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Marksman Hunters Guide

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The Marksman Hunters are the ones in the raid that aids teammates that need help, disables adds that spawn, interrupt spells of bosses, and reach top or near top dps.

Everything other than dps should not be a concern in building your talent tree


Talent Point Placement




As you can see, we are building around the main spells we are going to be using.

Why These Talent Points

Improved Aspect of the Hawk Hawk.png

  • Your auto shot has a chance to increase your range speed by 15%
  • This is enough to make steady shot fast enough for a stable rotation
  • Since haste is a weaker stat for Marksman Hunters, this is the best way at achieving a faster steady shot than using gear haste
  • This buff stacks with Rapid Fire and Berserk(racial) and Bloodlust. Even at the end of a boss, if you use all haste buffs you will see a significant dps increase.

Piercing Shots Pierce.png

  • The critical strikes of your Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, and Chimera Shot makes the target bleed for 30% of the damage done
  • From above we already have a haste stat replacement, so we look for gear with the critical rate stat so more piercing shots
  • Other classes have bleed enhancing spells that get placed on the monster/boss, and this will further increase your bleed damage
  • Bleed is a nice way to keep dpsing a monster/boss even if you have to switch to a add that spawned

Wild Quiver Nature.png

  • 12% that auto shots will fire a nature elemental arrow for 80% weapon damage
  • This is non mitigated damage
  • Improved Aspect of the Hawk will allow for more chance of this firing

Focused Aim Aim.png

  • Reduce push back when casting steady shot by 70% and 3% hit
  • With Concentration Aura from a paladin, you are at 100% immune to push backs while casting steady shot
  • A lot of bosses have some form of aoe in their own way and will decrease your dps drastically as you depend on steady shot for a lot of damage
  • The 3% hit also helps if you do not have enough hit to reach 8% hit percentage

Survival Instincts Survival.png

  • Reduce damage by 4% and increase critical strike rating for steady shot
  • Reduction in damage helps with an boss attack
  • The critical strikes is very important as we depend on steady shot damage, and the criticals causes a bleed effect

Improved Steady Shot Steady.png

  • 15% chance to trigger a buff that gives a 20% damage increase to Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, or your next Chimera Shot
  • Chimera is one of you active hardest hitting spells, so the 20% damage buff is huge
  • The 20% reduce in mana cost is very useful as sometimes you will be straining your mana

Rapid Recuperation Rapid.png

  • Gain 2% of your mana every 3 seconds while under rapid fire
  • About the time of bloodlust you will want to use rapid fire for haste stacking, this same time you might very well be low on mana. This should get you through the end of the fight
  • It is important to realize how important the intellect stat for a hunter is. No mana = having to use aspect of the viper for 50% reduced damage.
  • You can use viper sting on bosses with mana to regain mana, but not every boss has mana to begin with
  • Marksman hunters need mail gears as they have intellect. Leather gears might look appealing but hurt you in the long run and should go to classes that benefit more from them.

Why Not These Talent Points

Hawk Eye Eye.png

  • Increase range by 6 yards
  • Most of the fights you are near a healer or helping to kill ads that are near your teammates, you do not need 6 yards further away from the boss as most of the raid is near the boss

Efficiency Efficiency.png

  • Reduce mana costs up to 15%
  • Improved Steady Shot helps a great deal with mana conservation
  • Also you need at least 5 points to get any use out of this talent

Improved Hunter's Mark Hunters.png

  • Increases range damage
  • It just is not worth the effect of having to have a mark fight with other hunters who do not have the talent

Rapid Killing Killing.png

  • Reduces cooldown of Rapid Fire by up to 2 minutes
  • You will mainly just use Rapid Fire once a fight and on bloodlust
  • When you are not using Rapid Fire, you mainly will be helping the raid. I think these 2 points are better spent elsewhere.

Pet Talents

Use a Wolf...Just do it



For the most part your pet will die very fast so you need to take advantage of its buff before it gets facerolled by the boss's aoe

We mainly use the pet for the Culling of the Herd buff. Culling.png

  • 3% increased damage

Having Serpent Swiftness Serpent.png

  • increased speed chance for that buff

Dash Dash.png

  • the pet to get his ass to the boss as fast as possible

The Last buff a wolf has is Call of the Wild Wild.png

  • 10% increase melee and ranged attack power of you and your pet
  • I will get to this later on how to use it



High Armor Penetration: 500 and above

  1. Pet attack
  2. Have the pet use Furious Howl (320ish attack power buff to you and pet
  3. You can have the pet's Frenzy skill as auto cast
  4. By now your pet will have given you the Culling the Herd Buff
  5. Serpent Sting (damage is increased by buffs that increase % damage)
  6. I use Silencing Shot for boss that do not need to be interrupted
  7. Chimera Shot
  8. Aimed Shot
  9. If Improved Aspect of the Hawk proc'd, then 4 steady shots, if not then 3 and wait for Chimera Shot. It eventually will stabilize
  10. If you have to move, use Arcane Shot then get back to your rotation

Low Armor Penetration: 400ish and below

You want to be using Arcane Shot after aimed shot or before it Depending on your armor penetration

  • Arcane Shot is Arcane Element Damage so it does not get effected by Armor Penetration

Spell Mechanics

Serpent Sting
  • Improved Stings in your talent build
  • Increases damage of serpent sting by 30%
  • Damage Formula
  • ((0.2 * RAP) + [Rank]) * Multiplier
  • Credits to "blah17" on http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=60772/how-is-serpant-sting-dmg-calculated
  • Increases the damage of Chimera Shot as Chimera is some part weapon damage and the other is Nature Element Damage
  • Serpent sting is heavily based on attack power
  • The more range attack power you have the more damage it will do
  • It is important to keep using Furious Howl before Chimera Shot
  • Serpent sting will not crit
  • T9 will give it a crit rating equip to your ranged crit rating
  • If you do not have T10, T9 2 piece set is very nice to have
  • As you build your character, you will get T10 and T9
  • Until you get 4 piece T10, use a mixture of T9 and T10 gear sets
  • T10 gives your auto shots a chance to give you a 15% increased damage buff
  • This will greatly increase serpent sting damage
  • What you want to do is recast serpent sting when you have T10 buff
  • During Bloodqueen, if you get bitten, you will receive a +100% increased damage buff
  • 100% + 15% + 3% <<< That is the perfect situation for a recast of serpent sting
Chimera Shot
  • Deals 125% weapon damage and 40% of the damage done by Serpent Sting
  • It also refreshes serpent sting with your current attack power
  • That is why it is important to use Furious Howl before Chimera Shot when it is off cooldown
Arcane Shot
  • Deals Arcane damage
  • Damage Formula
  • RAP * 0.15 + X
  • X is the random Arcane Damage done
  • Is not affected by the armor value of the boss

Gear Stats

  • Hit Rating, Agility, Intellect, Armor Penetration, Crit Rating....
  • These are the main stats for a Marksman Hunter
  • Do not use T10 legs, they have haste. Save your Emblems of Frost for the other 4 pieces of Tier 10 set.

Stat Breakdown

Hit Rating
  • Get 8% before you raid, using talent points and gear
  • Increases Attack Power
  • Increases Dodge
  • Increases Critical Rating
  • Increases Armor
  • With Careful Aim Talent - Increases Attack Power
  • Increases Mana Pool
  • Rapid Recuperation and other classes have spells that give you mana regen based on percentage of max mana
Armor Penetration
  • Max stat value is 1400
  • Reduces the armor of the monster you are attacking
  • Means you do more damage
  • Other classes eg: Warrior (Sunder), Druid (Faire Fire) will cast armor reducing spells that further increase your damage
  • Steady Shot, Aimed Shot, and Part of Chimera do PHYSICAL DAMAGE
  • Armor Penetration will help increase your damage with these spells
Critical Rating
  • Increases your chance of scoring a critical hit with spells and Auto Shots
  • Piercing Shots is proc'd when critical with Aimed, Steady Shot, and Chimera
  • With Improved Steady Shot 20% increased damage buff, a critical will deal a very large amount of damage


Head Meta:

Relentless Earthsiege Dimaond

  • +21 Agility & 3% Increased Critical Damage
Red Slots:

Fractured Cardinal Ruby (when you have above 500 ish armor penetration from gear alone)

  • +20 Armor Penetration
Red Slots:

Delicate Cardinal Ruby when (when you have below 500 ish armor penetration from gear OR very near 1400 armor penetration as you might benefit more from agility gems)

  • +20 Agility
Yellow Slot:

Deadly Ametrine

  • +10 agility & +10 critical rating
  • Use these when very near to 1400
  • Don't waste a 20 armor pen to get from 1388 to 1400
Blue Slot:

Nightmare Tear

  • +10 all stats
  • I use this on T10 chest which has a blue slot to get the slot bonus and to meet meta gem requirement
  • Gives you an extra colorless slot for your Gloves, Bracers, and Waist gears
  • Allows for 34 stat gems



Arcanum of Torment

  • +50 Attack Power & +20 critical strike rating

Greater Inscription of the Axe

  • +40 Attack Power & +15 Critical Strike Rating

Enchant Cloak - Major Agility

  • +22 Agility

Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault

  • +50 Attack Power

Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats

  • +10 all Stats

Enchant Gloves - Major Agility

  • +20 Agility

Icescale Leg Armor

  • +75 Attack Power & +22 Critical Strike Rating

Enchant Boots - Superior Agility

  • +16 Agility

Adding Extra Sockets to Gears


Socket Gloves

  • +1 Universal socket to gloves
  • Allows for more armor penetration/agility gems

Socket Bracers

  • +1 Universal socket to bracers

Eternal Belt Buckle

  • +1 Universal socket to waist


Glyph of Serpent Sting

  • Adds base damage to each tick of serpent sting

Glyph of Steady Shot

  • Adds 10% damage to steady shot
  • With 500 or more armor penetration this glyph will add a lot of dps

Glyph of Trueshot Aura (Why not kill shot?)

  • Trueshot aura glyph adds 10% crit chance to Aimed Shot
  • Kill shot reduces cooldown of kill shot by 6 seconds
  • At times, adds that spawn are a priority. You cannot use Kill Shot until they are at 20% health, but even then they will die fast due to the amount of other dpsers in the raid
  • Marksman hunters are suppose to be the first to react to spawned adds or spikes from Marrowgar
  • That 10% critical chance will come in handy in taking a huge chunk of health from the monster
  • I've noticed that when you have about 50% critical strike rating, this glyph performs overall better than kill shot

Glyph of Rapid Fire and Glyph of the Hawk

  • These two only work best if you have both of them and they both are triggered during your haste stacking period. Eg: Bloodlust and such.
  • Overall you will be lowering your dps throughout a boss fight.
  • You could probably use the Glyph of the Hawk instead of Steady Shot if your below 500 passive armor penetration
  • During the beginning, you might have alot of haste gear so it would add more haste if Improved Aspect of the Hawk procs

Glyph of Chimera Shot and Aimed Shot

  • I've tried these, but I find them to decrease my dps with the rotation that is needed, and I had problems with dpsing spawned adds compared to not having these glyphs

Ice Crown Citadel Scenarios

Lord Marrowgar

You are in between a steady shot cast when a "Coldflame" is coming at your

  • Move or jump to the side to avoid the flame while shooting an "Arcane Shot" or some ranged spell that is instant

Lord Marrowgar

You can see he is casting "Bone Spike Graveyard"

  • Use Macro "/tar Spike"
  • You should now be targeting a spike
  • Do not attack the boss but attack the spike till it is dead

Lady Deathwhisper

She is casting "Shadow Bolt"

  • Cast "Silencing Shot"
  • This will stop her cast

Lady Deathwhisper

Addons Spawn

  • You can freeze it or misdirect your threat to the other tank
  • You can kite it around until help comes

Deathbringer Saurfang

Bloodbeasts spawn

  • I just attack Saurfang and allow melee to increase their e-peen on the dps meters
  • Or you can attack the blood beasts with Macro "/tar blood"
  • This not only decreases the e-peen of melee but you can shoot a free kill shot significantly increasing your dps


He is about to cast "Slim Spray", important to have deadly boss mod

  • Before the timer reaches zero and hes about to cast "Slime Spray", cast "Silencing Shot" to disable his cast


Your OT is not that great and needs help with giant ooze

  • You can cast a "Freezing Trap" in the path of the ooze and will freeze the ooze giving 20 seconds for the OT to /dance


Not really sure but when he is about to cast "Pungent Blight"

  • Cast "Silencing Shot" to see if it disables his cast

Professor Putricide

Casting "Unstable Experiment"

  • The ooze spawns but has a small delay before it reacts
  • Cast "Silencing shot" to interrupt the cast on the ooze

Professor Putricide

Do not get caught in "Malleable Goo"

  • Will increase your steady shot by 200%
  • You can see it and should be able to dodge it

Blood Prince Council

Casting "Shock Vortex"

  • Use "Disengage" to avoid all damage
  • You can have your pet on "Kinetic Orbs" to avoid AOE damage to raid
  • Run away from raid if fire golem is chasing you

Blood-Queen Lana'thel

  • If you get the buff from "Vampiric Bite", "Refresh Serpent sting" for damage
  • If you get "Shroud of Sarrow" (purple cloud around you), run to the wall and grind it
  • If you get a "Pack of the Darkfallen" (lightening effect on you), run to the center with other two members
  • When she runs to the center, she will fear your party, cast "Deterrence" when you see her cast bar for "Bloodbolt Whirl"
  • Also stay 10 yards apart from each other


Chimera Shot:

#showtooltip chimera shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

/cast !Auto Shot

/cast Chimera Shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Aimed Shot:

#showtooltip Aimed shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

/cast !Auto Shot

/cast Aimed Shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Steady Shot:

#showtooltip Steady Shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

/cast !Auto Shot

/cast Steady Shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Same for most other spells, just replace after showtooltip with that spell and /cast "replace this"

I do not use "Kill command" in my macros as I believe it might delay my shots. I just cast it when it is ready

I use "/cast !Auto Shot" because at times my auto shot will stop firing. This was a solution for that problem for me.

Note: You can add /cast bite to your macros. Your wolf will sometimes bug and not cast bite.

  • Warning: This will cause your bite to flash if you hit you keys alot.
  • You could also just have a separate macro just for "Bite" as you casting bite will make your pet keep casting it.

Haste Buff: Trolls

/cast Berserking(Racial)

/cast rapid fire

/cast furious howl

/cast call of the wild

If you have "Herbalism", you can add this line. It has a +240 Haste buff

/cast lifeblood

If you have "Hyperspeed Accelerator" Engineering Enchant, you can add this line. It has a +340 Haste buff

/use 10

I usually save "Call of The Wild" for the end. Stack this macro with Bloodlust, Improved Aspect of The Hawk haste buff, and a Speed Potion.

  • I can be doing 13k mid to end fight and this will increase to 15k dps within the haste buff and till the end

Before Starting a Boss Fight

<('o'<) <('o')> (>'o')> <('o')> <('o'<) <('o')> (>'o')>

1. Make sure you have Trueshot Aura enabled

  • Can stack with another Trueshot Aura so take advantage of other hunters
  • If there is a Blood Deathknight, make him cast "Abomination's Might", then recast Trueshot Aura
  • If your raid has a "Enhancement Shaman", have him cast "Unleashed Rage", recast Trueshot Aura

2. Make sure you have Aspect of the Dragonhawk

  • +280 Attack Power & Dodge bonus

3. Elixirs if you have them

  • Endless Rage Potion
  • +180 attack power

4. Hearty Rhino Food

  • +40 Armor Penetration & +30 Stamina
  • You can get the ingredients by doing daily food quests and hunting rhinos in the center of Storm Peaks

5. Farm Icecrown undead mobs for agility scrolls

  • +25 agility
  • As you look for agility scrolls, most likely you will find str, int, spirit, stamina, and armor scrolls also
  • You can help a raid by placing these buffs on your raid members just for the added benefits

6. Option of pre-potting

  • Using a potion before a fight will allow you to recast the potion late in the fight

Happy Raiding

Eternal Raider's Guild Wiki http://wiki.eternal-wow.com/index.php/Eternal_Raiders Eternal Raider's Guild Website http://eternalraiders.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0

[ICC 25 Saurfang] http://i.imgur.com/0Pvzm.jpg

[ICC 10 Saurfang] http://i.imgur.com/gHlAA.jpg

Feel free to edit places where you can improve the guide. Thank you for your help.

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