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Custom Items Support

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Custom Items Support


Guide and MPQ Patch made by tarnam (Redemption) for Eternal-WoW.



Some custom items acquired from events on the realms, are displayed as red question marks in storage units. Also, they become invisible on some of the spots on bank and guild vault. This makes those items uneasy to handle.


Luckily, there are two ways to handle the custom items.

MPQ Patch File

Simply, this is a patch file that contains definitions to custom items. Download the following file:


Then quit the client. After that, extract and place the file inside it, in your WoW data folder at:

\World of Warcraft\Data

Then start the client and log into the game. You will notice the new icons. Also, you will be able to drag the custom items into your actionbar for use items, and right click the gear items for equipping right away. There is a limitation to this too. You will only be able to see/use the items only defined in the patch file. The file above contains definitions to most custom items on the Redemption realm.



Addon Fix

Download the FixItemIcon addon (provided by jai2smoove and Themis) from the following link:


Then quit your WoW client and extract the content of the downloaded file into your addons folder at:

\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

After that, open the client and make sure the addon is enabled on the Addons menu. After logging into the game, you will notice that your custom items have valid icons and no longer have red question marks. This fix works for all custom items but has one limitation. You will not be allowed to drag the items into the actionbar, for use items. Also, for gear items you won't be able to right click them to equip. You should only use this for realms that do not have MPQ patches, only.


1. Both solutions can be used side by side.

2. To uninstall the fixes simply quit the client and remove the extracted addon folder and / or patch-e.MPQ file. It is a good practice to move the folders/files and not delete them so you will not make any mistakes.