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Livestreaming Guide

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Ever wanted to host your own live stream? Well this simple guide is all you will need!

Step One!: Get the program and Apply!

First you need to get Open Broadcaster Software and write an application. Sounds tough but it's really not.

Applications can be done through [here]

The Program itself can be downloaded from [here]

Step Two!:Set up your broadcast


If you don’t have one, make a Twitch.tv account (unless you prefer a different service for some reason).

In Open Broadcaster, enter the Settings menu and navigate to Broadcast Settings. Select “TwitchTV/JustinTV” as your streaming service.

Now head to your Twitch.tv dashboard and click the Streaming Apps link in the upper right.

Hit “Show Key” and copy your unique stream key into Open Broadcaster’s “Play Path/Stream Key” field.

That’s all you need to do here, unless you want to select hotkeys or set up local recording.

Step Three!:Set your encoding settings


You’ll probably have to play with your stream’s quality to find the right balance for your system and bandwidth.

The default settings, however, are pretty ugly. To fix that, start with the Encoding section of Open Broadcaster’s menu: for me, things are looking pretty good with the quality balance set to 10, and both the max bit rate and buffer size at 3200, but go higher if you can. (you can change it lower to 700/700 if you don't have that good internet)

Step Four!: Set your video Options


You can set your resolution to the base resolution of your screen with around 25-30 Fps for nice and smooth stream.

Step Five!: Setting Up the Source and Scene


Run the game you want to capture and Alt-Tab out to Open Broadcaster. From the main window, hit Global Sources > Add > Add Game Capture and select the game you’re running. Back out of there and right-click inside the empty Scenes list to add a new scene.

With the new scene selected, right-click in the empty Sources list and add the Global Source you just set up.

That’s it! You can now preview the stream or start broadcasting, but you won’t see anything if the game is minimized, so if you don’t have multiple monitors, you may want to run it windowed for initial testing. Even better, have a friend watch the stream remotely and give you feedback. Then, make thousands more friends and have them watch it, and you’re a livestreaming celebrity. Well done!