automatically use this one, no need to search for it or anything, unless you have more then one WoW window running. Reload and descriptor are as far as i know not needed. "taille:" is the size of the displayed, its usually 1 which is the standard size of all the models you can find in WoW. it goes from 0.01 (maybe lower, but that one makes you pretty tiny) up to i-don't-even-know, maybe 10.00 which ends up in being bigger than a mountain. "displayid:" stands for the ID to be used, lets say 22234 which is the Lich Kings ID. Now only one click on the "appliquer" button and your character should instantly change his appearance, if not, try the "run as administrator" way, if it still wont work, i cant really help, i am to bad at this T.T The button on the right called "cible" is what makes it even more easy, because thats what takes the displayid and size of the target you have ingame out of the game and into this program, one click on appliquer/apply and you have the looks of your target, easy as that!

Want a few IDs? The following ones will keep your currently equiped stuff displayed, races like undead and the missing genders in this list are sadly not available before Cata, so if you want to look like an undead, you have to find a "readymade" ID that wont have the looks of your equipment.

20318 elf male 19724 human female 19723 human male 20580 gnome male 20320 gnome female 20319 tauren male 20584 tauren female 20317 dwarf male 20316 orc female 20323 draenei female 20321 troll male 20322 belf female 20578 belf male 20582 goblin male 20583 goblin female

For more IDs, go here: http://www.divinity-x.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=3439 And as a little proof that this works, i made a few screenshots as Thrall, a human dk and Algalon.




Known problems are: teleporting to another place and shapeshifting/getting polymorphed will take you back to your original display, but it shouldn't be a big problem to press the apply button again when you enter a bg/arena. A not working ID will end up in being a little green dragon, just put in another ID to change it. Making your character to small or to big might end in a crashing WoW, so keep that in mind.

Credit goes to NEM E5I5 for making this nice tool.