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Destruction warlock Guide

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General – get started

  • The destruction warlock is based on massive burst damage. First of all we try to find out together how warlocks are able to deal it.

To discover the easiest way I will take the Eternal-Realm as an example: When you create a new warlock, you have to make sure that you got enough stats of the following: hit rating, spell penetration.

  • Hit rating

You have to reach the hit cap which is on 5-7% (depends of which race/class you face). There is no need of getting great spell power when you will miss a lot of your spells.

  • Spell penetration

You have to reach the spell pen cap of at least 130. For example Paladins got the [Shadow Resistance Aura] that grants them 130 shadow resistance, just as well as [Shadow Protection] of priests. When they stack it, you got bad luck, but having more than 130 spell penetration is mostly nonsense.

When you are done with getting these stats close to this guide you can look forward to round all other important stats out. Keep in mind that as a Destruction Warlock your lifeblood is haste. On general you can say the more haste you got the better it is (it should not getting much higher than 1000 haste → nonsense). My advice is to not equip too many crit rating stuff, gems and enchants, rather get the haste ones. It's enough when you have 25%+ crit rating. Fill up the rest of your equipment with spell power gems or whatever you like most.

  • Miscellaneous

Of course everyone got his own personally talent tree, but your talents should be similar to 0/17/54. With [Fel Armor] you get the best armor for the Destruction Warlock. It grants you heal per 5 seconds and a nice load of spellpower which is important for your burst damage. Furthermore there are two kinds of Stones. I prefer [Grand Spellstone] instead of [Grand Firestone] because of the haste. You can decide it later when you found out your personally gameplay. Make sure you always have a [Healthstone] in your bag, I promise that you will need it. There's no accounting for taste! Generally you can decide your minion on your own. I agree later to it.

PvP Guide – How to play against some classes.

  • Retribution Paladin

Now you do face the most chosen beginner class. Your advantage is that you got more possibilities than a retribution paladin. It's very important to get out of his range and [Fear] will help you with it. Do not mind when someone call you a “fear-spammer”. Who cares when you survive :). Use your Medallion when he strikes you with his [Hammer of Justice] and keep him away from you and that's the only clue I can give to you, the rest should be easy, even if he does out gear you. For example you could use [Demonic Circle: Teleport] when he is near to you and burst him out of the picture. There are so many possibilities to get them mad, just try out what is best on your own.

  • Mage

It's not that important to speak about the different Mage talent trees. It's almost the same order of spells to play against them and if you not regrettably play against a long-established Mage, it's kind of easy. You ever played Mage? What will a Mage do at the beginning of a duel? To 90% he will poly you. You don't have to care, because your Felhunter is always by your side and help you out with it's [Devour Magic]. The Mage will be irritated and you can use the chance to deal damage. When he want to poly you again or cast any spells that you don't like, you can always use your [Felhunter]'s [Spell Lock]. While he is raging you can deal damage and so on. Put in your mind that [Demonic Circle: Teleport] will remove all your movement impairing effects, also quite useful against Mages. Another example is that you can remove [Slow] from you and stop him to crowd control. Of course a mage can silence your. If he does it so you can still use [Fear] or deal damage, depends on which spells he locked. By the way, you can ban [Counterspell] from you as well. If you've done all right you can beat a Frost/Arcane Mage with around 75% hp left. All in all I would say, stare at your opponent and think about what spells would be useful to lock and which spells are worth it to use [Devour Magic] on. Together with that incredible burst damage and your self heal that shouldn't be that problem.

  • Shadow Priest

Logically shadow priests use shadow spells, so it's wise to use [Shadow Ward] whenever it has no cooldown. Furthermore it's clever to use [Felhunter], because you need to silence them while casting at best. The way to use your minion is similar as I explained on the mage guide. You are raging because the shadow priest use [Dispersion] and you can't really deal damage? No problem, just fear him away and wait till [Dispersion] is gone. The [Fear] won't break because it just does it when the target suffers too much damage and so you have all the time in the world to think about your next step. I usually like to use [Curse of Tongues] when he's feared due to the fact that shadow priests benefits from haste as well. Mostly you can divine it when he want to fear you so if he comes too close to you than easily use [Demonic Circle: Teleport] and all is fine.

  • Hunter

You only have to be scared when the hunter has a pet using [Stun]. A hunter uses various skills and almost all the skills got a great cooldown and here is your advantage. When you face a hunter you will see that he deals quick damage and you are running out of life. Lean back and try to survive that burst with your Voidwalkers [Sacrifice], because after it it's very easy to handle the fight. At first the hunter will stun and crowd control you to stop you casting. Like I said, that will go over after a few seconds. Now is your turn and you should try to fear him. Remember: When your opponent is feared (without using his medallion) you got all the time in the world. If the hunter stays out of your range, you could use [Shadowfury] to get onto him. Failing this you have to slow him down till you can crowd control him. Basically your [Demonic Circle] won't help you a lot against a hunter but you can teleport next to him when he doesn't think forward. Killing his pet first is a bad plan, just to mention it.

  • thank you @zylva for this guide