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Existence Redemption

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Existence is a social guild on the Redemption (Horde) server. We enjoy helping others and of course socializing. We are the largest guild on Redemption (Horde). Currently we are working on gearing members up with the hopes of being able to do 25 man raids with all guildies - without question.

Being the largest guild does have a few draw backs though. As players reach 80 they leave to join other guilds that are established raiders, as such we lose alot of good people. We wish they would stay but we don't want to hold anybody up. That said, you will find people from all over the world in Existence. We prefer English speaking players, but know that alot of players are non English speaking. Guild chat is always English though.

We take everyone. We do not discriminate on nationality, GS, class, race, or skill. Everyone is viable to us. You will find a wonderful home with us should you need help, company, or just a great guild.