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Ocelote's Dummies Diary: a REAL arms warrior PvP guide!

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DISCLAMIER: Before I begin with this hefty wall of text. I will remind you that the only way you'll continue to make progress with a warrior at a good pace is just by having fun. This game is hilarious, and you should remember to laugh at it and yourself even more from time to time. I don't know if I should call this a beginner's guide or intermediate guide or some shit like that. This guide should be able to help many people, at least I hope it does.

== Gear: == First of all I'ma talk about Gear. Your skill can be high as fuck but if you don't got the right tools to play then your e-peen/kill doesn't matter for shit in the first place so going on...

For a warrior in 3.3.5 his most important stats rotate around a lot of PvE gear. I know i know PvE gear is shitty to wear and it has no resilience but it contains many of warrior's necessities such as...you guessed it... Armor Penetration and of course...HIT, RESILIENCE, then CRIT. (In that order of priority)

To say this, Your gearstyle should [u]DEPEND ON THE TRINKETS YOU CURRENTLY HAVE. for example.... If you have Deathbringer's Will / Assassin trinket. You'll need to gem arp HARD. IF you have Mjolnir Runestone/ Deathbringer's Will. You can balance your gems and PvP/PvE pieces around resilience and arp a lot. If you have Deathbringer's Will/ Sharpened Twilight Scale (Strongest Setup for warriors in 3.3.5) You need to reach that 100% arp by hard gamming and hard gearing for arp.

In the eternal mall, based on the available gear that's out there... this is what you'll need for the BEST in slot gear...

FULL PvP 5- PIECE WRATH wrath wrist wrath neck (with arp on it) wrath cloak PvE belt (hit/ crit + arp) PvE boots ( hit/crit + arp) 2 PvE rings ( agility/crit + arp) 2 PvE trinkets ( DBW and STS is strongest setup) OR 1 PvE trinket with custom trinket (Essence of the Spectre because that extra stamina+ resi really really helps if your facing wizard cleave) PvE ranged ( hit/crit + arp) PvE 2 hander (Shadowmourne) or wrath axe wrath shield and 1h axe

I will explain why warriors NEED to go Polearm/Axe because the best weapon in the game Shadowmourne is within these premises and the 5% crit and 5% extra damage for the weapons IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Maces and Swords are shit they all rely on low proc rates and low silly damage that WILL NOT benefit you in PVP WHATSOEVER!!!!! I MEAN THIS!!

IF you wanna know something about strength, its one of the most crappiest stat for warriors. Never gem it....ever!!!! ARP always and will be the best when above 80% arp as the damage is practically insane...

You should aim for 164 rating, NOTHING LESS. If you can't hit, you can't do dps...period. Would you like that nice recklessness mortal strike to hit your target always without having to worry its gonna miss and it gonna cost you the entire kill... then TAKE HIT RATING SERIOUSLY.

As for resilience i would say 900-1200 is perfect. Use up your yellow slots for hard resil if your already good on Hit. You will need tuskkars vitality on your boots, berserker on your two hander and Blood Reserve on your 1h axe. You need your stats/gems to be offensive as possible, while resilience still being cared for..

[i] [u]This is a little armor penetration guide as I like to call it........[/u][/i] Softcap – 50-57% arp (50% with needle, 53% with runestone, 57% with grim toll) – This play-style is based on bursting and doing a crap ton of damage while your trinkets procs, lower damage on plate bar trinket procs and high damage on clothies. Midcap – 57%-99% just anywhere between here is contained as midcap and works well with any trinket bar the ARP on proc trinkets. This playstyle is based on high damage all the time, highest on clothies with less focus on plate Hardcap – 100% ARP. This only suits the hardcore PVEr’s and mace people – this play-style is simply based on high damage all the time on all armor.

A lot of people seem to believe that ARP stacks with sunder armor, so if you get 80% arp and 20% sunder you’ve 100% arp. It doesn’t work that way tho [u]as they work on 2 different levels[/u]! One level is your enemies armor – Sunder here will reduce this. The other is how much your ignore of the enemies armor – sunder won’t help here, as it only affected the enemies current armor. To make it more clear: If you’ve 50% arp and the enemy have 10k armor – you’ll ignore 50% of that, 5k armor. If you’ve 50% arp and the enemy have 10k armor AND sunders on him – you’ll ignore the armor he have after the sunder – 8k, which means you’ll ignore 4k. ARP caps at 15k armor (I remember the Trinity Core forums saying something different...oh well) – meaning you can’t ignore above that, so you have to sunder him to bring him down. An example – captain paladin have 20k armor – you have 100% arp, but only ignore 15k of it – meaning he has 5k left, which I believe is a 15-20% reduction. Captain paladin have 20k armor, you have 100% arp – you now sunder him so he has 16k armor – you’ll now ignore 15k of that, leaving him with 1k armor, a mere 3-5% damage reduction – thus increasing your damage by a lot.

[size=150] [b]Addons and crap:[/b][/size] Gladius: This addon is the most useful one you can ever use for arena – it simply track your enemies health, makes easier to see if someone is dying, drinking, in mana trouble and so forth – a must have addon!!!

Spellalerter: This addon is also a really useful one – it simply keeps a track on whatever the enemy is doing when he’s casting and who it’s on. If the enemy is casting a spell, the addon will let you know on who it will be – it does however, not take focus in account. – it’s not a “must have” addon, it is however, really handy to have if you know how to use it.

OmniCC: This addon simply adds in small numbers to everything on your screen and shows the CD in numbers as well as the time on debuffs and so forth – a handy little addon, hardly needed but really useful.

PAB – Party Ability Bars: This addon is one of the most awesome things ever – it’s an addon that simply allows you to keep track on your team mates cooldowns so you know when XYZ cooldown is up – I’d advice on getting it and know how to use it.

Afflicted 3: This addon is also really handy If you can set it up – it simply shows the enemies cooldown and the duration of their spells. It takes a bit of time to set it up, it is however, really useful if you can get it to work.

Interruptbar: This little addon simply tracks the cooldown of the enemies interrupt – similar to Afflicted 3, however, it’s much easier to set up and see – I’d say you really should get one as a healer/spell caster.

[size=150] [b]Professions!!![/b][/size] For min/maxing – go Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing. For high burst + utility - go Jewelcrafting/Engineering For people who LOVE procs - go Tailoring/Engineering [size=150]

[b]Spec:[/b] [/size] This is my fav spec to use for arenas, as it was from my personal preferences http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior#d0cb06NMImI-_C,qH83Rq,12213

I do not use sudden death as Execute damage is so fucking bad it's ridiculous....since Mocking Blow does damage in this server i use Mocking Blow for getting kills instead of shitty lolzexecute. I love Imp. Hamstring because it's simply one of the best talents for warriors as it can get in some really nice roots on people and in arenas this works great.

I use Enraged Regen glyph over MS because I simply run around in 40k health with a shadowmourne and i already hit like a truck in arena so when I'm getting tunneled and my healer is cc'ed I just use this as it's only 3 min cd and gives you 40% of your health, and it's undispellable and pretty much the best HoT the warrior has other than Second Wind and Blood Craze which absolutely work great together.

== Races: == Human is currently the race with the most trinket ability, and with the custom gear out right now I'd say human is unstoppable in many terms of stats balance and stuff because that extra pve trinket is too good for warriors.. If you wanna hit up arena, use Orc, Tauren, or Gnome.

Orcs= 15% percent stun reduction..stack it with stun reduct meta gem and see results. Tauren= Best warrior race for arenas, warstomp creates many many many opportunities to get a kill, practically best racial in game... Gnome= EA removes any root 1.75 min cd. Escape artist when used right is fearsome, but when mastered can be a very crazy and scary warrior to deal with.

== Macros: ==

Overpower Focus Target

  1. showtooltip overpower

/cancelaura bladestorm /cast [target=focus, modifier:shift] Overpower; Overpower

Simple, cancels bladestorm and overpowers my focus.


  1. showtooltip Charge

/cancelaura Bladestorm /cast Battle Stance /cast [stance:1] Charge;

Cancels bladestorm, goes to Battle Stance and Charges.

Intervene macro for your partner

  1. showtooltip Intervene

/cancelaura bladestorm /cast [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance /cast [target=Your partner's name] Intervene

Cancels bladestorm, goes to defensive stance, and intervenes.

Spammed Mortal Strike

  1. showtooltip Mortal Strike

/startattack /cast Mortal Strike

Turns on your auto attack, and spams Mortal Strike on CD.

Shield bash/ Shield slam

  1. showtooltip Shield Bash

/equipslot 16 Relentless Gladiator's Longblade /equipslot 17 Wrathful Gladiator's Shield Wall /cast Shield Bash /cast Shield Slam

This bashes your target, along with slamming him right after.

Spell Reflect

  1. showtooltip Spell Reflection

/stopcasting /cast [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Spell Reflection; [stance:3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: Shields] /equip Relentless Gladiator's Longblade /equip Wrathful Gladiator's Shield Wall

Stops whatever your doing and Spell Reflects.

Berserker/Intercept Focus

  1. showtooltip Intercept

/cancelaura bladestorm /cast Berserker Stance /cast [stance:3,target=focus] Intercept; Berserker Stance /startattack

Cancels bladestorm, goes to beserker stance, press it again and it intercepts your focus.

Reflective, Offensive, Defensive

  1. showtooltip

/cast [stance:1] Retaliation; [stance:2] Shield Wall; [stance:3] Recklessness

Pops Retal in BattleS, Reck in BerserkS, and Walls in DefS

Shattering Throw/BoP cancel

  1. showtooltip Shattering Throw

/cast Battle Stance /cancelaura Bladestorm /cancelaura Hand of Protection /cast Shattering Throw /startattack

Cancels bladestorm and Hand of Protection, goes to BS, and starts Shattering Throw. Also turns on your attack.


  1. showtooltip pummel

/startattack /cancelaura bladestorm /cast pummel

Cancels bladestorm and pummels.

Berserker Rage

  1. showtooltip berserker rage

/cancelaura Enraged Regeneration /cast Berserker Rage

Cancels Enraged Regen so you can pop Berserker rage instantly for incoming cc.

Heroic Throw/ Shoot-Throw

  1. showtooltip heroic throw

/cancelaura bladestorm /cast heroic throw /cast Shoot /cast Throw

Cancels Bladestorm, uses Heroic Throw and shoots/throws all in one.

== WARRIOR TRICKS AND TIPS!!! == Learn to use your rage – make sure you know how to use it, which abilities to use and when to use it – for example, if you’re low on rage, spamming execute/heroic strike like a greedy idiot of a fuck will leave you without rage, thus you can’t keep MS up xD that's bad. Aim for the casts with UA, don’t just mindlessly use overpower on the enemy because it fits your PVE Ruby Sanctum rotation – a little trick of waiting 4-5 seconds, UA and then UA straight after will often get the enemies cast, then they shit bricks for cash money..... Make sure you don’t bladestorm if they have disarm up unless you want to force it – CC the disarmer with fear/stun/clone/roots/kiting to keep them off you!! Shield bash is an awesome tool that should be used as much as possible combined with pummel – I prefer shield bashing simply because I hate losing rage when going to pummel in zerker stance (I'm sure you do too hehe), also, shield bash last 2 seconds longer, it does however, reset weapon swing timer :/ Don’t just mindlessly spell reflect – whenever I see someone getting tunneled, they just spam spell reflect on the first cast, which means the enemy can bomb in all their lolnuke afterwards. Abuse spell reflect to avoid CC, reflect Hammer of Justices’s and so forth. Cancel bladestorm to UA/bash will often be more devastating than just waiting it out. For example - Paladin is casting holy light while on a BS, you stop your bladestorm and bash his cast while he's at 50% health is mother fucking cash money!!! Intervene should be used as not only a defensive tool, but also a gap closer!!!! (to get bashs/blinds/cheapshots/MS effects and so forth) learn to use it that way and I repeat more cash money!!! Charge/intercept serves as excellent gap closers as well as interrupts – I can’t count the amount of glorious fucking times where I’ve charge + intercept the healer while my partners finished the enemy off xD Make sure you charge/intercept before disarming to avoid dodge/parries. Reading your enemies mind will win the game – example, knowing when the druid will stomp and pre-reflect it so that you get stunned with reflect up, meaning he can’t cyclone will save the day. Also works in kidneys and other kind of stuns. Make sure you reflect a small second before the CC hit, else you’ll get CC’d with reflect up because this game is called WoW. Commanding shout to keep your friends in combat versus rogues is [u]awesome[/u]. Always keep demo/thunderclap up on the enemy if possible, it reduces their damage done by a shitload. Piercing howl is your best friend versus a large amount of enemies, spamming it is an awesome peel and makes it a lot easier to get away. Piercing howl spam again for kiting other classes to get topped off (health up to full) will save your black ass  :lol: Disarming a hunter/warrior just as MS is about to drop off will save your healer.....many many times. Don’t be afraid to go defensive, but don’t use all your CD’s –fucking rotate them – and for the love of god, don’t shield wall too late like rambo. Also, be quick at going offensive again when you’re topped off, else you’ll simply be letting yourself AND your team down  :cry:

WARRIOR COMPS 2v2: Hpala/ ArmsWarrior[/b] [b][u]Strengths[/u][/b] Amazing versus and warlock/healer Strong versus most double DPS Lots of peeling power and can be very defensive at times High uptime dps from the warrior Wins almost every single mana game 75% healing reduction with Unrelenting Assault (UA) and Mortal Strike (MS)

Weaknesses Warrior gets trained most of the games Double caster DPS can get a kill off very easily aka wiz cleaves can counter you hard leaving you with no chance. Weak versus Rogue teams (very rare double dps lol except sp/rogue) Very gear dependent (You need lots of wrath, and a big Shadowmourne if you can get :D)

Shaman/Warrior is also strong here except you don't have sacred shield or freedom or not many dispels.. Shaman can be trained hard but if you have custom gear aka eternal gear it shouldn't be a problem as you will never run oom, you can use bloodlust for hard damage and you can blow crap up in a purge lava burst mortal strike crit if shaman has a lot of sp and the Reign of the Dead trinket.

Priest/Warrior I wouldn't recommend, but it has a high skillcap to play. I would only run it if you have those custom trinkets like enchanter and spectre while priest being blood elf. The priest should go hard on mp5 and spam dispelling everything while keeping renew and mending up on himself whenever he can. Some good warriors out there say this is the strongest 2v2 comp in the game when you have the best gear in the game because of the high damage, all the tools you have (mana burn, fear, Mind Control, a pet that gives mana, hard dispels, and crazy crazy damage with dots and holy fire mind blast into smite spam) I say indeed in Eternal it can be crazy comp if priest has the bugged reign of the Dead with Enchanter custom trinket, the comp can be really scary.

Druid/Warrior is also very strong because you have lots of crowd controls and the best healing in the game for the warrior... No dispels but its so hard for other team to kill you guys when you have the best gear in the game. Prehotting is so strong in 3.3.5 and you shouldn't have a problem against ANY team unless it contains a priest/shaman and a hunter xDD

Bear bash, roots, cyclone is tremendous cc for you guys to find opportunity to score a kill in arenas. Druid/Warrior is personally one of my fav comps out there to play right now.

[u]As for 3v3...[/u]

WLD , ATC or WLP are strongest comps for warrior in 3.3.5. I'll write a guide about that here soon.

=== General Tips!!!!!! ===

Fake casting You can fake cast most stuff, Unrelenting assault, pummel and shield bash are your lovely counter-spells that your enemy shits bricks if he gets hit by one of them. learn to fake cast and be good at it for mass cash money in arena. Fake casting is crucially important in any almost class in pvp, as a lockout on your main casting school can often screw up your CC chain/kill chance/you can die.

Stopping CC chains Stopping a CC chain is a very important part of the pvp and it can easily be done without too much hassle, however, stopping it will reward you with a lot of cash money and put the enemy team behind healing/ dps/ cc. An example could be, the enemy druid is playing with another CC class that for example have instant CC, lets say a hunter. If you can time your stun/CC/whatever for when he for examples scatters, is about to fear, cast the cyclone and you can easily save trinkets and time as well as putting them in a rather bad fucking spot aka bad positioning. Which brings me...

Positioning is everything: One of the most important things in pvp is imo how you position yourself and when you should position yourself in different ways and so forth. Most healer classes should always stick to a nice big pilla msot of the games, but it really depends on what the enemy team is – if it’s heavy CC team inc, staying near a pillar so you can easily LoS the CC is really helpful and should be done all the time – however, you can end up LoSing your partners peels as well if they decide to switch on you. Against most cleaves – positioning yourself really depends on your team.this is of course, only if you can survive the cleave for the seconds it takes them to pop heroism/bloodlust and kill you guys hehe. a thumb rule however is to always stay near a pillar if you’re unsure on how to position yourself and make sure to be there in time if you have to pull off a CC chain. For example, intimidating shout, Hammer of Justice, Blood Elf Silence then Warstomp is simple 14 sec cc chain from Hpala/Warr in 2v2. Pulling the enemy behind a pillar is a good way to fuck up their entire position simply because they have to get to you, which means you can easily CC them or drop the enemy behind the pillar....of course, works best versus melee if you’ve some CC in your setup but is also good to simply make it possible to for example, switch on the healer.

The best way to improve your positioning is to watch a lot of movies/streams (aka Dahis/ Hoodrych/ Barburas/ Zage) and simply practice on it – remember, practice makes perfect (or at least near perfect hehe)

Communication is everything Communication is the most important thing during arena. You have to be very vocal and make sure your partners know what’s going on/what you’re doing/if you’re stuck in a CC or some shit, got stuff on CD and so forth. Basically you have to make sure to let everyone know what’s going on at all times. (just important stuff) A good example is when I play against a druid team I make sure to let my partner know when he pops Nature's Grasp so that there’s a huge chance I’ll get rooted and in case it happens, he can dispel it instantly. I also always let my partners know how many trash debuffs I have, so he maybe shouldn’t be dispelling but rather use the global on surviving if it’s needed. A good example here is against mages/ or against locks, make sure you let your partners know if you have UA up or not, if you have 1-2-3 trash debuffs and if they should bother dispelling It or not – and of course, the duration of the CC so they know when they can expect some good fucking help. Defensive CD’s as well needs to be told, when you use shieldwall, sac, PS =, ice-block, deterrence and everything and if/they are up so you can afford drinking if needed and so forth.

Even if your partners do know what’s going on – saying it once or twice doesn’t hurt, which is why it’s good to have partners that can take [u]constructive[/u] criticism.

Don’t rage!! This is a very important thing (which I kinda fail at certain points when meeting certain setups or trinkets in some other servers xD) Always stay cool, laugh at the game if something happens to hide your rage, but never start raging. Once you start raging, you play worse and you lose concentration and shit and give up beforehand if it’s the same team again – raging is always a bad fucking idea, Never do it.

Always have a plan: This is really important, always have a plan of what you’re doing and how you’ll do so. You should always make sure to know what you have to do to achieve this plan – and if plan A fails, don’t be afraid to have a back-up one as well. Don’t just use the same tactic over and over, change it at times so you’ll confuse the enemy. I can’t stress with how important this is – if you meet a new team that you’ve never faced and w.e, take a few seconds to create a quick plan and while you try to execute it, find other openings to take a shit on...for example, if you see the druid/lock is playing pretty badly, try and exploit it to your use by going hard/apeshit critmonster on the druid/lock, lock pet etc.

And most of all: Have fun – there’s no point in playing this game if you’re not having some fucking laughs and a hell of a good time...or else you're just a fucking loser in general. WoW is just a game..have some fun :) Thanks for reading.