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Comprehensive Class Counter Guide Rogue

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A Comprehensive Class Counter Guide - Rogue

Alright so you have decided to play one of the three under-powered classes on remorse. From this point on you will have to play at the highest skill level to match people at intermediate or low skill levels.

To start, I will rate out of 10 how hard classes are to beat for you as a rogue.

Fights are categorized into encounters and duels.

Mage - (Impossible) Mages are not possible to beat in duels, give up. Mages are near impossible to beat in encounters. But hey, if you want to give it a try... Sap like usual and don't bother with garrote. Cheap shot off the bat after standard Premeditation. Like any pisspoor player, Mage will now blink. You must follow this up immediately with a shadow step/blind (blind not necessary but preferred due to the possibility the Mage will waste a trink/ability to get out of it) and Kidney Shot them. Now just spam Backstab to death. If the Mage has a trink or is a human you must activate shadow dance and spam Cheapshot and persist to rape them. If you get caught before sapping, the Mage is not stunned, or what not, cloak, vanish, and try again. Don't forget vanish can stop incoming spells from hitting you at all, however it does not stop arcane missiles.

Paladin - (Hard) I think the issue here lies in that you cant beat a pally face to face you have to be behind him making holes in his back. Start by sapping, putting on Garotte, disarm immediately (make sure you have glyph of preparation) shadow dance, and spam cheap shot. Hopefully during this time the paladin will expand there 3 frees from cc. If they don't you lose, if they do, persist to pop Kidney Shot and get them down as quick as possible. Any time the pally is not stunned ghost strike and evasion to keep yourself from getting wrecked within seconds.

Death Knight - (Average) Wound poison, Sap>Garotte>Stun>Backstab as soon as they are unstunned Evasion and Ghost Strike, Shadowdance stun em again, spam that sh*t, if they aren't dead, preparation, evasion, ghost strike, and that should keep you alive for kidney again and wreck them. One of the easiest classes for you to kill

Hunter - (Average) Contrary to popular belief, ridiculously easy to beat if you know what you're doing. Sap hunter, stun pet, kill pet. If sap on hunter is about to run out, sap again, if that's out, blind and kill the pet. If you kill the pet you will be surprised at the significance of how much easier it is to kill the hunter. After the pet is dead just vanish and wreck the hunter with your usual stun for days combo. Oh and if they have a spirit beast just flood GMs emails complaining that it's unfair and that the pet does more damage than you and instant revives are complete bullshit.

Warrior - (Easy) Not particularly hard. Watch out for battlestance as they will just spam overpower when you dodge with evasion and ghost. Aside from that disarm during spin to win and neglect most of their damage and stuns by running circles around them, by all means pop sprint.

Priest - (Hard) Stunlock, cleanse fears, don't waste your cloak and wound poison is your friend. And kick. I can't emphasize how important it is to interrupt their casts. Yes dots do damage. Casts do more damage. Aside from a trinket they have no way to get out of stuns. Abuse it.

Druid - (Pathetic) Ferals will get wrecked by you because you out stun and out damage them. Just stay behind them and make sure they aren't wrecking you because you forgot to evasion. Unless your name is Drez balance is irrelevant, stun and two shot.

Warlock - (Hard) Permastun, interrupt heals, interrupt fears, and stay on them. A good lock will kill an amazing rogue but a good lock is rare.

Shaman - (Irrelevant) Shammys only exist as dedicated healers, anyone who says otherwise is trying to be a mage. Cleanse hex, break totems, stun and kill. Enchant shammys don't exist on this server because trying to play someone with two melee casting abilities as a melee caster is like playing a DK full caster because they have two ranged spells.

Rogue - YOU SAP, YOU WIN. Two ways of coping, stand still and spam fan of knives, once they're revealed pop shadow and sap them>garotte>cheapshot. OR Stealth>sap combo. If you get sapped, cleanse and vanish and try again. Personally however I prefer to save the cleanse for the kidney shot.

Well now you can attempt to win against classes and fail horribly. Quit this class and play a hunter.

Oh and let me make it clear. When I say difficulty I mean theoritical difficulty. Rogues lack the damage and sustain to beat anyone with even a single mistake. They don't have any room for mistakes unlike every other class (except for druids- hahaha you're stuck in the same boat.). We are the class with the least health, least defence, least damage, and no heals or shields. We are the only class in the game completely dependant on stuns.

Guide says warriors are easy- That doesn't mean you can walk up to a 30m warrior with a shield and expect to win.

Guide says shammy's are irrelevant- That doesn't mean 27m shammy won't wreck you and wipe the floor with your face.

Playing a rogue means playing perfectly, managing CDs, and knowing when to run. We don't have the luxury of not casting something like living bomb for extra damage, we cast everything at perfect times. Rogue is an extremely underpowered, unrewarding, high skill cap class.