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FAQ: General

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Account Related

Q: My original character was hacked, can you help me? Please send me my info.

A: If you are a donor, you may log on your Skrill account email and send an email to [email protected]

If you're not a donor, we do not have any way of determining your identity and therefore it's out of the question.

Account security is 100% your responsibility. Please be more careful next time.

Q: I forgot my password, how do I play again on my older account?

A: Go to the Forgot Password screen: Forgot Password

Type in your username for that account, and the email you used to register. An email from Eternal-WoW will be sent to the address you provided (Inbox/Bulk) if the information is correct.

If you are unable to provide those key information/forgot what you used to register, then there is nothing we can do for you.

Q: I gave my account to someone else and it was banned/hacked, please give it back!

A: Account Trading is NOT SUPPORTED at all by the server. We are expressly forbidding you to share your account information to others to protect your security.

If you are a donor, you can send a email to [email protected] from the same email you used when you donated.

If you are not a donor, you may use the Forgot Password recovery system. Forgot Password

If your account was banned while in the hands of someone else, then unfortunately we will not reverse this decision.


Q: How do I become part of the staff?

A: If you are interested in joining our community as a staff member, please submit a GM/Helper/Developer application. You can find more information here: FAQ:GM Application. You can also find out more on the Staff by checking out the Eternal-WoW Staff Branch Page.

If your application gets accepted, you will receive a private message on the website with instructions about connecting to our teamspeak server.

If your application gets denied, you will receive a private message on the website as to why you were denied.

If you pass your interview, there will be a training program to help you get familiar with our methods. Good luck.

Q: I have characters from another server, can I transfer them here?

A: Character transfers from other servers are only allowed if done in "bulk". This means thirty or more players from that server need to be certain that they wish to transfer here. Any number less than that and the request will be denied.


Wrath of the Lich King

Q: When ever I go to my character screen in-game, my World of Warcraft client crashes; I am over level 100.

A: A guide on fixing this issue can be found here: "C" fix

Q: It says "Patch Required" when I try to log in

A: Check and make sure you are on the correct patch. In the bottom left corner of the login screen, make sure it says "3.3.5 (12340)"

A: Make sure you are logging in with your username, not your email address.

A: Open your Eternal-WoW folder, Data, enUS (or enGB), Realmlist.wtf. Open it with Notepad. What does it say?

  • Make sure it says "Set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com"


Q: I'm patched above 4.0.6, how do I play on the Eternal-WoW Cataclysm servers?

A: Follow the instructions located here.


Q: I can log in, but when I try to enter the game I get a "Critical Error"

A: On the character selection screen, disable all addons, it is possible that an out-of-date addon is causing your game to crash.

A: Check if you only crash on one character; if that is the case, attempt to fix your character using the tools on the website.

A: Delete Cache and WTF folder, located in your WoW directory

A: If all else fails, use the "Repair.exe" or "Repair" application located inside your Eternal-WoW folder

Q: When I try to connect to the servers, it disconnects me

A: Check and make sure you are using the correct patch.

A: Delete your Cache folder, located in your WoW directory

A: Open your Eternal-WoW folder, Data, enUS (or enGB), Realmlist.wtf. Open it with Notepad. What does it say?

  • Make sure it says "Set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com"

A: Using any malicious software aiming to provide you with an unfair advantage over other players can be causing this. If you are using any of these programs, please turn these off in order to to connect to our servers.

Q: How do I join Teamspeak?

A: There is information regarding our TeamSpeak server located here: Connection Guide

Q: I have a connection problem that hasn't already been addressed

A: Please post in the Getting Connected/Help section of our forums.

Help with Connecting

Donor Related

Q: I have a question about becoming a donor.

A: Questions regarding becoming a donor are answered here: Donor Membership

Q: I am experiencing problems with VIP points, transactions, lost items, etc.

A: Before posting anything, please take a look here!

Q: I want the item I bought to go to another character, how do I do that?

A: You will have to donate for an Item Transfer which costs 700 VIP or you can purchase the package which costs 2500 VIP for 5 pieces. The item(s) in question will then be transferred once your transaction is completed and you have been attended to by a Super GM Staff member in-game. Please note that Item Transfers are only allowed for characters in the SAME account.

Q: I donated for a change in my character/account that is not item-related (like name, faction, race, level up, extra profession, etc), what do I do next?

A: Be online in the game (You need to be on the correct account only) and make a ticket. Address it to a Super GM Staff Member and they will gladly help you out. You may also check out our Teamspeak channel's Help Room and change your nickname to address a Super GM Staff member.

Note: Some of these services have now been automated, which means that they no longer require for a Super/Senior GM to attend them. This list includes: Faction changes, race changes, name changes and max level up. However, there are still some that require attendance from a Super/Senior and these include: additional tradeskills, item transfers, any title, Custom VIP requests, etc.

Character/Game Related

Q: GM I was in a raid and someone ninja the items! Please ban them!!!

A: The staff will not interfere in your raids nor distribute stolen items.

While we do not like people who ninja loot, if you decide to group with people you don't know then you do it at your own risk.

Q: I have been banned! What do I do?

A: In order to submit a ban appeal, you must first log on to the website. By doing this you will receive a link to our ban appeals section and there you can submit a ban appeal. Here's our guide : Ban Appeals

Q: GM I have been muted/banned unfairly!

A: We have rules set in place regarding mutes/bans. Suffice it to say if you have been punished then you most probably did something wrong. Check out our Player Rules section here: Player Rules

Q: Please help me, I'm stuck/dead/cannot revive.

A: Log out from the game. Go to the Website's Account Panel. You must be logged into the website.

Account Page Select your bugged character. Use the Unstuck/Revive/Fix commands.

Q: Is multi-boxing allowed?

A: Multiboxing is only allowed on Redemption (PVE realm) and in a PVE setting. It is prohibited and bannable to multibox in PVP, and on all other realms.

Q: I'm playing on Eternal/Redemption/Remorse/Genesis, I want to know when we will upgrade to Cataclysm.

A: We do not have any plans on upgrading our WotLK realms into Cataclysm. We do however have a 4.3.4 realm, named Apocalypse, that is consistently being updated.

Q: My item's name and description are showing up incorrectly! What's going on?

A: This occurs when you go to a realm which has a customized database compared to the other realms. Simply exit the game. Delete your cache folder and log back into the game.

Q: I logged on and all arena teams are gone!

A: We have a system in place that detects any wintrading done by your or the team you were in. Suffice it to say if your items were removed, it was due to this offense. Unless you have donated for your items they will not be replaced.

Q: I cannot see what I type/what others are saying! What do I do?

A: First and foremost, type /reload.

If that does not work, right click on the "General" tab of your chatbox. Select Settings. Make sure that each box is checked for the chat mode you wish to see.

Tracker/Reports Related

Q: GM I have a problem! I need help!

A: Please specify your problem in a ticket. This makes it easier for GMs to help you and you will get a response much quicker.

Q: I found a hacker/spammer/abuser/harasser, and I have screenshots, come check it out.

A: You can post proof in the Player Reports section, kindly make sure those screenshots are NOT edited. Player Reports

Q: Help me GM, I'm doing a quest/using a spell, and it's bugged!!!

A: GMs do not fix/script those issues.

Please go to our Forums -> Report Issue. Issue Tracker

Search first if the bug has been reported. If it's not, kindly make a topic in the correct section and follow the format.

Q: I used my vote points/VIP to receive items, but I did not get them!

A: Log out from the game and wait 10-20 minutes for the items to arrive in your in-game mail.

If you still have not received those items, kindly go to your Account Panel: http://eternal-wow.com/user/account/ See if you incorrectly sent the items to the wrong character.

Q: I cannot enchant the items of other people but I have all needed mats!

A: You will need to buy Armor or Weapon Vellums from the Auction House or another player. Open your enchanting tab and enchant the vellums. You can then trade those vellums to other people.

Q: My items are gone! What do I do?

If you are a donor, there are multiple ways to recover your items:

First, check the VIP Issues FAQ here! If that does not clarify/solve your program, you can:

- Make a topic in our VIP Issues forum. When creating a topic, you'll be given a template that you'll need to fill out.

If you are not a donor, we unfortunately will not be able to help you retrieve your items.

Q: I am the guildmaster/in the guild and I cannot see my own guild tabs, can anyone help?

A: As the guildmaster, simply go to your Guild Control panel. Uncheck the viewing boxes for your rank. Select Ok. It should work now; if not, simply go back to your Guild Control panel and recheck all.