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Death Knight PvP Guide

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ODOISADK - After years of playing the Death Knight class seriously in PvE and PvP, I have become very knowledgeable on the class. I see a lot of players not using the proper builds, gear or gems, and I would like to share my knowledge with those who seek it.

  • Death Knights are the first hero class of World of Warcraft, which makes them very powerful. They can do a large amount of damage and survive very well, especially against casters.

  • The main purpose of the Death Knight class in the arena is for heavy cleave damage and crowd control against casters.


  • 0/17/54 is the strongest build to use in both 2v2 and 3v3 during 3.3.5 because it offers the most damage output while cleaving and having strong survivability and crowd control.

  • The best major glyphs to use for Unholy are Glyph of the Ghoul, Glyph of Disease and Glyph of Dark Death.

  • A lot of Death Knights will choose to put talents in Reaping, but having your blood runes available after each rotation is very crucial to the Unholy rotation. It will be better in the long run to refresh the diseases using Pestilence and being able to keep using frost and unholy runes for Scourge Strike.

  • The key to winning arena matches using Unholy is to keep both diseases on all targets at all times, so using Pestilence each rotation will make sure it never fails. Along with the Unholy Blight talent, not only does it give extra damage, but it prevents diseases from being dispelled off the effected targets. When switching targets it is best to have available runic power in able to ensure your diseases will stay on.

  • Gearing for Unholy is quite simple. You need to stack as much strength and attack power as possible, and you do not need armor penetration. Every Death Knight build for PvP requires 5% melee hit rating and 135 spell penetration. This 135 penetration can be achieved by enchanting your cloak for 35, and using four 25 penetration gems. There is no need to use any purple, green or orange gems because the proper meta (21% critical strike rating and 3% crit damage) will be activated from only having 2 blue gems.

  • The best two trinkets to use are Death's Verdict/Death's Choice and the legendary melee trinket. If the legendary trinket is out of your reach, then using Whispering Fang Skull is a good alternative.

  • When in arena, and looking to do some quick burst damage to eliminate an enemy who already used their defensive cooldowns (the best time to use your offensive cooldowns, you will be able to obtain the highest damage output when using your summoned Gargoyle AFTERItalic text all of your procs are buffing you (Ex: Death's Choice's Paragon buff for 450 strength) because the Gargoyle will do more damage if you have more attack power. It is also good to use Empower Rune Weapon after you have gone through your rotation so that you can do it again while the gargoyle is doing damage.

  • TIPS

- Replace Icy Touch with Chains of Ice so that you are constantly controlling your target (Icy Touch can be used when needed to do damage at range, but does not do a lot of damage as Unholy).
- Use key-bindings for your pet to attack, follow and Gnaw so that you can always keep him on the target that needs to have their casts pushed back or stunned when under heavy fire.
- Use Blood Presence for 2v2 (Except when fighting double dps - Frost Presence will keep you alive while your diseases do the work for you) and Unholy Presence for 3v3 for the high burst (Blood Presence is still good for 3v3, especially against a team who can take a lot of damage, but does not offer the speed that Unholy does.
- Death Grip is very important and should be used when a target is out of reach and needs to be within desecration (Useful for bringing healers into the cleave against their partner) and can also be used to interrupt casts.
- Rune of the Fallen Crusader is technically the best rune to use for all PvP, but I prefer to use Swordshattering to avoid being disarmed for too long. There are a lot of Warrior comps at 2k+ and having the ability to come back from disarm twice is fast is very helpful. When playing from 0-2k rating/mmr, it can be very helpful to use the Fallen Crusader rune for extra damage.
- Dual Wielding Frost isn't as great as everyone thinks it is. It is mainly a build for sustained DPS in raids, and should be used with two slow speed weapons (2.60/2.60). It provides neither burst nor cleave, and if used in PvP, is best in 2v2 with a Resto Druid behind the Death Knight.

  • Arena
  • MMR = Match Making Rating - You fight teams based on your MMR, not your team or personal rating. Losing and winning games makes your MMR go down and up.

  • A player's private rating must be within 100 points of the team rating in order to receive arena points based on the team rating. If the personal rating is more than 100 points away from the team rating, they will receive points based on their personal rating.

          • This guide is brought to you by Odoisadk - Alliance - Eternal - If any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.