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Eternal Raiders Redemption

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Eternal Raiders
Guild Leader Sheildbash
Realm Redemption Smallwrathlogo.PNG
Faction Horde Icon horde.png
Guild Type PVE Raiding
Recruitment Status OPEN!
Guild Website http://eternalraiders.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0

Eternal Raiders is a progression raiding guild on the Eternal-WoW server (Horde) building a legacy of end game goals met, friends made, and good times had. We are a group of gamers from all walks of life, come together because we all have at least two things in common - we like to have fun and we like to raid (hell, sometimes we even do both at the same time!)



We raid 25 mans generally once a week depending on people online, officers and etc. But 10 mans, heroics, premades, keggers and all that jazz goes at random during the rest of the week. But so do all those other guys. (Well maybe all except for the keggers, but who knows?) So why choose ER? Because we are the kind of guild you want to do more than just log in to raid, then call it a day... We have fun in the game and with each other be it smart ass remarks, brilliant jokes or simply random moments that are just damn funny. No matter what time of the day or night you log in, there are going to be other people there. Our raids are crazy, We laugh, we cry, we make sick jokes, we have our own ER drinking game (patent pending). But we also know when to put on our game faces and take care of business. But make no mistake, ER knows how to get things done, and get it done right the first time.


With the advent of rated battlegrounds, Eternal Raiders is also turning a serious eye to PVP. Our PVP warlords have compiled an amazing team of highly skilled and highly motivated PVPers for our rated teams. We are still on the lookout for well-rounded players who are skilled in the knowledge of their class, have a strong PVP background, and/or have a willingness and the drive to learn. Our motto is simple, "If your willing and ready to learn, we'll teach you everything you'll ever need to learn."


But on that note we do have pretty high standards for our members to up hold, like any other solid guild lead by people with half a brain! Because of these standards we hold a high bar for guild entry. You need with out question to take our guild entry test, this will require a 5k GS and for you to pull 4k dps on the heroic training dummy in Orgrimmar. Any other specifics are to the disgression of the officer testing you. From here, if you do get accepted there are a list of things you WILL NEED and should know.


1. You will have to get TeamSpeak 3 (the client version) with out any hassle or questions why. It's required to raid at all, and as a guild req. There should be no hesitation to get it if you want to stay in this guild. It makes it 1000 times faster and easier to explain strats and get things going with it... then taking 3 days to type it all out =)

2. You MUST SPEAK ENGLISH!!! we don't care if you can read and type... that's just fine, but if you can't understand spoken English at minimum you DO NOT belong in this guild.

3. To stay in the guild you must be active. now I don't mean you need to be on 8 hours every day. This means you need to come on guild raids, volunteer to help out, if your asked by an officer to do something... just do it, don't argue unless it's just out of reason to ask it of someone.

4. RESPECT EVERYONE AT ALL TIMES!!! no questions asked. If you show respect you will always get respect. Now we do like to goof around and be just silly, but don't be a douche. If I need to explain more, please delete wow and sell your computer NOW.

If you are interested in joining us, please read the recruitment page to see if we would be a good fit for you. Other then that, for more info read our rules and regulations post. And welcome to our corner of the interwebz =)


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