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Making a Ticket

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Making a Ticket

How to properly and efficiently open a ticket.

We receive hundreds of tickets per day, but to make it easier on our staff team AND you,I am going to show you how to make a ticket to be most effective in achieving a solution to your issue(s) you are having.

Be descriptive

This is THE single most important aspect of making your ticket. We are unable to efficiently help users who say "HELP GM" or "I NEED HELP", as we do not know what the user needs. If the user was to adjust the ticket into "I need help with making a donation, the method provided isn't working for me" that would be much more helpful to us so we can determine what course of action or response to give the user.

GM Contact/Reply

When you open a ticket, gm's, or moderators, etc. will reply to you in-game with the message similar to this:

"Greetings! this is Moderator Obvious here regarding your ticket you opened."

also, just liek when a GM from blizzard contacts you, you will receive a pop-up saying that a GM wishes to talk with you.