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Raids 101 Trial of the Crusader

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This is a general and very effective guide to raiding Trial of the Crusader (ToC) with any group, be it pug or guild raid. I'll frequently update it as updates are done to Redemption. The purpose of this guide is -

1) Enlighten PUG raiders - Those that don't generally have guild raids 2) Enlighten new raid leaders and raiders in general 3) Give insight into how other people effectively kill bosses

Because this server isn't completely retail scripted, we can't completely base all our encounters off retail descriptions so this guide gives tips, tricks, and general info for all raiders, new and old that want to conquer content.

Northrend Beasts - 001 Lord Jaraxxus - 002 Faction Champions - 003 Twin Val'kyr - 004 Anub'arak - 005


001 Northrend Beasts

General Info:

-The fight has three phases:

Gormok the Impaler

The first boss is a general tank and spank.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale

= The second is a fight between two hulking serpents.


= The third is a tank and spank with some movement and awareness involved.

Ideal Setup:


= 2 tanks; 3 healers; rest dps.


= 2 tanks; 5-6 healers; rest dps.


-Jormungar Duo (spray/poison)

- both jormungars spray the direction they face with damaging attacks; Acidmaw also leaves a trail of poison on the ground behind him

-Icehowl (arctic breath/massive crash

) - a frost frontal cone attack; and a raid-wide stun followed by a massive aoe-killing charge



The MT (and the additional OT for the jormungar duo fight) should always face the bosses AWAY from the raid (to avoid sprays/breaths).


Gormok the Impaler is a generic tank and spank; some adds spawn and are easily killed.


The MT/OT each pick up a Jormungar upon spawning. Dreadscale is normally killed first. This enrages its twin, Acidmaw. Note that Acidmaw leaves a poison trail so melee dps must attack from its side.

The Acidmaw tank may get paralyzed from time to time and may require intensive healing; paladins may bubble.

When Icehowl stuns the group (pushes them to the walls), he will "emit a howl on <Name>" - this is the player he will charge.

This player (and everyone else in the direction Icehowl is facing), should MOVE SIDEWAYS, to avoid massive damage. - If Icehowl hits his target (or other people who did not move), he soft-enrages and requires a tranquilizing shot to remove it. - If all players manage to avoid his massive crash, Icehowl is stunned for a short time.

002 Lord Jaraxxus

General Info

- This is a challenging fight with emphasis on movement, debuff interruption and heal-through, and adds control

- Ideal Setup:

10m/hc = 1 MT; 1 OT for adds (or a good-geared plate dps may fill this role); 2-3 healers; rest dps 25m/hc = 1 MT; 1-2 OT for adds; 5-7 healers; rest dps


Fel Fireball

- a high damage spell cast on the MT, must be interrupted Fel Lightning - a fire damage spell similar to chain lightning Nether Power - a buff on the boss; may be spell stolen or dispelled

Nether Portal
- spawns shivari (female demons); must be immediately killed by all

Volcano - spawns infernals which do aoe damage; must be killed by RDPS

Legion Fire

the player who takes this must run away from other people; he will "drop" flames where he moves so it must be in areas far from others; similar to Blood Queen's Swarming Shadows

Incinerate Flesh

the player who takes this must receive a large amount of overhealing, or else the group takes a massive damage over time --- Overheal amounts: 10m = 30,000 10hc = 40,000 25n = 60,000 25hc = 85,000


(1) Dispel/interrupt Fireball; Dispel/Spellsteal Nether Power.

(2) Players which take Legion Flame need to run away from others and around the walls. Those near them (especially if in melee area) need to be aware to move away if flames drop near their location.

(3) The player taking Incinerate Flesh should be focus healed until the "Incinerate Flesh" bar is filled.

(4) DPS should focus on portals when they spawn; rdps-only on volcanoes. The OT or a good-geared plate dps should take the adds away from healers/squishy classes.

(5) An alternate strategy, if you have a good group, is to completely ignore the adds (which works except for 25 heroic). Simply focus fire on the boss. The adds that spawn are gripped to/taunted by the tank. Infernals are snared/kited away to prevent aoe in the melee area.


General Info

- A fight which will test your limit with regards to individual alertness, group coordination, and, obviously, your PvP skills. - You need to balance a mix between PvE gear (more damage burst) and pvp gear (since you will take a lot of hits). - In 10m you will face six champions; in 25m you face ten champions. - It's important to mark your targets and establish a kill order (healers first).

- Ideal Setup:

10m/hc = 1-2 tanks; 3 healers; rest dps 25m/hc = 1-3 tanks; 6-7 healers; rest dps


-Warrior -

Needs to be tanked; one-hit kill normal attack on cloth; critical-hp on leather; Bladestorm will kill any non-tank near him

-Death Knight -

Needs to be tanked; will kill any non-tank it grips to him

-Rogue -

Needs to be Crowd Controlled; will Shadowstep and Ambush, instantly killing his target

-Warlock -

Needs to be Silence/Interrupted; Hellfire will do a large amount of aoe damage

-Shaman -

Needs to be dispelled; Bloodlust/Heroism will be popped at start, either mass dispel is used to remove it, or a Frost DK slows everyone with Hungering Cold

- Druid -
Needs to be killed, asap, as it is the most effective healer

- All other classes are negligible at best


(1) Mark targets for the kill order + which ones to avoid. Prioritize the most dangerous class first which, in most cases, is the Rogue. Second would be the warrior (use Bloodlust/Heroism to burst him down immediately); and make sure to run away when he is using bladestorm.

(2) It is best for the raid to spread out to see if the warrior or DK are going for someone that is not tanking them. Healers and cloth dps should remain at max range.

(3) Use your interrupts, kites, stuns, fears, etc. as you normally would in a PVP setting. Champions may be incapacitated (cyclone, hex, poly) but subject to diminishing returns (don't spam it or eventually it stops working).

== 004 TWIN VAL'KYR ==

General Info

- A fight between two Val'kyr bosses - one Light-colored (Lightbane); one Dark-colored (Darkbane); they share the same health pool - Light and Dark portals appear in the room - The group needs to click on a specific color portal, and then dps the boss of its opposite color (ie. click Light Portal, dps Dark Boss).

-Ideal Setup:

10m/10hc = 2 tanks; 3 healers; rest dps; one soaker 25m/25hc = 2 tanks; 5-6 healers; rest dps; one soaker


Twin Vortex

- Light or Dark; will damage players of the opposite color (ie. Light Vortex will heavily damage Dark Portal players)

Twin's Pact

cast by a twin which shields herself; shield must be removed by dpsing the twin that is casting; once removed, the cast must be interrupted - if not removed, the twins heal for 20% max hp (or 50% in heroic, which you should never let happen)

Colored Essences
- orbs of either Light or Dark color floating around the room

- your stats increase if an orb of the same color touches you - you take damage if an orb of the opposite color touches you


- Focus Fire

This strategy is several times easier than a normal strategy, owing to how the group behaves and it requires minimal coordination/movement

(1) One tank + one soaker = will click on the Dark Portal. This tank will hold aggro on the Light Twin. - The soaker will run around the room getting all floating dark orbs to prevent them from damaging others.

(2) The other tank + EVERYONE else = will click on the Light Portal. They will then proceed to burst down the Dark Twin. - The dps may also run around to get floating Light Orbs.

(3) When Twin Vortex is cast, note the color first. Light Vortex = since majority in the group touched the Light Portal; they will not take much damage Dark Vortex = the rest of the group clicks on the Dark Portal once to prevent taking a lot of damage; alternatively, the healers may just heal through it - after the cast, the rest of the group re-clicks on the Light Portal

(4) When Twin's Pact is cast, note the color of the twin casting it. Lightbane Pact = all dps will switch to Lightbane to break her shield and interrupt heal Darkbane Pact = all dps stays on Darkbane to break her shield and interrupt heal

005 Anubarak

- The final boss of the raid. - Requires good management of adds, location and movement awareness, and a massive burst + SMART healing near the end.

Ideal Setup:

10m/hc = 1 MT; 1 OT (or a good-geared plate dps); 2-3 healers; rest dps 25m/hc = 1 MT; 1 OT; 5-7 healers; rest dps


-Frost Orbs/Permafrost

rdps will shoot down the orbs to form permafrost (a patch of snow on the ground)

-Nerubian Adds

these must be killed immediately by the dps upon spawning; stunlock prevents them from burrowing

-Impale/"Pursued by Anubarak"

spikes will home in on a specific player until he dies or stands on permafrost

- Leeching Swarm -
a raid-wide DoT which heals the boss based on player HP


(1) Rdps shoots down orbs, permafrost will form. Raid takes note where they are.

(2) Kill adds immediately upon spawning.

(3) The boss buries itself underground, and then casts spikes. You will see "Anub'arak pursues <name>" - this player needs to run to a permafrost and stand on its center/behind it to avoid Impale (an aoe damage).


[Path of Spikes] ------------------> [Targetted Player] [Snow]


[Path of Spikes] ------------------> [Snow] [Targetted Player]

(4) Upon reaching 35%, the boss casts Leeching Swarm. Use all cooldowns and burst him down fast. SMART healing is required here; only the tank needs to be constantly topped off. The spell heals the boss based on how much HP the raid has.


- Spam healing everyone to full = means the boss heals himself even more.


- Keeping everyone at 40-50% (and healing only when critical) = means the boss heals himself less.