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Gold Guide

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This is only a guide, and it will not pay you gold, the only person who can earn it is you. This guide is based on knowledge, but it is at your discretion on whether you choose to follow it or not.



  • Space: Space is very important in earning gold. The more space = the less time. It is important that you only loot what is priceful, and demanding, for an example if you got 50 spots in your bags, and 20 are filled with Heartstones, and basic things. Then you don't have that many spots left for money-earning items, so use them well, and not on trash.

Hint - Clean what you don't use, and put them in your personal bank, so that you may use them some other time. You could also simply sell the random items, or give them to the guild members. (don't put anything in the guild vault, cause we don't need it)

  • Time: Time is an essential need, when earning money. You may have heard the phrase "Time is money", and this is mostly true in World of Warcraft private servers. If you don't have time to farm, invest, train profession, keep contacts etc. then forget about this guide.

Ways of starting up a business

  • Work: There are 2 kinds of work, one is business, and one is profession. While doing business, you need to help yourself, by using your own profession.
  • Business - Business is when you make up a gold circle, this is usually refered to your own business.
  • Own business, is when you solo your business, this can benefit you a lot, and is a good idea. Own business can be stuff like "Farming Damaged Necklace" or "Farming titanium ore" and selling it in auction house.
  • Inc. business, is when you gather up with companions in order to earn money. This can raise social relations to people, and sometimes it's good, but sometimes it's not that benefiting.

For a example, if we tock the titanium vein buisness. Let's say there is 10 titanium veins, and you don't got time to farm the, or it's too many for you. So you ask someone to help you farm it, and this guy becomes your very good friend, and because you told him about the veins, he becomes very rich, and whenever you need some gold, he gives you the gold.

A example of bad inc. business would be, if you know a special mob which drops arctic fur, and you are the only one who knows this thing, and arctic fur is worth a lot in your server (ie. 2000 gold for 1 fur), then if you tell this to all your 50 friends, and they farm this all the time, and tell their friends, the demand will fall, because everyone got the fur, and you will not get any benefit of this, and the price will fall from 2000 gold to 100 gold.

  • Profession - Profession is the most basic way of working, and a MUST have! This business benefits you very much. And all professions can benefit you some way or another. Remember that starting up a profession costs gold, and the most normal way of doing profession is to wait till you got the highest level, however things like mining/herb etc. can be useful to do at low levels, in some servers. When you are new to server, and don't know the special spots and secrets in the server, this is the best way of earning gold. But remember, that building a profession can also cost a lot of money, and this should be earned from selling low stuff.

For an example, if you are Engineer, you would like to sell mechano hogs for 40k gold. And this will benefit you a lot, once you started up a business. But the problem is: you don't have money for the mats (they cost ca. 37k gold in this example). That means you have to sell lower Engineering items (like Gnomish Army Knive) for like 200 gold per piece, and then earn gold slowly, until you can make mechano hogs.

Auction House

  • Auction House strategies: Auction house is the best way to earn gold.

Sell any kind of trash there, and people will buy it. There are 3 main strategies of earning lots of gold in AH.

  • Me-too product strategy

- This is the worst kind of product selling, but also the most common one. Me-too product is a product with a lot of people selling it in Auction house, this means the price will fall dramatically. What can you do about it? Nothing! All you should do, is to see the price of the product you are selling, and sell it for 10 gold lower. (example the Damaged Necklace used to be worth 600 gold in Auction house, but after 2 weeks, the price fell to 150 gold, and then the price became 250 gold again). If a item is worth 500 gold, then sell yours for 480 gold, and this will benefit you. The only way to raise a products price is to sell a lot of this product for a very high price. (For an example you could sell 20 damaged necklaces for 800 gold each) and when people see this, they will sell their products for the same amount of gold, as you did. This method is however not the best investment, but it is possible.

  • Special Product Strategy

The special product strategy is the best way to earn money! It means that you are selling a special product, which no one else has, and in redemption this makes you a lot of money.

  • Showing-off Strategy

This strategy is about selling an item for a HIGH price, only to show how expensive it is, then selling the item again for a low price, so that people would willingly buy the low item.

Example: Let's say a mechano hog is worth 40k gold, and the AH price is 45k. So, if you got 3 mechano hogs, then sell 2 of them for 60k gold, and the other one for 50k gold. This will make people think "the 50k one is very cheap, let's buy that one", and you will earn a good amount of gold.

This is not always possible, but sometimes you can do it. If you get the chance, then do it!

Daily Breed

For those with little time.

ICC drops good gear, like Wodin's Neck, which can be sold for 1000-4000 gold. If you don't have time, this is a great option for quick gold.

The random rings from ICC etc. Also sells for good prices.

Just keep selling random stuff in auction house, and starting a buisness. There are hundreds of ways of getting a economic growth.