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Lag solutions

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Welcome to the ultimate lag-be-gone page for all your important lag reducing needs!


For Windows 7 and Vista users

If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then most likely you have Aero running. This is a feature that allows your windows and menu to appear transparent and provides the desktop with more vibrant colors. Although it makes your Desktop look cooler, it pulls a lot from your computer’s graphics card. At least while you are playing a game, it is a very good idea to turn it off. To have Aero automatically turn off while WoW is playing follow the following steps:

Step One!

Right Click on the Wow.exe application located in your wow folder. Then Click on properties.

Step two!

Click on Compatibility

Step Three

Finally make sure that the box 'Disable Desktop composition' is checked. Click apply and you're done.

Game Booster

This program negates any functions on your computer that slows it down basically taking out any un-needed processes, it can take your CPU usage from 90 to 20% easily without this program the rest of the changes are minuscule

Another thing, on the Game Booster there is a option called Game Defrag make sure you defrag your wow.exe every month or so to keep your game running lag-free!