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Lockpicking Leveling Guide

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Here is a list of Junk boxes you can get with Pick Pocket. You can train your Lock Picking skill with these too, however in this Lock picking Guide, I will mostly use Footlockers and Doors.


1 - 100

  • These chests below respawn really quickly. Skilling up from 1 to 100 will be really easy.


  • [Buccaneer's Strongbox] - These chests are located on a ship near Rachet in The Barrens.
  • [Burial Chest] - Blood Elves can try these ones.


  • [Practice Lockboxes] - Redridge Mountains

100 - 170

  • The Rogue poison quests for Horde and Alliance are the best and easiest way to level up to 170. As of patch 3.3, you can no longer gain skill-ups if you've already finished the quest.


  • [Gallywix's Lockbox] - The Barrens


  • [Duskwood Chest] - Westfall
  • If you already finished the quest, go to Ashenvale - Zoram Strand, you will find [Waterlogged Footlocker] there, which you can use to level up to 150 or so. After 150 go to Hillsbard Foothills - Durnholde Keep and lock pick [Battered Footlockers] up to 175.

170 - 225

  • Now you have to go to Badlands - Angor Fortress. You will find two kind of footlockers there. You will need a lockpicking skill of 175 to open the [Dentened Footlocker].
  • [Battered Footlocker] - Angor Fortress - Upstairs
  • [Dented Footlocker] - Angor Fortress - Downstairs
  • Don't bother trying to Pick Pocket the mobs, the boxes you will find are already grey to you.

225 - 250

  • Go to the middle of Searing Gorge, it's near Badlands. Inside the caves, the Footlockers will be there. Now you can try to Pick Pocket mobs too, because the [Sturdy Junkbox] you will find turns grey only at 275.
  • [Dented Footlocker] - There are two kind of Footlockers with the same name, one of them turns green at 250, the other turns green at 275

250 - 300

  • Go to Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaguelands. Pickpocket the mobs and find all of the [Scarlet Footlockers]. In the time it takes to make a full circle of Tyr's Hand, the starting point will be pick pocketable and the boxes will have respawned.

300 - 325

  • [Wicker Chest] - Zangarmash
  • You can also PickPocket the mobs here, because they drop [Strong Junkbox].

325 - 385

  • [Dented Footlocker] - Nagrand
  • Same as above, PickPocket mobs.

385 - 400

  • [Scarlet Onslaught Trunk]
  • Or you can Pick Pocket any Humanoid mobs at Northrend to get [Reinforced Junkboxes].