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Fix my Chrome

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A lot lately, has many users having troubles with google chrome on our website. This is not the users or the websites fault.

When it comes to flash and google Chrome, sometimes do Chrome confuse itself.

Most of the players has flash player/reader or anything related to shockwave installed, that makes the browser able to run SWF/flash files.

The following is a little tutorial on how to make a hotfix on your own.

1. Open a new tab Chromefix1.JPG

2. type in chrome://plugins in the address bar, and hit enter. Chromefix2.JPG

3. Now click on details found in the top right corner of the plugin page you ended up on. Chromefix3.JPG

4. Now you would need to find the plugin Adobe Flash Player. If you see 2 different flash players enabled on this page, as showed on the picture below, then you will need to disable one of them.


If you disable the flash player with location ending on this: \PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll

Will you disable the internal flash player in chrome, this will minimize the ram usage in chrome. But there is a catch, you will not get automatic flash updates along side with the chrome updates.

If you disable the flash player with a location looking like this: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_7_700_202.dll

Will you risk that some of the flash will not be able to run as usual, or some of the flash files showed on our page will not be in fucntion.

Edit: If the chrome symtomes of stalling/freezing please hit f12 to show the inspector tool. After that hit shift+alt+I, and report the issue to google :)