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PvP paladin guide

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Retribution Paladin in PvP


PvP Burst Spec

PvP Burst Spec This retribution spec is based on Seal of Righteousness. Damage is relatively high, but Paladin is more vulnerable to attacks


  • Glyph of Seal of Righteousness
  • Glyph of Judgement
  • Glyph of Exorcism

PvP Less Bursty Spec

PvP Less Bursty Spec Damage is lower than first spec, Based on Seal of Command, Defensive spec


  • Glyph of Salvation
  • Glyph of Judgement
  • Glyph of Exorcism

Gems and Enchants



  • Head and Shoulders: Wintergarsp`s Enchants with Attack Power and Resilience Rating Legs: Earthen Leg Armor
  • Bracers: +50 Attack Power
  • Hands: +44 Attack Power
  • Boots: +32 Attack Power
  • Chest: +20 Resilience Rating
  • Back: +23 Agility/ Shadowguard Embroidery


In PvP isn`t a fixed rotation, I open a fight with Judgement>Crusader Strike>Divine Storm>Exorcism Next skills are based on first come first served, I mean you use your spells whenever they are out of cooldown.

I hope this guide helped you.