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Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

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Midsummer Fire Festival Guide


Guide and MPQ Patch made by tarnam (Redemption) for Eternal-WoW.



This guide will walk you through the working quests and activities on Midsummer Fire Festival event. Note that you will not able to get the title this year.


This year more quests are working. You will be able to do the following quests:

Torch Tossing (alliance only).
More Torch Tossing (daily) (alliance only).
Unusual Activity.
Shards of Ahune.

You cannot do the following:

An Innocent Disguise.
Inform the Elder.
Striking Back.
Torch Catching.
More Torch Catching.

In order to do Torch Tossing and More Torch Tossing (alliance side only) you will have to stand in big bonfires which can be found in your cities. Then use the torch on it. Note than you need to hug it for this to work.

Unusual Activity works by killing the twilight mobs around you at the Zonam Stand in Ashenvale and looting the quest item then summoning the totem and delivering it. You will not be able to do the rest of the quests in the chain because An Innocent Disguise does not work.

You can also steal all cross-faction fires and complete those quests. This can be done by moving to cross-faction bonfires in their main cities and right clicking them. You will receive a [Stealing The Fire] quest item and this can be repeated for all four main cities. After getting the item(s) simply right click and accept then deliver to the npcs in your faction main city. Note than you can only do those quests once. So, if you have done one of them last year, you will not be able to do it again and it will display that you are already on the quest when you right click it.

You will also be able to do two sorts of world farming quests. Those are [Desecrate this Fire!] and [Honor the Flame]. You simply go to the bonfires available on continents and right click the fire to [Desecrate this Fire!] for cross-faction fires plus right clicking the npcs near those fires to [Honor the Flame] for your faction. They are both autocomplete quests.

[Stealing The Fire] quests give you 25 [Burning Blossoms] each.
[Desecrate this Fire!] quests give you 10 [Burning Blossoms] and 206 gold each
[Honor the Flame] quests give you 5 [Burning Blossoms] and 103 gold each
[The Master of Summer Lore] gives you 1 [Burning Blossoms]
Torch Tossing (alliance only) quest gives you 5 [Burning Blossoms].
More Torch Tossing (daily) (alliance only) quests give you 5 [Burning Blossoms] each.
Unusual Activity. quest gives you 5 [Burning Blossoms].
Shards of Ahune. quest gives you 20 [Burning Blossoms] plus a tabard of choice. You can only get one. So, choose carefully. Those tabards are Tabard of Summer Skies and Tabard of Summer Flames. The former is blue and the latter is red.


Other than quests, you get to do one activity. Fighting Ahune inside The Slave Pens of Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh. You can reach it by queuing on dungeon finder for The Frost Lord Ahune. Also, you can go to the dungeon without using the dungeon finder. Note that it only spawns in normal difficulty if you are not doing it through the dungeon finder. This is great cause the heroic difficult requires you to have a key. This boss is easy and not does not deal much damage. You can even solo it with any lvl80 plater with some gear. After killing the boss you must loot the cache yourself to get [Shards of Ahune] quest. This is available for all players. After looting that item right click, accept, and deliver to the npc behind you in the same dungeon. Note than you can only do this quest once. The dungeon finder reward does not work, sadly. I am referring to the Satchel of Chilled Goods. So, if you are doing it for Frostscythe of Lord Ahune or Ice Chip, you cannot get them.

Farming the Bonfires

Instead of giving you the locations of those fires. I decided to make it easier for you. I found an addon that shows you the locations of those fires plus guides you to them by using the addon TomTom:

I Need Fire with all bonfires:


You will also need TomTom if you do not have it for the addon to work:


Installing The Addon

If you are new to addons, you can install the addon by extracting the content of both TomTom.zip and INeedFire.zip files inside your addons folder at:

\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

So, there will be two folders inside it which are TomTom and INeedFire. After that, login and make sure you have both addons enabled on Addons screen.

Using The Addon

After logging into the game. Press ESC and go to Interface then AddOns. Scroll down until you see I Need Fire and hit it. Uncheck then recheck all of the "Toggle Showing Waypoints" options. You will be able to see the bonfires on the maps as green nodes plus you will get an arrow to guide you to them (TomTom).

You can select one continent at a time which is much easier to handle. If for any reason the cursor fails to show, just find the green nodes on the maps.


After farming lots and lots of [Burning Blossoms] you will be able purchase items with them from vendors in your main cities near the bonfires.


Only items worth getting from that list are the last four especially the Brazier. Start with the Brazier it is really worth it.


You will be able to do all achievements with the exception of:

King of the Fire Festival

You will be able to do Burning Hot Pole Dance by right clicking the pole near the the bonfires in your main cities. You do not have to get the costume items. It works either way.

Torch Juggler can be done by buying only two Juggling Torches from vendors, then heading to dalaran. You will place the Juggling Torches on any of the actionbars where they have keys (or keybind them). Then, you will hit the key assosciated with them while using the mouse to left click on the floor right under you. Spam like crazy. It will be key+left click, key+left click, key+left click, and key+left click. Do not stop spamming until you get the achievement. This is similar to the rockets technique on Love is in the Air event. Though, those torches are not consumed. So, you can keep trying until you get it. Tracking the achievement shows you the timer. The Juggling Torches can be traded and mailed between toons. So, you only need to buy them once.


Credit goes to Surfacingx for the original formatting.