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Eternal Champions

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Eternal Champions is a multitude of bosses consider champions. They can be NPC's in the event chamber or just new ones you have never seen before. They team together to take on the players of Eternal-Wow. Now granted that may be unfair, that is why you have the GM staff to revive you at the events to keep the playing ground equal.

There are multiple kinds of Champions, just like there a multiple classes in WoW. The three main classes are: Healer, Melee, and Casters.



These bosses rely on taking the combat up close and personal. They get in your face and punch it till you die, and they aren't afraid of getting hurt in the process.

Hercules the Furious

He is the warrior-looking boss. He is a Tauren with more HP then most. When he starts to bladestorm, well to put it nicely he turns into a unstoppable dervish of whirling steel.

On top of having a unstoppable attack that wrecks all he has an ability called Shattering Throw, that reduces your armor by 20%.

So if you want to fight Hercules, come prepared to suffer a bladestorm or two.

Apollo the Maelstorm

Apollo is a messed up looking dude, and he is probably angry because of it. He is the shaman of the bosses, He can benefit from buffs like Heroism( that increase his melee, ranged and cast speed by 30%. Once used though he suffers exhaustion which means he can not benefit from it for another 10 minutes).

Not only can he use Heroism, but he get a buff called Earth shield which heals him for a certain amount of his own hp. With another healing spell, called Lesser Healing Wave, he is a tough cookie.

His auto attack speed is way up there, probably attacks twice in 1 second. To add to his tenacity he can cast two extra spells, Thrash (allowing him to hit 2 more times) and Stormstrike (increasing nature damager against you by 20%, 5 charges)

Apollo 1 vs 1 impossible, unless you take it to the extreme, and you aren't gonna get the chance anyways. I suggest 500v1, Apollo being the one of course.

Dionysus the Plaguebringer

As his name may suggest, he is a Death Knight type Champion. He has a raspy, rough voice that sounds like he will slip your throat and then go eat a cookie without a problem.

And just like a DK, he has spells that do massive damage like Frost Strike, that does about 20k damage on each cast. So wouldn't suggest being on the end of that dreadful spell. On top of his deadly Frost Strike, he has the debuffs, such as frost fever and chains of ice that not only slow you but do 6k damage on 1 tick.

So if you want to be on the end of his blade, be ready for a wicked fight including unholy, and frost spells that will take you down in seconds.

Artemis, The Assassin

Artemis, is one tuff cookie, even if she doesn't look like it she is the rogue of the champions. With spells like Hemorrhage, and Fan of knives she is a force to be reckon with.

On top of having an AoE she has spells that disable you for extended amounts of time, such as blind. Or if she wants to you can inflict heavy melee damage on you with simply using her Eviscerate spell, knocking you down to size in one nasty punch.

To put things over the top she can put a buff call Blade Furry, just like rogues on here, increasing her attack speed by 20% and making all her attacks hit 1 extra opponent. So if you want to mess with her, well there isn't much to say other then DON'T!

Ares, the Crusader

Guess what melee class is left, yep that is right paladin. And can you guess who is a paladin. Yep that dude named Ares. With an almost permanent spell called Seal of Command (go figure a pally spell) he increase the damage down on all of his melee attacks.

Not only can he increase the damage he does with that buff, but he has Avenging Wrath as well increasing all his damage done, period. Buffing seems the thing to do with this boss, he has Innervate as well recovering his mana as well!

This dude has some serious spells. Crusader's Strike, Divine Storm, and Concentration are just the spells he loves using to make you feel like a inferior mutt.

With his name in mind, it seems like he is out for everyone and takes what he wants, so Me personally I would suggest not being on of those things he wants.


Hephaestus the Disciplined

Hephaestus looks, sounds and casts like a priest, not only does he use spells that disable you like Mana Burn and Psychic Scream but he uses his staff upside your head like a pro.

Hephaestus can keep his own mana up with spells like Innervate. Wouldn't suggest trying to solo this guy. He heals himself for 90k on flash heal, ON TOP OF THAT he can put the spell Renew on himself for 65k to 90k per tick.

Hephaestus seems like a tough boy, but just like the others, they can't do much when a GM is helping 50 characters fight him.

Zeus the Holy

GUESS WHAT GUYS! It is another paladin -_-, just what everyone wanted to see. This one is another type though, with spells like Hand of protection, Zeus is a cracker, that doesn't crack. Of course just like any other paladin he use concentration to do an nasty AoE on the players.

Zeus's holy light spell heals himself for 150k so unless there is some major spell damage on him, don't even think about it. Using Innervate (just like any other casting boss) he can keep his mana up to the top.

Zeus is like a straight forward untouchable Ares. Hunters, warriors, rogues, and Death Knights are pretty much useless in this fight, so leave it to the casters boys.