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Immortals is a friendly end-game PvE raiding guild on the Gensis realm. Immortals is able to provide information enough for every end-game raiding boss encounter along with a friendly and social environment over a game, while maintaining a diverse community within friends.


Recruitment Information

  • Understand the English language.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • A personality.

Remember as a member of Immortals you do represent the guild and any stupid acts or such will be taken care of thoroughly. Therefore we don't recruit douche bags.

We are recruiting every role from every timezone for the time being to build up our geared alt raid group and 25-man raid group.

General Rules

Guild Rules:

1. No guild drama.

2. Be polite and patient within and outside guild

3. Respect the officers and raid leaders.

4. Don't PUG any 10-man raids.

4. Don't 'ninja' any loot from within or outside the guild raids/parties.


In Immortals we have two kind of raids, on the weekends we mainly do end-game content and on the week days we progress where we left off from and/or do achievement runs of TBC/vanilla raids.

Icecrown Citadel 10-man: Every Friday from 2 PM.

Vault of Archevon 10-man: Every Friday from 2 PM

Trial of the Grand Crusader 10-man: Every Saturday from 2 PM.

Trial of the Crusader 10-man: Every Sunday from 2 PM.

Obsidian Sanctum 10-man: Every Monday from 1:30 PM

Contact us

Guild Master

  • Prudellee


  • Fulgrim
  • Onyx

If you don't see any of us on, do /who g-"lmmortals" and ask a member if we're on one of our alts at the time.