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Evening Star

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Evening Star was formed in the beginning of 2013 and has ever since grown to be a successful PvP oriented guild. We often do Guild PvP events, where anyone from the guild can participate in.

  • Guild requirements:
    • You need to be able to speak English properly
    • Remorseful gear or higher
    • Skill
    • You need to be active
    • You need to be reliable during guild wars

  • Guild ranks:
    • The Don (Guild leader)
    • Flaming Star (Second in Command, unachievable)
    • Aspiring Star (Third in Command, unachievable)
    • Warchief (Fourth in Command, Close to impossible to achieve)
    • Council alts(The alts of Warchief members and higher ups)
    • Senior (Someone who is active, helpful and loyal)
    • Member (A member who has proven to be suitable for the guild)
    • Trial(A member who recently joined the guild, and is being tested.)
    • Alt

If you think you got what it takes and is interested in joining, then you can either comment on here or you can whisper one of these guys in-game: Trigath, Cuddzz, Niek, Falise, Saerelyn, Forsenlol, Silverwind, Devouth, Trulyhealz, or Damballa.