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How to - ToC-ICC

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If you want to get to a Certain boss Please use the Ctrl+F to search for the Boss you're looking for :)

So I'm going to Start with Trial of the Crusader


Beasts of Northrend...

Basically there are 4 bosses in which you must defeat in continuing succession whilst still surviving the waves of strategy that comes with this raid So i'll start with the first "Mini boss Gormok the Impaler" he's a centaur like being and you must basically have one Main tank and a Off-tank taunt every 3 stacks of impale and every 30-45 seconds there will be a Kobold that will attack a random raid member in the raid that raid member must head to the melee group so that they can kill it :D on ToC 25 however there will be 3 kobolds that each attack a different raid member and they have to head to the melee group so that they can kill it.../ moving on considering that is all he does its a pretty simple fight...

Second "Mini Boss" there will be 2 worms that pop out one called Acidmaw and another called DreadScale each one carries a set abilities that can harm the raid in some way shape or form. so the First Mini boss that you want to kill is "Acidmaw" the Left Worm he spits out Acid that as times goes on your character will move slower until you freeze and get a dot that hurts :( so what must be done is that dreadscale will spit out flames that can "Cure this poison" and allow the player that has been poisoned to free move once again... once again this is the first boss you want to kill since you can't dispel the poison that he drops without the fire from dreadscale... now when you kill Acidmaw, the 2nd mini boss will Enrage and Deal +50% more Dmg making you want to use hero... which you can but meh you don't have to.. anyways make sure when the adds switch from moving to standing still they need to be kited around so that the poison aura they have doesn't kill your melee as it hurts really badly now when you attack Dreadscale make sure he's faced away from the raid as he does an ability that destroys your HP within Seconds so make sure healers are on their toes after Dreadscale dies its pretty much a Straight forward fight.

3rd and Final Mini-Boss" Icehowl a Fairly simple boss that requires patience and the ability to pay attention first he'll come out of the gates and then every 30 seconds - minute he'll do an AoE stomp that will knock everyone against the walls and then target a Specific raid member and Then Charge them everyone around that person and the person in itself needs to Strafe/Run out of the way or else when he hits the wall/person he will enrage and kill the person dealing +50% more dmg if he doesn't hit anyone he will take +100% more dmg for 10 seconds as long as he's stunned for.. basically rinse and repeat and this boss for be a cinch :D =-)

for you Visual types here's the youtube video on how to fight him.

Lord Jaraxxius :

I love this guy he's the most simplest fight in the whole of ToC

Anyways this boss will be summoned by a warlock from either faction the demon will the kill the warlock and then proceed to fight you basically you need 1 Tank and 1 off tank the Main tank will stay on Lord Jaraxxius the Melee should be the primary damage dealers in this fight.whilst the Range kill the adds and the melee stay on boss... every 10-15 seconds lord Jaraxxius will give a player incinerate Flesh that player must be healed to full or he'll explode and give the whole raid AOE Dmg that tickets for about 3-5 seconds and it hurts ! A LOT!!!! so remember to heal them up... now every minute jaraxxius will spawn a volcano or a mistress alternating until dead

Video for the Visual Learners

Faction Champions :

Basically this is a Giant PVP Event normally you'll wanna kill the DK, Warrior and THEN healers first because they'll basically face roll you... so once you do that its pretty much a face roll event and just focus target on a person and you'll eventually get it just have whatever classes you have CC'ing to the best of their abilities

Sorry this fight is very straight forward and there is no need for a video its basically a giant PvP Fight

Valkyr Twins:

A Classic battle of Light Vs Dark

Basically there'll be 2 bosses one Light and one Dark the Light boss is very vulnerable to the Dark Aura and the Dark boss is Very vulnerable to the Light Aura... so how you want to do this is have 8/10 or 20/25 raid members grab the Dark Aura or Light Aura then Kill which everyone you feel like it as they both share HP Just Focus on one of the bosses... and when they're going for an ability switch to that boss and destroy it :D

Video for the Visual


Slightly complex battle but nothing to sweat over

First you'll want a ranged dps primarily a hunter to kill orbs that are spawned in the air when the fight starts similar to prince Valanar's orbs or taldrams kinectic orbs except these are needed to kill the adds through the fight ;) continuing anub will every once in a while dive beneath the surface at a set % and chase someone... that person needs to run to the Ice and then wait until it hits until they can move from that location... and basically its rinse and repeat until 30% which is when he'll permanently stay up and cast locust swarm attempting to heal himself and siphon off life from other players... just continue to dps until dead ... congratulations you've completed ToC

Video for the visual learners

Icecrown Citadel bosses

Lord Marrowgar:

A simple fight that begins to open up your awareness with a nice Dodge a Flame that does 6k Dmg a Second and a spike that pushes you in the air and out of LoS from the healers so the DPS basically have to nuke the spike down so that everyone can resume DPS in a nice fashion. Continuing with this every 1 minute and 30 seconds or 3 bone spikes; Lord marrowgar does a bone storm which the closer you are the more damage you receive so its best to run away from it and at the same time you are supposed to dodge a Cross Flame which starts at the base of Marrow and heads out in a Plus sign pattern also during this time Lord marrowgar moves to a random player and then plants his "Plus sign Flames" on top of them for 10 seconds moving between players in this time frame. basically he'll rinse and repeat this until dead or he enrages after 10-15minutes of fighting i believe... Good luck Killing him everyone

And heres the Visual for you visual learners

Lady Deathwhisper:

ahhh the 2nd boss of ICC which is the next Awareness check which requires you to either avoid killing MC and switching between Adds and moving to boss in a timely manner.. Phase 1 Lady Deathwhisper will Send out adds every 30seconds in which you have to kill 3 adds a cult adherent and a cult fanatic a cult adherent is a caster and needs to be killed with physical abilities and a cult fanatic is a physical fighter and needs to be killed with caster abilities...whilst at the same time laying down random Death and Decay at the base of a player and deals 4-6k per 2-3 seconds... this phase basically consists of the raid killing adds and in the meantime attacking Lady Deathwhisper at the same time attempting to bring her mana down to 0% Phase 2 Lady Deathwhisper stops spawning Adds and comes out of her casting phase and sending out Frostbolts that Deal around 40k to a player in plate. this needs to be interrupted :( so hope for some interrupters / Mages or a warrior tank shield bashing or even a rogue kicking her frostbolts :D and during this time she'll continue to lay down Death and decay and ("spawning an add from the top of the stairs(10 heroic or icc25) and the raid will need to kill it") and basically this is all rinse and repeat just interrupt the frostbolts and avoiding the Death and Decay.

Video for the Visual Learners :D

Deathbringer Saurfang:

Quite Simply the Easiest and most Frustrating fight...

Basically this fight is a DPS Race in which you must kill Deathbringer Saurfang in under 3-5 minutes and at the same time killing the 4 adds that spawn after a blood boil....

throughout the fight he will spawn 2-4 adds depending on which mode your on (ICC10 or ICC25) and then every 10-15 seconds he'll give out a debuff that'll Deal 3-5k dmg per second... which basically needs to be healed through... a fairly easy tank and spank fight just kill the adds and kill saurfang in a timely manner...

Video for the Visual Learners


A more of a Awareness Fight/Survive-ability fight than a DPS Race...

Basically the Main tank will Tank Rotface in the middle of the room whilst the Offtank tanks the Big-Slimes and Kites it around the room and interrupting/stunning it when it attempts to explode itself while this is all going on Professor Putricide will be Announcing to the Raid that a pipe is broken or a pipe is fixed when this happens I.E "the Ooze is Flowing again..." that means that there is a giant puddle of slime flowing out of a pipe and needs to be avoided as it slows your movement speed by 50-60% and deals 2-3k dmg every 2-3 seconds so try to avoid it and then when he says "the slime has stopped flowing...." that means the ooze that was once there is gone and the fight will rinse and repeat like this until dead... There is no enrage timer so take your time and there is no need DPS Race...

Video for the visual learners


one of the most Simple fights that everyone but the tanks tend to get wrong...

Basically there will be 2-3 groups 2 ranged groups and a melee group... this boss is a DPS Race and needs to be killed within 4-5 minutes so.. gogo DPS Race.... for the DPS there isn't much thinking involved in this fight except for to stay spread out as ranged then clump up for the spore and then spread back out. for Melee Everyone just clumps up behind Fester... and the tank simply keeps tanking until 7-9 stacks of blight then the Off-tank Taunt and continue's the fight until dead this fight should only consist of one taunt from the MT to OT and hope nothing goes wrong. Very simple fight

Video for the visual learners

Professor Putricide:

a Very High-Awareness style of Fight that requires a lot of raid coordination and communication between members... and the Raid leader..

Phase 1 Consists of the Raid Fighting professor Putricide with no buffs and him through an occasional slime vial.. and making slime puddles...throughout this phase the Offtank should be in the Abomination running around drinking up the slime and continue doing this during phase 2 as well.. Continuing the first phase there will be an occasional Green or Orange add that spawns and it needs to be killed... Green Add - All Dps switches from professor putricide and Kills the Green Ooze... Orange Add Everyone Clumps up and waits until the orange ooze blows up (PLEASE REMEMBER TO STACK!!!!) this will continue until 30% (Phase 3) Moving on...

Phase 2 Professor Putricide will throw out tear gas and will stun the raid following that he will gain a new ability and be able to throw out tear gas that will reduce your chance to hit by 75%! so its best to avoid this by moving professor whenever the orange on the ground comes up.. For the Record he will always throw the orange tear gas behind him .... this will continue on and adds will continue to spawn from either green side or orange side...and during this time the abom(Off-tank) will still be drinking up the slime thats being dropped randomly.. by professor... until 30% which will Start phase 3

Phase 3 this is the moment you've been waiting for the holy grail of it all and time to show him who's boss... Basically Everyone will need to DPS Professor as Fast as possible in order to kill him before the whole area fills up with Slime so i'd Advise a heroism(Ally)/Bloodthirst(Horde) and just completely destroy him during this phase because you don't have an abomination available to drink up the slime :(... so good luck and have fun :)

Video fro the Visual Learners

Valithra Dreamwalker:

Ahhh the easiest fight in ICC next to Lootship

Basically your healers will go into the portals and heal up Dreamwalker while at the same time healing up the raid for the dps you will need to kill the adds that spawn and prevent them from attack dreamwalker... this is a simple rinse and repeat just remember to kill the adds and keep healing Dreamwalker until 100% :)

Video for the Visual Learners...


a Gear Check for the Willing

Basically this fight consists of alot of events and is alot similar to Sapphiron besides a couple spells... :) This is fight also requires alot of Awareness and you'll need to be ready for anything :D

So after killing spinestalker and rinefang sindragosa will spawn you'll want to run atop the stairs and have her reset herself..P.S. She might fall through the floor so hope you have a DK that can Death grip her up... :) anyways moving through the fight she'll cast unstable magic on a player that'll randomly cast a spell back at a player doing whatever dmg that spell just did to sindragosa back at the player :O so priests/paladins get ready to bubble them :) and every 30-45seconds sindragosa will fly up and freeze 3-5players depending on difficulty(icc10 -3 / icc25 -5) and then supposedly drop a frozen orb that will deal 120k frost Dmg - Basically you won't Survive so hide behind the ice blocks - So make sure your behind the ice blocks on this :) or you'll die. now through the fight sindragosa will Vacuum all the players to her and start casting your job is to RUN AWAY... or you'll Take a Substantial amount of damage and may die ... so don't risk it and run away :)

This is the Basics of this fight so if i'm missing anything please pm me or post it in a reply and i'll add it :D anyways Video for the Visual Learners <--- i would watch this if you're still unclear about how to do this...

Blood Princes:

Ahh... my most favorite fight in all of ICC and one of the most highest focus is needed on this fight... so you have 3 princes each one has a set attribute and will gain a Blood pact which will increase their dmg and will probably rape your face if your not prepared :)

Prince Taldram

Fire Attribute... so Every now and then Prince Taldram will cast a conjure flame that does damage and will only need to be healed through most of the abilities... easiest of the 3 princes...

Prince Valanar -

likes to shock players and vortex..(fly around the room :D) when valanar isn't empowered with blood he'll cast a shock vortex near a random player and it will knock a player away from it and deal damage... now when he's empowered he'll do an empowered shock vortex that'll knock Every player around dealing 5k dmg + whoever is around + it can kill you on 25 man mode if all are stacked...so SPREAD OUT :)

Prince Keleseth -

Shadow Dmg - this prince will be the most likely cause of 90% of your attempts on this boss...so the only way you can survive prince keleseths empowered phase is by having the off-tank Gather up the Dark Nuclei around the room as each dark nuclei will reduce shadow damage taken by 35% so its best to always have 2-3 at all times

Video for the Visual Learners

Blood Queen:

Ahhh the Last possible boss in ICC that is doable... and quite possibly the hardest...Also a DPS Race... Starting off you will need a MT/OT to share the Dmg of her attacks... then as the fight progresses she'll cast shrouds that will swarm around a player and that said player will need to run to a wall and keep moving along it in order to now die and take shadow damage from its ticks.... then every now and then she will cast Pact of the darkfallen which will target 2 players (ICC10) and 3 players (ICC25) and will deal damage as long as its up and can only be dispelled by either running on top of each other ... or simply kill each other... :\ and through the fight roughly about 45 seconds she will cast vampirism on a player increasing his or her dps by 100% i believe and generating no threat following that when that wears off the player will then need to bite a player that hasn't been bitten yet to get this buff and another player will get it it will be a cascading effect until every raid member has been bitten and then you will all go mad and die... or if you miss your chance to bite someone you'll get MC'd and the raid will have to kill you...(Sucks doesn't it...) then after 1-2 minutes she'll go into her air phase which will then cast incite fear making everyone run around for 4 seconds this can be mass dispelled... then she will do a Mass AOE that will basically Kill you if everyone doesn't spread out far enough from each other.. and this fight is pretty much rinse and repeat until you kill her...

Video for Visual learners

Lich King

This boss is based into 5 phases each with their own little bit of toughness

Phase 1:

in this phase after the Lich king is initiated he promptly starts to cast infest on the whole raid dealing scaling dmg until its healed everyone to 100% life. then after the first Horror which is spawned approx 15 seconds after the boss engages they will come every 30-45 seconds following that and it will repeat until the boss hits 70%.


The healers main priority in this fight be it 10 or 25man (2-3 healers) or (5-6 healers) whatever your preference is. have at least one healer on Plague duty their job will be to Cleanse the person with Unbound Plague which is a (Poison) that does 300k shadow dmg and is un survivable to any one person. so just make sure it gets dispelled :) next on the list is Infest make sure everyone in the raid is topped off all the time and just heal them to full as fast as possible with whatever you got..

Some basic Healers comps ( Holy pally 2-3 resto druids 1 resto shammy and a disc priest) would be really nice for the raid if your on 10man (1 holy pally / resto druid and if going 3 heals a resto druid would be awesome)


pretty simple as a paladin just consecrate , holy wrath whatever you can do to hold aggro on the ghouls /horros and LK if you have an OT tanking the horrors you don't have to worry so much but basically after you pull the LK get him to a spot close to the raid as soon as the horror starts running to someone taunt them and then start getting threat on them its pretty straight forward just do whatever you can do hold onto the threat of the mobs.


basically All the DPS should switch to the horrors when they spawn no matter what unless instructed by the raid leader however Horrors > LK all day since they can make or break your raid easily. - Hunters will need to Tranquilizer shot the Horrors when they enrage - or rogues will need to shiv them. all up to what your raid composition is like.

Phase 1.5:

at 70% hp Lich king will run to the center and then Everyone will need to run to the edge and stick together to kill the raging spirits.


Taunt the raging spirits as they spawn and face them away from the raid do your best to hold aggro as its a dps race to kill them in a timely matter as 3 spawn throughout this phase essentially if your tanking this fight with 2 tanks (MT / OT) just alternate the spirits then have the person who is free tank the LK with the Spirit as you transition out.


Essentially you'll want to dps the spirits down as hard as possible to kill them before you transition back onto The LK just remember to dps from behind.


Your jobs are to kill the frozen spheres / icy spheres that spawn on top of Lich king make sure you kill them as fast as possible as they can blow the whole raid off the platform. // if your hunter's died use another ranged class like a boomkin/mage/warlock ( though not the best option its still somewhat viable)


try your best to heal everyone using what you know about your class to survive this phase

Phase 2:

Basically in this phase from 70% HP - 40% hp you'll be dps'ing the LK down while trying to survive against Defile / valkyrs / and infest


Essentially you'll want to tank the boss in the center you should essentially just keep the boss out of defile to the best of your ability and be smart about where you move him.


your job in this fight is to avoid the defile kill the valkyrs and down LK to 40% just dps him hard and Good luck.


Heal through the Infest, and heal through the defile because its going to be a rough ride - hardest boss to heal for anyone.

Phase 2.5:

- Same as phase 1.5 just rinse and repeat what you did there and your almost done.


grab the Raging spirits and tank away from raid

Healers :

heal whatever comes your way. if need be assign healers groups to heal if you want.


have the hunters kill the ice spheres then have everyone else dps down the raging spirits give the tank like 3 seconds for aggro if he's having trouble.

Phase 3:

This is a tough phase and can wipe you with even one mess-up just focus down the vile spirits if you still haven't used hero this is the phase to use it. burst down the LK have your ranged dps nuke down the spirits or you can simply try and out run them and let them die off one at a time.. make sure you spread out if you do this. if someone gets pulled into the frostmourne make sure you use whatever stun you have and stun the npc thats hostile. when he's casting soul rip or you gonna die.. :( if your a healer in the frostmourne make sure you just spam heals on the guy and stun when possible.


tank the LK on the outer ring and kite him slowly around the edge or near the edge if your scurred of falling off then prepare to pop any defensive cooldowns if you can't handle the dmg thats about to come i.e. someone dies in Frostmourne better pop a Divine protection or if your Ardent defender procs be prepared to accept the incoming dmg


Either kill the vile spirits or focus the LK make sure you stay spread out very important.. defile still happens during this phase so make sure you run out of it.


heal through the defile / frostmourne phase etc... always keep hots up because vile spirits do some nasty damage if they stack up.