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Pit of Saron Farming

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--The Pit--

The Pit or Saron (PoS) is an instance that many people commonly farm for Emblems of Triumph (EoT). This is because you can easily access two on the bosses without going through many packs of enemies (1-3 At Most). Each of the bosses drops two EoT's, along with their normal loot. This Guide is made for the NORMAL MODE!!!!!<---------- --Getting a Group Together--

The standard party formation is three DPS, one healer, and one tank. A DPS can tank if he is in plate, as the two farmable bosses are really just Tank N Spanks with a little variation. You can start a group yourself, or join someone else's group. Generally, when looking for a group, you should type something like "(Role) LF PoS farm (Facton)" in world chat. If your group is looking for a member, you should type "PoS Farm LF (Whatever role you need) (Faction)". You can post quite frequently, but please do not spam the world chat; it's rude and makes you look bad. After your group is formed, meet in front of the gate to PoS. The teleport is under "Instances - Level 70-80 - ICC: The Frozen Halls". The gate MAY need someone to unlock it*, but someone usually opens it every thirty seconds or so. *(NEED SOMEONE TO CONFIRM THIS)

--Trip #1-- First and foremost,make sure that the group leader has set the difficulty to Normal, and not Heroic. This is because it still gives emblems on Normal and Heroic instances lock after one run a day per instance. Have everyone go in the instance, and run to the right and jump down past the little gorge. If you fall into the water, mobs might aggro, so be sure you jump all the way across the chasm. Keep going, and rotate a bit to the left, and run in-between the raised rocks (On the left), and the rocks poking out of the ground (On the Right) Mobs and aggro here as well, so, again, be careful. When you get to the wall at the end, hug it until you are in an open space behind the boss. This is where the fight will take place. There isn't much positioning on this fight, but the healer should stand at the back, and other basic things such as that.

--Boss #1-- This fight is not extremely hard, even for new players/fresh 80's. The tank should pull from the open area from behind the boss, so that no other mobs are pulled with him. DO NOT target Krick, only Ick, because Krick cannot be targeted directly. (NEEDS CONFIRMATION) This fight can be completed in under a minute if you can go fast enough.

-Strategy- Three main ability's will be cast by Krick/Ick randomly throughout the fight.

1. Ick's chasing ability may not work correctly, as I have been targeted by it and I have not been chased. (AGAIN, NEEDS CONFIRMATION) You will know when Ick uses this ability when Krick yells: “No, That One! That One! Get That One!" or something along those lines. If it does work, the chased player mush run away so the tank can regain aggro, taking care to not aggro any adds.

2. Krick will yell: "Quickly! Poison them while there're still close!", and Ick will start to cast Poison Nova, which has a 5 second cast time, giving any melee DPS/Tank to run before it goes off. This can be healed through, but it’s a pain in the Nass, and anyone hit by it will get a rebuff dealing damage every few seconds. When you hear the que, run.

3. Their last ability is a real pain, and I have seen it kill many, many, people. Krick will yell: "Enough moving around! Hold still while I blow them all up!", and rapidly begin to conjure mines at every player's location. If the player does not move, the mines will stack and explode, killing them extremely fast. Just keep moving, and you'll be fine.

--Trip #2-- Go back to hugging the wall in the exact same manner as before, and when the wall takes a sharp turn, go straight to the ledge, and kill the pack of adds on the ledge. (A Necromancer and some skeletons) Keep going to the giant stairs, and stay on the left side to make sure you do not pull the proto-drakes on the right. Pull the add's around the boss, and when all the ads are dead, you can engage the boss.

--Boss #2-- This Boss is only mildly more complicated that Ick, but can cause some groups some problems. Again, mostly a Tank N Spank, but with a couple of nasty twists.

--Strategy-- At 66%, and again at 33%, Garfrost will stun every member of the party and jump to one of his anvils, each time increasing the frost damage he deals by 50% per anvil. He also has some damaging abilities'

1. Permafrost stacks every 2 seconds, and deals frost damage to everyone. This is an Aura just don't worry about it too much.

2. Throw Saronite, well, has Garfrost throwing Saronite at a random player, and anyone near it will be knocked back and will also take damage. You might want to move if you see a shadow below you.

3. After jumping to the first anvil, Garfrost will cast Chilling Wave, which does frost damage in a cone in front of him. Not sure this works, I've never seen it.

4. When he jumps to the last anvil, he will be able to cast Deep Freeze, a rebuff that will reduce a random target's movement speed by 50%, and deal damage after 14 seconds. Haven't seen this one either.

--The Escape-- After you've killed Garfrost, run down the stairs and turn left, and keep running. Don't worry about the mobs here, just run to the instance portal. When everyone is out of the instance, have the leader reset the instance, rinse, and repeat.