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Eternal Realm

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  • Version: 3.3.5
  • Realm Type: PvP
  • Rate: Instant 80

Other Info

  • Teleporter: Yes
  • Mall: Yes
  • Instant Flight: No
  • Starter Gear: Yes
  • GM Commands: .account .commands .dismount .help .save .server .start

Other Rates

  • Skill.Discovery: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Poor: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Normal: 50x
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: 50x
  • Drop.Item.Rare: 50x
  • Drop.Item.Epic: 50x
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: 1x
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: 3x
  • Drop.Money: 50x
  • XP.Kill: 100x
  • XP.Quest: 100x
  • XP.Explore: 100x
  • RepairCost: 0x
  • Honor: 2x
  • Reputation.Gain: 50x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: 50x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: 50x
  • InstanceResetTime: 1x
  • SkillGain.Crafting: 25x
  • SkillGain.Defense: 400x
  • SkillGain.Gathering: 450x
  • SkillGain.Weapon: 400x
  • SkillChance.Orange: 100x
  • SkillChance.Yellow: 100x
  • SkillChance.Green: 100x
  • SkillChance.Grey: 0x

Other Settings

  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: No
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: No
  • Death.SicknessLevel: 81
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: No
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: No
  • Battleground.Deserter: No
What do these values mean?

Eternal is a instant Level 80 realm that gives each player a real PvP experience and hones each player's PvP skills. This realm is for people that don't want to grind or do quest to gain levels and just want to get to PvP other players from the start. PvP events are also held so that you can go up against massive amounts of players in "Last Man Standing" or 2v2 and 3v3 teamed events.



  • Teleporters, called Eternal Gateways, are located in key locations, helping you to move across distances much quicker. Also, Eternal Gateways can repair your items for a price. Eternal Gateways sell Reagents, Food, and other necessities.
  • Intense PvP can be found in Battlegrounds and the Arenas, and quite often during our frequent events.
  • Arena points get flushed once a week, normally on Friday at 1 o'clock in the morning (Server time, GMT -6). The rate of Arena points gained is Blizzlike! You can calculate the amount of Arena points gained Here!
  • Honor gained in Battlegrounds is significantly higher than on the Retail Servers!

Item Malls

  • Horde: Silvermoon City & Orgrimmar
  • Alliance: Ironforge & Stormwind
  • Horde starting area "Vespers of Silvermoon City" - Alliance starting area "Kingdom of Stormwind"
  • Event Mall. You can redeem your Eternal Shards (Gained in Events) here!
  • Gems are available at the main malls: 'Stormwind mall' - 'Silvermoon mall', inside both Stormwind and Silvermoon respectively.

Available in the malls

  • Starter Gear: Relentless Gladiator
  • Wrathful Gladiator items by participating in Battlegrounds/Arenas.
  • ICC Gear is obtainable from the Vendors in Halaa that require Tokens to buy. The tokens are obtained from doing daily quests or buying them with honor/arena points.
  • Eternal Gladiator, Season 9, can be purchased in the VIP store, or given rarely as a reward in one of our many events.

Arenas and Battlegrounds

  • Warsong Gulch is working
  • Arathi Basin is working
  • Eye of the Storm is working
  • Alterac Valley is working
  • Strand of the Ancients is working
  • Isle of Conquest is working , but still under maintenance.
  • Wintergrasp is working , but still under maintenance.


  • Maze event: Find your way through a long maze. This event gives 6 shards.
  • Boss event: Join a raid group, and fight together to defeat an event boss.
  • 40v40 PvP event: Join a raid group with 39 other players and go fight the other faction. This event gives 3-6 shards.
  • Bash the GM: Horde & Alliance work together to defeat a GM who has different spells to fight back. This event gives 3-6 shards.

Event Rewards

Eternal Shards allow players to purchase custom Eternal items. The noticeable items are the 4 trinkets: Melee, Tank, Caster and PvP; each costing 50 Shards.

Voting and Donating

Unique and fun items are available on the Vote Store. There are also special items of the month, available for only 1 month. All of these different vote items come in a wide range of prices, so voting every 12 hours is highly recommended.

There is also a wide variety of donation items. This part of the shop contains a large choice of pets, mounts, and gear, including the exclusive "Eternal Gladiator" gear set and even the powerful Shadowmourne. Not only does donating make your character pdas asdas asd asd asd asdasd asdasd asdasasdas dasd asdasd asd as ads as dsa owerful, but it also greatly helps the server and it's administrators.

Starters Guide

When you first log into the server, you start with no gear, so you need to travel around the mall area and buy the Relentless Gladiator set and weapons. You can buy glyphs from your designated class trainer. All these items are free and are there to help you get started. You can also train any profession of your choice, through the various profession NPCs located in the mall.

After you have done this, you can join Battlegrounds in order to obtain Honor Points. These points are used to buy the Wrathfull Gladiator weapons, which is the gear set above Relentless Gladiator. You can also use your Voting Points for iLvl258 Relentless Gladiator weapons, both saving time for yourself and supporting the server.

The last gear set available is the Wrathful Gladiator gear. This gear set is the one above Relentless Gladiator, but unlike the previous set, it has a price of both Arena and Honor Points and a required rating. At 1400 personal and team rating, you will be able to buy Wrathful Gladiator Off-set. In order to get the remaining parts of the gear, you will have to be rated anywhere from 1700 to 2200 in either the 2s bracket, the 3s bracket or the 5s bracket.


  • All instances Level 71 and below are open for your enjoyment; However, Wrath of the Lich King raids and dungeons, including ICC raids and dungeons, are closed.