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Leveling Guide: Remorse

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If you are new to Eternal-WoW's realm, Remorse, then this is a good Guide to start with as it will go over the basics of leveling. We will explain the basics of leveling along with the basics of the gearing system and some tips on how to reach 255 quickly. If you are ready to get started then please continue reading.

Basics You Need To Know

When you first log in you will notice that you have both a Remorse Teleport Summoner and a Hearthstone. When you right click the Remorse Teleport Summoner it will summon a Portal Master which can take you anywhere you need to go including leveling areas, instances, gearing dungeons, malls, random locations throughout Azeroth etc. The Hearthstone is used to set a home location. You will also start out with a very basic gear set which you will need to upgrade throughout the game. That will be explained more in depth later in this Guide.

Lets Get Started

Once you are familiar with the basic functions of Remorse you can start leveling! I do have one very important tip: if you want to level quickly then talk to a level 255 Druid and see if they can cast thorns on you. That way your leveling experience will be very quick as it will quickly kill the mobs surrounding you. Alternatively, you can ask for help from any level 255 and have him/her assist you in killing the required mobs.

You will also need to obtain your first gear set from the vendor appropriately named "Starting Gear". It's all free so don't worry about the price. Once you have obtained your gear, navigate to your bags and equip it. (Do note, gear progressing towards higher levels does Begin to start costing more and more gold! So don't forget to loot!)

WoWScrnShot 121913 125616.jpg

Buffs You Will Want


As mentioned earlier you will want a level 255 druid to cast a buff known as Thorns. The way the buff works is it uses an AoE (Area Of Effect) to cause damage to any enemy that makes physical contact with the player. If you get a powerful enough druid to cast it on you then it will cause instant death to most enemy targets.


32px-Spell nature thorns.png

30 yd range

Instant cast

Thorns sprout from the
friendly target causing X
Nature damage to attackers
when hit. Lasts 20 sec.

Gift Of The Wild

Another Buff, which is incredibly helpful, is "Gift of the Wild" as it increases your stats. This can be quite helpful at lower levels as this will increase your Resistance, and attributes which will in turn help you with your survivability. (As Does Thorns, The Increase Of Stats / Armor / Resistances, Varies Directly With the Level Of The Caster)

Gift Of The Wild


40 Yard Range

Reagents: [Wild Quillvine]

Instant cast

Gives the Gift of the Wild to the
target's party and raid members,
increasing armor by X, all
attributes by Y and all
resistances by Z for 1 hour.