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PVP Discipline Priest

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Being a discipline priest in arena is kind of like being a mix of a healer and a dps. You must be on top of dispels (both offensive dispels on the enemy team and on your own team), you should dps when able to, landing perfect fears/MC's, mana burning etc. There are several different types of discipline priests in arena and obviously there are different specs. For certain setups, such as dispelcleave, you would wanna go a defensive 3v3 spec (60/11/0 - http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?priest#iV5J0EORJ9NO,8pa3RO,12213) and for 2v2, rogue/priest or mage/priest, an offensive spec (54/17/0 - http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?priest#ioKbDLc_5Qg7o,8pU3RO,12213 - with glyph of smite and 2/2 searing light).

The most common setups for a disc priest in 3v3 is the following:

RMP: Rogue, Frost Mage, Disc Priest. (Also viable with an Arcane Mage but if played with an Arcane Mage, it's known as "Korean RMP")

Spellcleaves: Elemental shaman, Disc Priest, Frost Mage. Destruction lock, Elemental Shaman, Disc Priest. Frost mage, Destruction Lock, Disc Priest.

Kittycleave: Arms Warrior, Feral Druid, Disc Priest.

Stealthcleave: Feral Druid, Assassination/Subtlely Rogue, Disc Priest.

Dispelcleave: Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Arms Warrior.

Boringcleave: Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Unholy Death Knight.



is the most common and most known setup for disc priests and it's also one of the comps which require a high skill cap in order to be effective. If you're considering playing RMP, you must know that it's all about control, bursts and the ability to switch targets with ease. If you're considering yourself as a decent priest who keeps on top of dispels, fearing when you should and dpsing when you should then you might consider finding good partners and head out into the arena as a RMP. Keep in mind though, RMP takes time. You won't play good the first few games if you haven't played it in the past.


is a common spellcleave which is kind of strong due to it's amazing CC and high burst damage. Playing this setup won't require a lot of skill or patient as you will most likely be able to score a kill within the first 2 minutes of the game with decent CC. If you're not looking for any setup which has a high skillcap then I highly recommend this as it's easy as pie to reach 2k+, especially on this server.


is also a pretty powerful setup. I'm sure you've heard the stories about MLS/MLD? Insane CC along with insane damage! Well, it's basically the same, just not the same CCs from the healer. Playing this setup is harder than the others but once you learn it, it'll be way powerful. Being able to sheep a target, fear a target to force trinket then switch CC target (fear the previous sheeped one and sheep the previous feared one) is quite powerful as the CCs don't have any cd. I have no personal exp. with this setup but in theory, it's extremely powerful.


is the first and best double melee setup for a disc priest. Stealthcleave, which is feral/rogue (pref envenom unless your rogue is amazing as sd)/disc. Due to the fact that feral and rogue together along with priest spamdispelling makes this a very dangerous setup to most cloth teams as they can rip basically anything to shreds in a matter of seconds. Playing this will force you to dispel a lot or you will lose. The skillcap of this setup is not especially high and I recommend this comp to any beginner priest.


is a quite uncommon setup but yet quite strong if played correctly. It contains a feral druid, an arms warrior and you as a disc priest. The key to this setup, as in the previous melee setup, is dispels. You always gotta keep your warrior dispelled along with whoever he's on. Make sure not to eat sheeps or basically any CC what so ever as you're the only one who can dispel magic effects. The skillcap for this comp is quite high, imo, so I wouldn't recommend it to any beginner player. It is loads of fun though and it really tests your abilities as a priest.


is the most common doublehealer setup. Holy paladin, disc priest and a arms warrior is a setup which relies on outlasting your opponent while letting ur warrior do a ton of damage by dispelling everything. With both holy paladin and a disc priest to dispel, you can barely get CC'd. If you're going to play this setup, you want to go for mp5 gear and a few mp5 gems as you'll need it.


is a more uncommon setup which contains an unholy dk, holy paladin and a disc priest. It's basically the same as Dispelcleave but without the pressure due to no MS effect. It's still pretty viable if your dk manages to keep diseases up on all three targets.

Common problem with doublehealer teams is that they are weak vs. setups such as RMP and MLD due to their high ability to CC one healer and go for the other.