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Mage tips and tric

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Hello mages of Redemption.

A few people whisper me in game asking for tips on how to improve their mage skills. so I decided to make a thread where all mages can help each other by sharing their knowledge. (And stop bugging me in game :D )

This thread is not a guide. There are tons of those all over the internet already. This is just a list of a few tips and tricks that can help improve your performance (if ever so slightly). Things you don't usually find in most guides online.

I will assume you already know the basics of being a mage. So if you don't know your rotation or your basic spells and abilities or basic tactics for ICC bosses then this thread isnt gonna help you much.


Arcane Mage Trick

Before the start of the fight you can use PoM to summon some strudels. This will cause you to have the arcane potency buff (+30%crit) at the start of the fight. Since you used it to summon strudels and not a damage spell, you keep the buff. Just remember to make sure your PoM is off the cooldown before you start the fight.

Fire/Frost Ward

Not only does it mitigate some damage and possibly save your life, but if talented it can give you some quick free mana and [u]+15% spell damage with in canters absorption[/u] for 10 seconds. ICC bosses that you can use fire/frost ward on:

  • - Lady deathwhisper's frostbolts
  • - The mobs from Valithria
  • - The orbs from prince council
  • - Sindragosa

If you know any other bosses, feel free to add.

Lady Deathwhisper

Occasionally, the adds will gain the Vampiric Might buff. If you spellsteal it you can increase your damage by 25%! (this together with the frost ward + incanters absorption trick mentioned above can increase your DPS for 40% for a short time)

Festergut trick

You know how everyone has to stop their DPS to run to the gas spores to get 3 stacks? Yeah well guess what? you don't have to. As a mage you do not have to get the 3 stacks. all you have to do is use iceblock when Festergut uses Pungent Blight and you're good to go. This basically turns the fight into a tank and spank for you, much like the deathbringer fight. In short, you will do more DPS cause you don't need to run around.

Professor Putricide trick

If you use invisibility just before Putricide uses Tear Gas, it will not affect you. So, while the whole raid is stunned for 10 secconds you will be fine and can continue to do DPS.

Valithria Dreamwalker trick

Use Amplify Magic on Valithria to help the healers and end the fight faster. It won't increase your DPS but it helps the raid.

Sindragosa trick

You can use iceblock to remove the instability debuff. So basically, you dont have to stop doing DPS. Just be careful not to kill yourself. Sometimes you think you can iceblock but when you look its on cooldown.

Heading text

Blood queen trick you can use an /iceblock /cancelaura iceblock macro to quickly "trinket" out of the boss's fear faster.

oh ye and Blink is a great way to travel fast. a good example is using it during blood queen's Pact of the Darkfallen "Link" so it can also help slightly increasing your DPS since you spend less time traveling.

Pve doesn't have to be so simple and boring. you don't have to just limit yourself to just 3 keybinds. so use these little tricks to be a step ahead of others. :dance:

if you know more tricks you want to share please post them