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Connecting to MIRC

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Step 1: Download mIRC

If you don't already have mIRC, you need to download the program, go to http://www.mirc.com . Just click on "Download mIRC"

On this screen just click on "Download mIRC"

When you click that, this will take you to a CNet download page, just click on "Download Now"

Step 2: Installing mIRC

Once you download mIRC, you'll get a window that looks like this. Just click on next

At this screen just click on "I Agree"

At this screen just click on "next"

Here you can pick some of the items you want or not, we can just leave them all on for the purpose of ease.

Here you can choose to have shortcuts added to your desktop or start menu or both. We can just leave everything checked.

Click on "Install" on the next screen.

Once you have installed mIRC, you can click on the box that says: "Run mIRC"

Setting up mIRC

Once you first install mIRC it will say that you have an evaluation period of 30 days, don't worry about it you can still use it way after the initial 30 days. Once you do finish up your 30 days, your screen will look like this:

On the next screen just click on continue.

Next, you get a window that looks just like this:

Just fill it out with your name, email address, and a nickname you would like to use. Your nickname can be anything you want, as long as it's appropriate, most people just use their in game character name.

Next we're going to configure which server to connect to, our Channels are located on the Rizon network, so what we're going to do is double click on Rizon, then click on random server, then click on Select.

Once you click select, click on OK.

At this screen, click on the connect button.

When you get to this screen, just type in #EternalWoW

mIRC12.jpg (25.37 KiB) Viewed 245 times

Once you type that in, you are now connected to our mIRC Channel!

If you would like to view world chats for either the Eternal or Redemption realm, you type /join #Eternal or /join #Redemption

How to Register your Nickname (Optional)

If you would like to reserve your nickname so that other people don't potentially take it from you, connect to the Rizon Network, then in your mIRC Chat bar type /nickserv register **Your Password** **Your Email** (Without the **) This will send a confirmation code to your email, you receive it instantly. Once you receive it, For example: /msg NickServ confirm Xean3817m, type it into your mIRC Chat bar, and you should have registered your nickname.

Now every time you want to log in to secure your nickname, just type /identify **Your Password** And that's it, you've logged in with your registered nickname.

Thanks to dusanmandic21 for writing this guide!

(c) 2010 Eternal-WoW