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Love is in the Air Guide

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Love is in the Air Guide

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Guide and MPQ Patch made by tarnam (Redemption) for Eternal-WoW.



This guide will help answer all your questions regarding the Love is in the Air event.



There are three types of quests.


Those are dailies and are doable in any of your faction cities:

[A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne]

[A Perfect Puff of Perfume]

[Bonbon Blitz]

The idea is the same, shooting a player or an NPC for 1/10 credit required for the quest. When you shoot a player you give them a debuff that expires in around 10 minutes and a heart symbol is displayed above them. You wont be able to shoot them again until that debuff expires. You can shoot most of the NPCs too. Bonbon Blitz is bugged so when shooting a player they do not get a debuff. A Perfect Puff of Perfume, does not always work.


Those are dailies too. You farm [Lovely Charm]s, make them into [Lovely Charm Bracelet] (by right clicking them), then deliver them. 10 [Lovely Charm]s = 1 [Lovely Charm Bracelet].


[A Gift for the High Priestess of Elune Cologne]

[A Gift for the King of Stormwind]

[A Gift for a Lord of Ironforge]

[A Gift for the Prophet]


[A Gift for the Warchief] (The NPC for this one is bugged. Feel free to ask a GM to spawn it.)

[A Gift for the Banshee Queen]

[A Gift for the High Chieftain]

[A Gift for the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas]

You need to farm [Lovely Charm] as mentioned. This can be done by killing mobs near your level (ones that give you xp) or players. If you are already level 80, you need to kill level 80 mobs. Those are available in level 80 dungeons and areas such as Icecrown map. Queuing for Razorfen Downs also helps you farm those easier. You will notice that you and anyone on the group do not share the [Lovely Charm]s. So, you can farm within a group, doing this faster. Each of the above quests require one of those.

Each of the dailies give you 5 [Love Token]s. [Love Token]s are the currency to many items you can buy from Lovely Merchants:

Item Cost Note
[Love Token] 1 [Lovely Charm Bracelet] When you want more [Love Token]s you can convert a [Lovely Charm Bracelet] to a token 1:1. Though, you can simply trade the bracelets with alts and do the 4 above quests and get 20 [Love Token]s instead of just 4.
[Lovely Rose] 5 [Love Token]s Those are simply roses that will be placed in female toons hair or male toons mouths.
["Bravado" Cologne] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
["STALWART" Cologne] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
["Wizardry" Cologne] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
["Forever" Perfume] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
["Enchantress" Perfume] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
["VICTORY" Perfume] 1 [Love Token]s Buff
[Bag of Heart Candies] 2 [Love Token]s Required for [Be Mine!] achievement
[Box of Chocolates] 10 [Love Token]s Required for [[Sweet Tooth] / [Lonely?] ] achievement
[Handful of Rose Petals] 2 [Love Token]s Required for [[Fistful of Love] / [Flirt With Disaster]] achievement. Though, you can simply save your [Love Token]s and get the [Bouquet of Red Roses] Off Hand from Halls of Stone from the second boss. The Off Hand can be used to do the same buffing effect. This is doable on both normal and heroic difficulty. Note that the OH has 5 minutes cooldown while the [Handful of Rose Petals] has 30 seconds only.
[Love Rocket] 5 [Love Token]s Required for [The Rocket's Pink Glare] achievement.
[Silver Shafted Arrow] 5 [Love Token]s Required for [Shafted!] achievement.
[Truesilver Shafted Arrow] 40 [Love Token]s [Perma-Peddle] achievement
[Lovely Dress Box] 20 [Love Token]s Required for [Lovely Luck Is On Your Side] achievement. This is not easy. You need to loot the black dress. Though, it is not an important achievement and does not count for title. You get one of four dresses. Note that voting for the dress wont count for achievement.
[Dinner Suit Box] 20 [Love Token]s You get one of 3 suits.
[Romantic Picnic Basket] 10 [Love Token]s Required for [Lonely?] achievement. Basket + Umbrella.
[Love Fool] 10 [Love Token]s Required for [I Pitied The Fool] achievement.

You can only use the Romantic Picnic Basket and costumes after the event from that list.

Crown Chemical Co. Contraband

You can do the first two quests. The rest does not work.


Working achievements are:

[Be Mine!]


[Lovely Luck Is On Your Side]*


[Sweet Tooth]


[Nation of Adoration] Like mentioned the NPC for Orgrimmar quest is not available on system restarts. Ask a gm to respawn it and it will work fine.

[I Pitied The Fool] You simply place the [Love Fool] on the floor on the mentioned position and use the /pity emote. The only challenging one is Arathi Basin. You can ask in world for people to join specific Arathi Basin. If that does not work out for you. Simply, make a macro with:
/who Arathi
Put it on your actionbars. Then queue for RBG when you see people on Arathi Basin and hope for the best. You must make sure Blacksmith is displayed on the screen before you use your item.

[Fistful of Love] One thing you can do to find people faster is use the /who command

/who c-*classname* r-*race* (replacing *classname* with class and *race* with race)

Ex. /who c-hunter r-dwarf

[Flirt With Disaster] In order to do this, you need to buy alcohol from any of the drinks vendors and drink until you see you are smashed on screen. Also, you must use [Perfume Bottle]. You buy that from innkeepers in some cities. Then, you use the perfume. After that, use the [Handful of Rose Petals] or [Bouquet of Red Roses] on the NPC. Then, /kiss it. Note that the perfumes you buy from Lovely Merchants wont work. So, save your tokens.

[Lonely?] Go to Dalaran, then lay down your picnic basket you and another person. Then, both of you eat/drink what is in his basket. After that eat the Buttermilk Chocolate and wait until you get the achievement. Note that you need two baskets for this to work not just one.

[My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose] You go to Halls of Stone dungeon normal or heroic and kill the second boss and loot it. You can either get [Bouquet of Red Roses] or [Bouquet of Ebon Roses]. They both count for the achievement. You get to keep the items after the event too. So, those are amazing items. They place rose petals on the target for around 2m.

[The Rocket's Pink Glare] Find a secluded area. Put the [Love Rocket] items on the actionbars and hit the keyboard button associated with it. After that without thinking left click the floor. It will be hit, click, and wait for it to become ready and repeat. You can track the achievement and see the seconds counting, but that would distract you. If you feel the slightest delay while trying, stop and try another time.

Those are not possible to do right now:

[Dangerous Love]

[Tough Love]*

The ones marked with [*] do not count for the title achievement.


1. If you started late and still want to get the achievement. You can simply farm the [Love Token]s with alts doing the quests above and then trading the items to your main. Most of the items from the Lovely Merchants are not BoP. Though, you cannot mail them. Save the tokens you get on the main toon for BoP items such as pet and other similar items. You can also farm them normally like mentioned above.
2. If you notice while farming [Lovely Charm]s that you are not getting them anymore. Simply, relog. That will fix the problem. I noticed this sometimes happen when you die.
3. [Lovely Charm]s appear in your bags without you having to loot.

4. Special thanks to Gmjaede for providing many of the links on the other moved topic.