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Infamous Ultimate Fury PvE Guide

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As the title implies this is a Fury Guide done by your boy Infamous, I'm sure some of you have seen my name bouncing around in world or you have had the chance to raid with me. While I may come across really chill (which I want to) many of you tend to get pissed at me cause I can be a bit of an ass when it comes to raiding, while I tend to agree I speak freely and never hold back my thoughts I am here to put aside everything I said to you along the lines of "You F**kin' suck quit the game" because well, getting mad at you and you hating me is not something either of us want, so, I have cleared out a good portion of my night to help enhance the lives of of those who play my most coveted class, The Warrior (specifically Fury). I have an exceptional amount of knowledge and understanding of the Warrior class and I want to see this server's Warriors step it up a step, not for me, but for themselves. I promise this guide will even fine tune the most experienced warriors, and for all you new players that just picked up the warrior class, this guide will be gold for you.

So without rambling on I give you.....


Table of Contents

I: Introduction II: Spec III: Glyphs IV: Macros vs Keybinds + Rotation V: Gearing VI: Gemming VII: Enchants VIII: Conclusion


Chapter I


So, to start this guide off I am going to start with the basics (Experienced players may want to skip to Chapter II).

Fury is the PvE Spec for the Warrior class, while some players dabble in Arms for PvE it is not as efficient as Fury and not as consistent, Arms has some positives to it such as the physical damage increase from all sources and extra bleed damage it isn't as viable in a raid situation and you should never have more than one Arms Warrior in your raid composition, in essence what I am trying to tell you is stay Fury, it will be more beneficial for you to stay Fury.

Chapter II


Here is a VERY important part of my guide, and VERY few players actually do this part correct, now, I have been patient enough to test out two major Fury Specs and I separated them in this simple guide so you can use whichever suits your gear and weapon level. The reason there is 2 different specs for fury is simple,

Good weapons + Good Gear = Strong Attacks = Lots of Rage = More abilities being used by you.

I have two specs below, one is for LOW GEARED FURY PLAYERS, the other us FOR HIGH GEARED FURY PLAYERS, use which spec applies to you at your current level, personally I have two fury specs cause I am at the transitional phase from low gear and weapons to high gear.

Low Geared Fury Spec:


This is my current build and it is VERY rage efficient for people using PoS or lower weapons. the spec is mainly built around any abilities that can grant you extra rage. VERY efficient for those just walking into PoS farms or ICC for the first few times.

High Geared Fury Spec:


I have this build set for people who are using good weapons and gear to back up it up. the basis of this build is around increased shouts and enrage which procs off AoE abilities such as Marrowgar's Bonestorm.

Chapter III


The Glyphs for Fury are very specific, using any other combination of glyphs will significantly sever your DPS.

Majors: -Glyph of Heroic Strike -Glyph of Whirlwind -Glyph of Cleaving

Minors: -Glyph of Bloodrage -Glyph of Command -Glyph of Battle

Chapter IV:

Macros VS Keybinds + Rotation

I've had the opportunity of being seen as one of the more experienced Warriors on the server and holding a title like that gives me the ability to share my knowledge as I am doing now, I've had quite a few Warriors approach me and ask what they're doing wrong and what they can do to fix it.

The most common thing I come across is Warriors saying something along the lines of "Yeah I got all those spells macro'd", and while this is okay I find two things wrong with this method of playing the class,

1) Macros have a tenancy to not ALWAYS work, some have to be hit a few times to work if they have an entire rotation setup like that.

2) Many of the players don't fully understand what they're putting on their bars, they say "Yeah, I saw it on the internet on what macros I should use". This is NOT how you should pick up a class, you must fully understand what abilities and why.

Personally, I have only one macro, it's a Shattering Throw macro and it is very simple,

Shattering Throw Macro:

  1. showtooltip Shattering Throw

/Cast Shattering Throw /Y Casting Shattering Throw!

This let's your raid know you are applying the Shattering Throw debuff, which if you don't ever use this spell, reduces the target's base armor by 20% for 10 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown. This should be used during a Bloodlust/Heroism situation because that's when the raid will be hitting the hardest and fastest. If you are one of those Warriors sitting there saying "Yeah, I got 100% Armor Penetration rating why would I need to cast that? It lowers my DPS", Smack yourself for being so selfish, just cause you have 100% armor pen doesn't mean the other Warriors or Marksman Hunter does, and they NEED that put up some damage. So be nice help your raid out it's what you are there to do.

Now after that, here is our rotation,

Fury Warrior Rotation:

Whirlwind -> Bloodthirst -> Slam (If Bloodsurge procs) -> Heroic Strike when you have about 70 rage.

The reason you ONLY EVER use Heroic Strike at around 70/100 rage is because of two reasons,

1) It's your rage dump, you use it to allow your character to gain more rage.

2) The nature of Heroic Strike is very appealing at the start cause it has no CD and is spammable. While this seems awesome at the start what it doesn't say is that (Confirmed by Blizzard) Heroic Strike makes your next basic melee swing generate no additional rage, this means you get no rage until your second swing after you used this.

Swinging with two handers is slow as it is so not getting rage means you are going to Rage Starve, and that's something you want to avoid. Rage Management is a very tricky thing to handle and impossible to master, No warrior is perfect cause rage is constantly in a flux meaning half the time you could get 80 rage per swing and others you might get 20. So as I said above, only use Heroic Strike when you have a good amount of rage for all your other abilities.

Chapter V:


Gearing a Warrior is very specific, people may see plate items that give Strength/Stamina and instantly think it's for them, THIS IS WRONG!

There is a massive difference Between Warrior DPS Plate and Retribution Paladin/ Death Knight DPS Plate.

The key giveaway is Armor Penetration Rating (ArP for short), Blizzard gave Armor Penetration to us to use, so use it, Warriors should never use gear like Lord Marrowgar's 25 chestplate Gendarme's Cuirass when there is a this beautiful item here Castle Breaker's Battleplate. Anything plate you see that does not give Armor Penetration avoid it, ignore your stupid Gearscore add-on and think with your mind! ONLY ever take item's that cannot be replaced anytime soon, for example, It's quite hard to get an ArP necklace that is good in ICC until BQL 25, so picking up PP's 10 man amulet isn't a bad idea. This works for weapons too! Don't start using weapons that don't have any ArP. Basically,

Axes > Maces > Brooms/Fishing Poles > Swords

If you are saying something like "Infamous you are stupid look at Glorenzelg's stats!", Yeah look at them, look how shitty they are, what are you going to do with Expertise and Crit?, no point in stacking it since you passively gain so much. If you are thinking about donating and want a good weapon, pick up Cryptmaker, it will benefit you way more than the lame sword will.

Chapter VI:


Meta: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond Red: Fractured Cardinal Ruby OR Fractured Dragon's Eye Orange: Inscribed Ametrine Blue: Puissant Dreadstone Prismatic: Nightmare Tear

If you want to stack straight ArP I'm not stopping you, I just listed the best gems you could use if you are going for socket bonuses which you should generally go for if they give you 7+ of a stat that benefits you (Something like 8 Strength).

Chapter VII:


Helm: Arcanum of Torment

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe

Cloak: Major Agility

Chest: Powerful Stats

Wrist: Greater Assault

Gloves: Crusher

Belt: Eternal Belt Buckle

Legs: Icescale Leg Armor

Boots: Greater Assault

Main Hand Weapon: Berserking

Off Hand Weapons: Massacre

Chapter VIII:


Remember everything I have said here and try to apply it, I put a lot of effort and time into this guide and hope for some results and people to read and appreciate it. If you need anything or have further questions message me online sometime my character name is Infamous (Level 80 Orc Warrior).

This has been my guide and I hope you enjoyed and/or lasted through this big read!

Thanks again, -Infamous