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Destruction Warlock PvP

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Destruction warlock PvP

Hello i am Zorvaz/Kamvaya of Redemption, and i am going to go through the basics of destruction pvp.

Destruction Warlock is all about speed.
Fast as fuck casts with backdraft and massive crits is what destruction is about.
Its about killing your enemies before they can blink.
It also involved a lot of micromanagement and with a decent amount of experience, you can be a very scary beast.


3 Free Points to put into either:

1. Improved Succubus (if you think succubus is fucking sexy)
2. Supression (for capping hit)
3. Pyroclasm (for extra damage)

4. Soul Leech (for minor heals)


Major Glyphs
1. Conflagerate
2. Shadowflame
3. Soul Link


In order of priority:
1. Hit: 6%
2. Spell Penetration: 130
3. Spell Power
4. Crit > Haste until 27-30% crit.


Red: Runed Cardinal Ruby
Yellow: Reckless Ametrine
Blue: Mysterious Dreadstone

BiS Gear (non-donor)

Head: Wrathful Gladiator
Neck: Wrathful Gladiator (SP + Haste)
Shoulder: Shoulders of Mercy Killing HC (Lady 25hc)
Cloak: Wrathful Gladiator (SP + Haste)
Chest: Wrathful Gladiator (SP + Haste)
Wrists: Wrathful Gladiator
Hands: Wrathful Gladiator
Belt: Crushing Coldwraith Belt HC (Marrow 25hc)
Legs: Wrathful Gladiator
Boots: Plague Scientist's Boots HC (Festergut 25hc)
1H Weapon: Rigormortis HC (PP 25hc)
OH Weapon: Wrathful Gladiator's Compendium
Wand: Corpse-Impaling Spike HC (Rotface 25hc)


First and foremost, use mouse to turn and use A/D to strafe. Turning with keyboard is just fail and retarded.

As for all classes, there is no fixed rotation in PvP, and that is what makes PvP a lot more interesting than PvE.

Your rotation will differ depending on your opponent, but I will jot down a basic general rotation for you to play around with.

1. Shadowfury
2. Immolate
3. Conflagrate
4. Chaos Bolt
5. Incinerate Spam

Apply corruption and curses on the move.

Now another alternative rotation which I like is:

1. Shadowfury
2. Fear
3. Corruption
4. Curse
5. Soul Fire
6. Immolate
7. Chaos Bolt
8. Conflagrate
9. 3x Incinerate

This rotation is only if your target cannot break the first fear (and trinket is on CD), immense burst damage that is unbearable if not stopped/interrupted.

Play around with your rotations, find what you like best.
If facing a dispeller, try to keep corruption up and use conflagrate instantly after using immolate, since you lose a LOT of damage if immolate is not on your target.

Arena Teams

2v2: Lock/Elemental Shaman (the best setup for Destruction warlock), Lock/Healer

3v3: Warlock/Elemental Shaman/Healer, Warlock/Rogue/Healer, Warlock/Mage/Healer.


Mouseover Fear:

      /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Fear; Fear 

Mouseover Banish

      /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Banish; Banish 

Totem Mouseover:

      /petattack [target=mouseover] 

Focus Fear:

      /cast [target=focus] Fear 

Focus Banish:

      /cast [target=Focus]Banish 


For questions, queries, macros and feedback please send a PM to hordesofchaos.

Thank you for reading the guide.