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Eternal-WoW Halloween Guide

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Eternal-WoW Halloween Guide

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Guide and MPQ Patch made by tarnam (Redemption) for Eternal-WoW.



This guide will answer all your questions regarding Halloween on Eternal-WoW including the custom event.


There are three main things you can do on Halloween on Eternal-WoW.

Trick or Treat


It is that simple. Though, some NPCs on some cities are bugged. So, you need to go to the next city and try. If you are lucky you will get a [Treat Bag]. Right click it for treats. You will get a buff if you are tricked. You can repeat this every hour. Keep an eye on the pumpkin debuff to know when you can trick or treat again.

The following are the wands that work:

[Hallowed Wand - Bat], transforms the target into a bat.
[Hallowed Wand - Skeleton], transforms the target into a skeleton.
[Hallowed Wand - Wisp], transforms the target into a wisp.

Those cannot be applied to you, but party members.

Note: You can still use the other wands to get [The Masquerade] achievement.

Headless Horseman Farming

Headless Horseman is one of the Halloween bosses that drops many collectable items. Here is what you need to do to be able to fight the HH:

a. Go to the portal, Instances -> Level 10-40 -> Scarlet Monestary. Now keep moving forward until you hit the wall, then go left and keep moving forward again until you see the instance to your left (windy glowy effect).
b. Enter the instance.
c. Keep going through the instance until you hit the end.
d. You will find a pumpkin to your left, take the quest from it.
e. Click the soil behind the pumpkin that has a yellow question mark on it.
f. Move to the cemetery to the right of the soil and wait for the Headless Horseman to reach. Do not follow the boss, just wait there.
g. When it reaches you, fight it. The boss drops his head 0+ times. When it does that, all its health will be restored. So, depending on your luck, you can fight it once or many times.
h. When you defeat it, you can loot many things. Some epic rings. Also:
i. [Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern], can be used on yourself or anyone to transform heads into pumpkins.
ii. [The Horseman's Horrific Helm] (rare drop), a plate head that you can use to laugh like the HH.
iii. [The Horseman's Baleful Blade] (rare drop), a sword that you can use to summon pumpkin minions.
iv. [The Horseman's Reins] (very rare drop), mount that you can both ride, and fly (north and outland).
v. [Sinister Squashling] (rare drop), if you are into companions, you will love it.

vi. [Hallowed Helm] (rare drop), a pumpkin helmet.
vii. [Magic Broom] (high drop rate), a mount that you can ride and fly (in northrend and outland). Only usable on Hallow-End event.

You can repeat this, by going out after killing the boss and resetting. Then, fight it again until you get what you want. This is a normal difficulty instance for those having problem entering it.

Eternal-WoW Halloween Quests

This is a custom event only available on Eternal-WoW. You simply do daily quests for currencies. You use those currencies to buy a variety of things. In order to participate in the event you need to do the following:

i. Go to the portal (outside your city), Mall -> Event Chamber -> Ask the NPC in the middle (the ghost Spooky Spectre) to take you to the Halloween area.
ii. Run around and take all 12 quests (14 with Cores quests). Those are dailies, so you can repeat them when the timer resets at 6AM server time.
iii. Now, find a group to do those quests with. You need 1 tank, 1 heal, and 3 dps.

Dungeon Quests

The best part about those is that you do not have to wait for others to be able to finish the quests. You simply go in and finish the boss.

[Wanted: Bloodmage Thalnos Doppelganger] Portal -> Instances -> Level 10-40 -> Scarlet Monastery. When you come out of the portal keep moving forward then stay on the left. It will be the first instance to your left. Go inside then keep moving forward until you reach the graveyard. Keep moving forward and enter the building and move all the way to the bottom. That is where the boss is.

[Wanted: Wanted: VanCleef Doppelganger] Portal -> Instances -> Level 10-40 -> Deadmines. Same strategy as ragefire chasm. You take your right always. When you reach the forge, you jump (faster). When you reach the cannon, you need to use it to blast the door. The powder can be found before the cannon to the left. Anyone can loot it and use on cannon. After that, go inside. There are two ways, right and left. Right you will swim (or walk on water if you can), it is faster since you wont be interrupted by the stun effect of some mobs. If you take the right path, the boss will be on your left and vice versa.

[Wanted: Verdan the Everliving Doppelganger] Portal -> Instances -> Level 10-40 -> Wailing Caverns. You go forward take the first opening to your right. Then keep heading forward. Then jump down, and keep moving forward until you see the boss.

[Wanted: Mekgineer Steamrigger Doppelganger] Portal -> Instances -> Level 41-69 -> Coilfang Reservoir. When you come out of the portal move right and skip the first raid to your right. It will be the instance after that. It is called The Steamvault. When you are inside, keep moving forward until you see the water. Then swim until you see an entrance to your left. Use that to go up then go left and forward until you see the boss.

[Wanted: The Black Stalker Doggelganger] Portal -> Instances -> Level 41-69 -> Coilfang Reservoir. When you teleport there, make a left U turn to be able to enter the instance you want (Underbog). You can pull the boss from the first opening to your left with some classes. You will find 3 flying mobs covering that opening. That is how you know it is the one. The boss is above you. There is another opening a bit further if you cannot pull from the first opening. Keep looking to your left while moving forward.

World Bosses Quests

The Noooo quests give you honor. Remember to spend it before you hit the cap (75000). The bosses spawn fast, so you can stay and camp them.

[Tonight We Dine With Glitter] Portal -> Instances -> Level 10-40 -> Shadowfang Keep. (Coordinations: 45, 73.4).

[Noooo! Anomalus Be Stealin My Candy! Portal -> Instances -> Level 70-80 -> The Nexus (Coordinations: 28.4, 36.2)

[Noooo! Arazzius Be Stealin My Candy!] Portal -> Instances -> Level 41-69 -> Hellfire (Coordinations: 43.3, 31.5).

[Noooo! Magtheridon Be Stealin My Candy!] Portal -> Instances -> Level 41-69 -> Hellfire (Coordinations: 38.9, 52.1).

[Noooo! Kruul Be Stealin My Candy!] There are two ways to reach Kruul. In main cities, you can use the blizz portals to be directly teleported there (Blasted Lands). You can also go there by using the Dark Portal to the east of Hellfire Peninsula, after doing the bosses there. The boss is near the Dark Portal (Blasted Lands end). (Coordinations: 59.3, 57.5).

[Noooo! Doomwalker Be Stealin My Candy!] Portal -> Raids -> Burning Crusade Raid -> Black Temple (Coordinations: 72.2, 43.9).

Delivery Quests

[Children, the Other White Meat] You simply deliver the quest to an NPC called Challe. It is in Nagrand. Portal -> Shattrath City -> Fly west to Nagrand. (Coordinations: 50.7,14.2). When you deliver the quest, you take the new one with the same name ([Children, the Other White Meat]) from the NPC and deliver it back to the Halloween area. That is it.


The quests rewards are [Slobbery Candy Corn], [Bloody Pumpkin Seed], and [Eternal Halloween Shard].

You collect the first two items and when you have enough of them, you can deliver ([Core of the Spectre] and [Core of the Soul] quests), and get legendary trinket(s) plus the title "the Hallowed.")

[Eternal Halloween Shard], can be used to buy many unique items. The NPC that sells the items, can be found at the Halloween area (the place where you get the quests). It is a flying bat called Goliath (Coordinations: 34.8, 60.5)


Each day you can get up to 14x [Slobbery Candy Corn], 14x [Bloody Pumpkin Seed], and 34x [Eternal Halloween Shard]. You can only have 50x [Eternal Halloween Shard] at any given time (cap).

You need 125x [Slobbery Candy Corn] to be able to deliver the quest for one pve trinket of choice.

You need 125x [Bloody Pumpkin Seed] to be able to deliver the quest for pvp the trinket.


Those are legendary trinkets that can only be acquired on the Halloween event.

[Core of the Spectre]

[Core of the Assassin]

[Core of the Immortal]

[Core of the Enchanter]


[Impeccable Scourge Disguise] = 30x [Eternal Halloween Shard], transforms you into a ghoul like that minion of Death Knights. For toon size increase lovers, this transformation enlarges you.


[Female Ninja Guise] = 30x [Eternal Halloween Shard], transforms you into a female ninja (1 hour).


[Male Ninja Guise] = 30x [Eternal Halloween Shard], transforms you into a male ninja (1 hour).



[Zombie-Vision Goggles] = 40x [Eternal Halloween Shard], this is a head to increase stealth detection. This is cloth and has high armor.


[Sack of Skeletal Horrors] = 40x [Eternal Halloween Shard], an offhand that brings an animated skeleton.


Note: Those items cannot be equipped by right clicking them. You have to drag them from the bags to the slot on your gear menu (press C).


[Vampiric Batling] = 40x [Eternal Halloween Shard], a companion. EHG13.jpg

[Bag of Ooky-Spooky Laughter] (5x) = 8x [Eternal Halloween Shard], this is an item that does the same effect by the helm of the HH.
[Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern] = 8x [Eternal Halloween Shard], the same item from the HH.


1. You need a coords addon to able to enter the coordinations above and see them on map. SimpleCoords addon (1.8 version) can be used for those.
2. For you to be able to move on to the next instance/boss, sometimes you need to hearthstone or .st ( allows you to teleport to the starting place of your race (except DK) where you will find the NPC that can teleport you to dalaran mall near the portal). Though, sometimes you will hit both cooldowns. Here is the best way to do this. Use .st when it is not on cooldown first. If it is, use hearthstone. If you have a mage on your group, then you are lucky. They can give you a portal to shattrath and you use it, and will be near the eternal gateway portal. Some classes have their own portals such as DK. So, they do not have to use .st or hearthstone to move around.
3. Remember that all those dungeons are done normal difficulty only. Do not forget to reset them as the leader.
4. You cannot raid the quests. Even if you have a 5-toon raid. Killing the bosses, wont give you credit. It has to be a group.
5. One thing you will notice about those bosses is that they drop the same items as the headless horseman. So, you will still have a chance to get its loot by doing them.
6. Candy Buckets, are working this year. You can get them from all over the world. You can get both horde and alliance ones.
7. The items you get from Goliath (expect for the lanterns) will always show on your bags as red question marks. On bank, they will show as empty slots (if not on bags).
8. The magic broom and headless horseman mounts, if you are riding those and you teleport to northrend or outland. You have to dismount then remount to be able to use them to fly. Same thing goes for similar mounts.
9. It is a good practice to always use the command .save after each fight. This will save your the trouble of repeating bosses.
10. If you hit the [Eternal Halloween Shard] cap which is 50 as mentioned, you wont be able to deliver the quests. So, you need to spend it. If you bought all the items from the NPC, you can simply waste them on any items. After that, you will be able to deliver.
11. The quests from the event count for dailies. So, make sure you save room for them when doing other daily quests. You are allowed to do 25 dailies per day.
12. You can repeat the [Core of the Spectre] and [Core of the Soul] quests for more trinkets, when there is enough time.
13. Sayge, available at the event area, will allow you access to many buffs, that you can benefit from while doing the quests.

14. You can keep the items you gained from the quests, and proceed on the next year, if you did not have enough time for gathering all that is needed.