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Pve retri paladin guide

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 1. Spec and Glyphs
 2. Gear, Gems & Enchants
 3. Rotations
 4. Addons

  1. Spec
   Major: Glyph of Judgement
          Glyph of Consecration
          Glyph of Exorcism
          Or: Glyph of Seal of Vengeance - If you aren`t expertise capped (26 rating) this glyph is a dps increase. I recommend to replace Glyph of Exorcism if you want to use this glyph
   Minor: Glyph of Blessing of Kings
          Glyph of Sense Undead
   2. Gear:
  Best stat for paladin is Strength>Hit>Expertise>Critical Rating>Haste
  Armor Penetration: Many paladins are using armor penetration plate, that`s wrong. Better than using armor penetration plates is to use leather offsets that gives anything else in stead of armor penetration.
  Meta Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
  Red Slot Bold Cardinal Ruby
  Yellow Slot Inscribed Ametrine This gem should be used only in yellow slots that gives a 6+ strength bonus, then all slots Bold Cardinal Ruby.
  To activate meta gem you need 1 Nightmare Tear
  Weapon Enchant Weapon - Berseking
  Head Arcanum of Torment
  Shoulders Greater Inscription of the Axe
  Cloak Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
  Chest Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
  Wrist Enchant Bracer - Greater Assault
  Hands Enchant Gloves - Crusher
  Belt Eternal Belt Buckle
  Legs Icescale Leg Armor
  Feet Enchant Boots - Greater Assault

  Hit Rating - Paladin hit cap is 8%
  Expertise Rating - You need 26 rating, then boss won`t dodge your attacks
  Try to avoid hit/expertise gems. Don`t take a item for iLvl(Gear Score) because this will be a dps loss.
  3. Rotation:
  Without T10 bonus set:
  Avenging Wrath->Crusader Strike->Judgement->Divine Storm->Hammer of Wrath->Crusader Striker->Consecration-Exorcism
  With 2xT10 bonus set:
  Avenging Wrath->Crusader Strike-Divine Storm-Judgement->Hammer of Wrath->Crusader Strike-Consecration->Exorcism
  Divine Storm is using each time the proc is and have priority in front of all other skills, except Judgement. Use Divine Plea at cooldown
  With 4xT10 bonus set:
  Avenging Wrath->Judgement->Divine Storm->Crusader Strike->Consecration->Exorcism->Hammer of Wrath->Crusader Strike
  4. Addons: 
  CLCRET The best addon for maximise dps
  Pally Power The easiest mode to buff