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Eternal Halloween

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Eternal Halloween

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Our seasonal event, Eternal Halloween, will begin October 18 at 1 am server time on Eternal and Redemption. Everyone who would like to participate need only travel to the Event Chamber and speak to the Spooky Spectre to teleport there.

PvP is allowed in this custom-made area, but there are some tough PvP guards stationed there for those of you who want to visit but aren't yet level 80. Also, Eternal Halloween will ride alongside Hallow's End, including allowing players access to some buffed Headless Horseman gear.

There are a handful of fun, rare, custom-made items available for all players, casual or hardcore, but remember, if you want to acquire the new seasonal-only event trinkets such as Core of the Spectre, this is one of a very few chances! Be sure to visit Baul Plart at the event to get the quests needed to obtain these trinkets. And above all, have fun!


Eternal-WoW Halloween Guide, will answer all your questions regarding Halloween on Eternal-WoW.