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ForsakenRetribution Redemption

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Forsaken Retribution [Wolf]

Forsaken Retribution is a community that has guilds in multiple games. We are somewhat new still to Eternal, but have begun raiding and are looking for more serious and laid back members.

We have an Alliance branch, led by Jim, <Apple Dumpling Gang>, that all are welcome to join as well c:


Gwen Anne, Guild Leader, Banshee Queen

Ana Lisa, Assistant Guild Leader, Dark Lady

Devon, Officer, Community Founder

Jim, Officer, Treasurer, Alliance Guild Leader

Spencer, Officer

General Rules

The Forsaken, led by the Banshee Queen, are those who were lucky enough to have broken away from the mindless masses of the scourge. A haven for those that no others would accept.

  • Tolerance, for any and every type of human out there. All ages, genders, nationalities, sexual orientation, even game skill level are all accepted. Prejudice and discrimination are NOT tolerated. Opinionated people are welcome, but be kind to your fellow members.
  • Honesty, no cheating, hacking, bug exploiting, or any of that crap that could get you banned. Also know as: follow the Eternal rules. This also applies to any questions any staff may ever ask you. We practice staff-member confidentiality, an expect respect and honesty in return.
  • No Ninjas, come on. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. You would have to be heartless to ninja from a guild member. If you taint our name by ninjaing from a random, you will be blacklisted.

Reporting a Problem

It is important to properly report all cases of rule breaking and inappropriate conduct to a staff member. Officers, the Treasurer, and the Banshee Queen are all options for this. If you are unsure of who to talk to, don't forget that you can sort the guild member list by rank. Sorting out problems is our job, don't be afraid to talk to us!

Raid call is a great place to look for us. Many of us play other games or work on the computer, and you can find us there even if we aren't in game. Green, dark blue with a "M", and orange user icons are all staff members who can help.

Loot Rules

All raids led by any member of Forsaken Retribution must use the following loot rules.

  • A trusted member of Forsaken Retribution MUST be loot master. The loot master does not have to be the raid leader.
  • Loot will be given out according to /roll for Main Spec -> Off Spec -> Free Roll/Disenchant.
  • Main Spec (MS) is the spec and role you have joined the raid as, unless you have agreed with the loot master to roll as "Main Spec" for something other as your role. This roll is first priority.
  • Off Spec (OS) is anything else useful to you that you may want that does not match your current role in the raid. This roll is second priority.
  • Free Role (FR) or Disenchant (DE) will only happen if nobody rolls for Main Spec, followed by nobody rolling for Off Spec. Everyone can roll for this.
  • For clears of dungeons, or full guild speed clear raids where gear is not the point, group loot can be used. When group loot is used, MS -> OS -> FR/DE still applies.
  • Need roll = MS
  • Greed roll = OS/FR/DE
  • Always be mindful of your group and make sure to pass "free role" items to those who want it for OS.


To keep the honest staff honest, we have a simple donation system for an overflowing bank. Mizebank is the Forsaken Retribution guild banker character- mails and trades to that character are welcome. Otherwise, depositing directly to the bank is fine, just be careful to put items in the proper tab.