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How To Create A Guild Wiki Page

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How To Create A Guild Wiki Page

The first thing you need to do to create your guild's wiki page is to create a new Wiki page for your guild. The name of the will depend on what Realm you are on. Your page name will use the following format:

  • GuildName_Realm (no spaces)

So, if your guild was named "The Mighty Ones" and you are on the Damnation realm, your page name would be:

  • TheMightyOnes_Damnation

Once you know what your guild name is, you use that as part of the URL to create your page. For the above example, the URL to create your page would be:

  • wiki.eternal-wow.com/index.php/TheMightyOnes_Damnation

Once you enter that URL you will be taken to the page. Since the page doesn't exist you don't see any content. To create the page, click on the Create button at the top of the page. When in editing mode you can click on the Help link on the editing bar to see information on how to format your Wiki page.

Adding Your Page To The Guild Listing

Once you create your page it won't be linked anywhere. To get your page to show up in the guild listing for the realm you need to add a special tag to your page. The following table shows the tags for the realms. Make sure you use the correct realm and faction (alliance or horde).

RealmHorde TagAllianceTag

Copy the appropriate tag from the table above and paste it at the top of your page.

Your guild page should now show up under the guild listing on the Main Wiki Page.