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Equipslot Macro

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This guide is for druids that want to dual-weild the SAME WEAPON as feral, but also wish to switch to their healing staff for Tree Form, or their DPS staff for Moonkin.


First you'll have to log onto your druid, and equip the two weapons that you wish to use.

(Note: The two weapons must have two separate enchants for this to work.)


Once you have your desired dual-weild weapons equipped you will need to type this into your chat box:

/run local function id(s) return strmatch(GetInventoryItemLink("player",s) or "","(item:%d+:%d+):") end for i=16,17 do if id(i) then ChatFrame1:AddMessage("/equipslot "..i.." "..id(i)) end end


After you type that into your chat box, it will give you the macro you need to equip the items that you currently equipped.

For example, on my druid I get this message when equipping a [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Demonic Crusade] in my Main-hand with a +30 Spell Power enchant, and another [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Demonic Crusade] in my Off-hand with a Lifestealing enchant:

/equipslot 16 item:49346:2504

/equipslot 17 item:49346:1898

Macro Parts Explained

In the above macro:

16/17 = Weapon Slot IDs for corresponding weapons

49346/49346 = Weapon IDs for corresponding weapons

2504/1898 = Enchant IDs for corresponding weapons

Example: Cat Form

So for example if you wanted to create a macro that would cast cat form and equip your two weapons, it would look like this:

/cast Cat Form(Shapeshift)

/equipslot 16 item:49346:2504

/equipslot 17 item:49346:1898

Example: Tree of Life Form and Moonkin Form

Macros for the other forms are much simpler, you can just do something like this:

For Tree of Life Form:

/cast Tree of Life(Shapeshift)

/equip Druid Staff of Eternal Healing


For Moonkin Form:

/cast Moonkin Form(Shapeshift)

/equip Staff of No Remorse

Extra: Common Sense

Note: In all of the above macros you would need to substitute in your own:

Weapon Names / Weapon IDs / Weapon Enchant IDs

Regards, Game Master Synful