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Copy Interface Across Characters

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Hello everyone, I know a bunch of you are altoholics so I'm giving you an easy tutorial that will make your lives a lot easier as far as keybinding and other things interface-related goes.

Objective: Copy familiar settings from your "main" to a new character in order to keep a template that works for you in order to reduce confusion and screw-ups

This tutorial is for ANY Windows user, I could post one for Mac users at a later point in time. If you're using Linux, I'd hope you're familiar enough with computers to know how to navigate through a file directory system to emulate this process.

Step 1) Create new character, and let it spawn into the world.

Step 2) Exit WoW

Step 3) Open up Windows Explorer and find your World of Warcraft installation folder. (Installations using the Blizzard installer usually save under (default hard drive letter) C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft [64-bit Windows would be = C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft]

Step 4) Open the WTF folder, then the Account folder, then your account name's folder, then the server where your original character is from.

Step 5) Click on the original character's folder, then Copy and Paste it into the desired server folder (if its the same server, then you don't need to do any further navigation)

IMPORTANT - On older versions of Windows, you might have to rename your original character folder (ex. Charactername to Charactername1) and after you complete all the steps, you can just change it back to its original name.

Step 6) Delete the folder of the newly created character's name.

Step 7) Rename the copy of the old character's folder to the name of the newly created character (the name of the folder you JUST deleted)

Step 8) If you haven't done so already, change back the name of your old character's folder to avoid a complete interface reset of your old character.

Step 9) Log in to your new character and see all your keybinds where you're used to them being!


- You might have to do some minimal setting/keybind changes depending on personal preference, if you're transferring melee interface to a caster character, chances are you will have to keybind a lot more abilities than you did for your melee character.

- If any part of this guide confuses you, do NOT attempt to do it. You could screw up the settings for your character's interface and will be stuck reconstructing it from scratch.

Hope this guide helped someone, enjoy!