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Install Instructions

  1. Download Launcher Setup
  2. Run the setup to install.

Launcher - Normal.png


The Eternal-WoW custom launcher makes it easy for you to change the realmlist for our server. It also facilitates playing on multiple servers easily, such as retail, to allow for one-click changing of your realmlist and launching World of Warcraft.


If you see an error upon attempting to download or during subsequent launches of the Launcher, such as the below image, your anti-virus program may be blocking it. The error might be a bit different, but if it's similar, then this is likely the issue.
Launcher - Error.png
The program contains no virus, and your anti-virus is not neve detecting it as a virus or trojan. What is happening is that some anti-virus programs do not like the way .NET auto updating of a program happens.
Launcher - Firewall 1.png
In order to resolve this issue, you need to add an exclusion for this program in your anti-virus. Below is an example using Kaspersky Anti-Virus. First open your anti-virus program's control panel. It should have a recent alert mentioning the Launcher.
Launcher - Firewall 2.png
Select that alert and choose to exclude it in the future.

Now you should be able to download, install, and open the Launcher with no difficulty.