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Horde Leveling Guide 1-80

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I want to start of with saying that this is my personal opinion. My guides are always based on that and I have seen some other leveling guides, but I always think I can do better. Something that I have. Might be a bit of a disadvantage.

Anywho, this will be a leveling guide as I level all of my characters. I love leveling this way and I think it's the fastest way I can level my characters. There might be some faster ways, but this is my personal opinion.


Level 1 - 11

This is the easiest part, but some of you might not know about it. Every time you start a character, you can start a quest. This will immediately make you level 11, give some food and a 22 slot bag. This is really useful, also because you already go to the next village, without doing the beginner quests.

Important Note

1. MOST IMPORTANT NOTE! GET ALL HEIRLOOMS FOR MORE EXPERIENCE (Shoulders grants additional experience, Chest gives more experience and the ring gets more experience!) I have leveled my frost mage from level 50 with the ETERNAL WOW BIRTHDAY CAKE and with my Tauren from the beginning. Please get a ETERNAL WOW BIRTHDAY CAKE as soon as possible from the event room in the Dalaran Sewers. 2. Please get back to a train and train all your skills. You can't train all your skills that you have for level 11. In the next village (Brill, you will have to immediately get to your trainer and train the rest of your skills. The starter trainer is limited of training your skills, because you should be going out of there when you are about level 5 in retail)

Level 11 - 17

For this part, we have to go the the Undead village of Brill. I always level at the undead place, it's easy, a lot of quests in one village and the quests are easy to do. Please make your way to the nearest main city and teleport to Undercity from there. When you are in Undercity, go north to Brill. When you are in Brill, accept all quests and do they all. This should make you level 17, if you are not, please accept more quests and do them. You should be around level 17, but this could be higher.

Tirisfal Glades.png

Important Note

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills. The best way to do this is in Undercity or Brill itself. 2. Don't forget to vote for all heirlooms. If you have a warrior, you should go for plate. It will change into mail for all of your levels under 40. You can get a Weapon, Shoulder, Ring and Chest piece for leveling. The weapon doesn't includes more experience, but it's very good that you get it.

17 - 21

This might be a more tricky part, because you have to walk south for a long time. Don't forget when walking to Sepulcher (The quest village in Silverpine Forest) you can do a quest a farm to the west, upon entering Silverpine Forest. You have to escorst someone to another NPC. Go to The Sepulcher and do all of the quests there. I haven't been able to find a chest to the south, within the human village. You might want to abandon that one.

Silverpine Forest.png

Important Notes

1. Don't forget to get your level 20 mount 2. Please get back to a train and train all your skills 3. Don't forget to get the fly path from The Sepulcher

21 - 35

When I was leveling here, I went from level 21 to level 35. Hillsbrad Foothills is a great place to level, because when you get there, you can get like 10 quests. When you accept all the quests in Tarren Mill. Tarren Mill is located in the Upper right (North-East) of Hillsbrad Foothills. The only quests I had some problems with on my undead mage, was Miner Hackett. On my tauren (which I am leveling the same way) had a party of 3. You might want to find a party for that quest. Further on, all quests are doable for solo.

Hillsbrad Foothills.png

Important Notes

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Undercity) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Tarren Mill

35 - 40

Whenever you are done in Hillsbrad Foothills (I had some quests left, but I decided to go to Arathi Highlands on level 35, because I was sick of going to Hillsbrad all the time, with those pesky human NPC's), go to Arathi Highlands. You should have a quests that you have to kill some ogres. Kills some ogres outside, Enforcer ogres are inside the cave nearby the quest. Watch out for healing orcs.

When you have done that quests, go to Hammerfall, which is located also in the North-East of Arathi Highlands. You can do some quests here, but it includes a lot of walking. Make sure you have your level 20 mount. Also, I haven't done the quest where you had to kill a boss named Or' Kalar. There are many elites in that region/fortress.

Arathi Highlands.png

Important Notes

1. Don't forget to get your level 40 mount 2. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Undercity) 3. Don't forget to get the fly path from Hammerfall 4. There is a huge crystal on West side of Hammerfall. You can do this quest, but it's optional. I didn't do it, because it involved a lot of walking over all of Arathi Highlands. I was level 40 before I started this quest.

40 - 52

You will have to walk a bit for this, but you have to go Tanaris. That is far south of Orgrimmar. Why? This is the best way to level from level 40.

Important Note Go to orgrimmar first, learn your skills and get the fly path.

To get here by the fastest way of traveling, is going to the Zul Farak instance. It is located in the upper left of Tanasis. Then go to Gadgetzan to the East, upper middle of Tanaris and accept all quests you see.

No complications with quests, but Caliph can be hard to find. I have waited him for several minutes on my mage and I was not able to find him. He is actually a bit to the north east from where the quest marker is. Right behind a small camp thing. I have killed him on my Tauren, as I went back to Gadgetzan, I ran into him.


Important Notes

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Orgrimmar If you have the fly patch.) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Gadgetzan 3. The patch to Un Guro Crater is located in the Lower Right of Tanaris.

52 - 58

When you are finished in Tanaris, you should have been leveled to 52 with ease. If you do all the quests, it won't be a problem at all. As you might have seen when returning to Gadgetzan, there are 2 quest (This is different, I had 2 on my mage and 2 on my tauren, but my brother juts had the Sticky Tar quests)

You should be arriving at Un Guro Crator. I advice doing all the quests, before going to Marshalls Refuge. You can finish some quests there and start a lot of new ones. I have found the person in the cave, hard to get there with all those level 55 to 58 monsters. Also, some of the crystals are hard to find by color, but you can get them before you start the quest in the cave. I haven't done them on both my characters, but my brother has. He got about 3 quests in return, so it's worth the effort.

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Orgrimmar If you have the fly patch.) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Marshalls Refuge 3. Some quests might not be done, because you can find the person, items or monsters here. There is a quest within a cave with all these weird looking ants. Within that cave, beat the queen (I guess it's te queen) and get ontop of the small hill. Click the potion and you have something for your quest. I had a hard time finding there that spot was.

58 - 64

There are numurous was of getting to the Outlands, but you can pick your own travel patch if you want. What I should say is when you go to Shattrath, go to the Fly Path first.

The fastest way to go to the immediately land of leveling, is going to the instance Hellfire Ramparts. I would advice you to do this, after you have gone to Shattrath. The fly patch is very important, unless you can have enough gold to fly there yourself. This will immediately teleport you to Outlands.

Hellfire Peninsula.png

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Dalaran) 2. Don't forget to learn Flying in Thrallmar. 3. Don't forget to get the fly path from Thrallmar 4. There are not many quests in Thrallmar, but one sends you to the east and there you can go with a flying NPC to the south, where more quests are located. You can go to Falcon Watch, but that is optional. I haven't gone here and went straight to Terokkar Forest instead.

64 - 70

After you are done in Hellfire Peninsula, quickly go to Terokkar forest. There are a lot of quests you can accept in Shattrath and Stonebreaker Hold. Please keep in mind that there are also other quests around located on the map. These are quite easily combined with others quests and easy to work out. This leveling part is very easy, as you can complete every quest, except for the one where you have to kill a wolf in the upper right side of Terokkar. Also, becoming a spy and walk into a camp full of monsters, isn't working either. You can level instantly from 64 to 70 when you complete all of the quests.

Terokkar Forest.png

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Dalaran) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Shattrath and Stonebreaker Hold 3. When you're done, go back to Shattrath and then to either Orgrimmar or Undercity to travel to Northrend.

70 -75

When you are done in Terokkar Forest, you should be around level 70. My friend told me he went to Northrend when he was level 68, but I advice you to do every quests where I stated you can start any. With all the quests the finish, you have to do less at the next location you get. I only did quests at four locations in Northrend and three were in the same part of Northrend.

We are going to handle the way, if you get on the flying ship in Orgrimmar. The big flying ship with all the lights on it, goes to Northrend.

When you have arrived at the Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra, you should be able to activate some quests. They are all around the Warong Hold. Complete them and move east. There is a lot of water. There are some quests that are bugged here, as the on with the couldren in the cave. When you have done all the quests you can complete here, move to the Upper right side of the Borean Tundra. There is an orc camp with quests and a bit more to the west there are Murlocks giving quests. Watch out, the water is deep towards the Next island. It freaked me out.

Borean Tundra.png

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Dalaran) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Warsong Hold and the northern orc encampment 3. When done, you have to ride all the to the EAST and not the NORTH. All the way trough Dragonblight.

75 - 80

As for this part, I will be merging two parts into one part, leveling from 75 to 80. As you are going trough Dragonblight, you should be arriving at Venomspite. That is located in the far east of DragonBlight, on a hill. This part is necessary, as you can only get some more quests at level 78 on another location. You can't see the quests, but there should be some NPC that are giving a lot of quests. There should be around 10 to 12 quests you can accept.

Dragonblight and Stormpeaks.png

When you are level 78, you should move up north, to K3 in Storm Peaks. When you get there, you should be able to accept a lot of quests. There are more quests to accept around K3 and you have to go in the cave to complete some quests. If you have completed most of the quests in K3, you should be level 80.

Congratualations, you made it to level 80 in one piece. Go get your T7 from Dalaran (If you have 5k, you also need 5k for flying faster and 1k for flying in Northrend. That is 11k all together) and go for POS. You can look up POS with my <Instance Guide 101> on some tips and how to do Pit of Saron.

1. Please get back to a train and train all your skills (Best: Dalaran) 2. Don't forget to get the fly path from Venomspite, K3 and Sunreavers Command 3. You should be able to go to K3 via Dalaran if you can not fly yet. If you would go from Venomspite to K3, that would acquire a lot of walking and falling of a long cliff when entering Crystalsong Forest.