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Redemption Realm

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  • Version: 3.3.5
  • Realm Type: PvE
  • Rate: 10x

Other Info

  • Teleporter: Yes
  • Mall: Yes
  • Instant Flight: No
  • Starter Gear: No
  • GM Commands: .account .commands .dismount .help .save .server motd .start

Other Rates

  • Skill.Discovery: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Poor: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Normal: 10x
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: 9x
  • Drop.Item.Rare: 8x
  • Drop.Item.Epic: 7x
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: 1x
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: 2x
  • Drop.Money: 10x
  • XP.Kill: 10x
  • XP.Quest: 10x
  • XP.Explore: 10x
  • RepairCost: 1x
  • Honor: 1x
  • Reputation.Gain: 10x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: 10x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: 10x
  • InstanceResetTime: 0.5x
  • SkillGain.Crafting: 10x
  • SkillGain.Defense: 10x
  • SkillGain.Gathering: 10x
  • SkillGain.Weapon: 10x
  • SkillChance.Orange: 100x
  • SkillChance.Yellow: 75x
  • SkillChance.Green: 25x
  • SkillChance.Grey: 0x

Other Settings

  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: No
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: Yes
  • Death.SicknessLevel: 11
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: Yes
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: No
  • Battleground.Deserter: Yes
What do these values mean?

Redemption is a 3.3.5a Blizz-like private realm with a main focus on PvE (Player Versus Environment). Leveling your characters is made easier with a faster (but not too fast) 10X experience-gaining rate. Most people get to level 80 within a day or two. Instances and raids are also easily accessible with the use of the Redemption teleport system. This makes upgrades during the leveling process easy to access. A working dungeon and raid finder also adds to the rich PVE experience. The teleport system makes travel easy, not time-consuming, across Azeroth. Redemption teleporters make travel to the server Mall (in Dalaran), other Cities, Raids, and Instances, nearly instant. Although PvE is the main focus of the realm, working arenas and battlegrounds provide a great PvP environment for players looking to test their skills against other players. For those who do not wish to participate in PvP, by default, characters are not flagged for PvP combat. If a player desires, they may enable their PvP flag. Redemption offers the best of both the PVE and PVP worlds.


Features of Redemption

Increased rates help enhance game play and are as follow:

Increased Drop/Experience Rates

  • Experience (exploration, quests, mob kills), Gold, and Reputation gains, are all 10x.
  • Item Drop Quality:
    • Poor (Grey)=1x
    • Common (White)=10x
    • Uncommon (Green)=9x
    • Rare (Blue)=8x
    • Epic (Purple)=7x

The Vote Store

Redemption offers a reward for players who help promote the community. By voting on [1] players acquire points for voting for the server. Vote Points may be spent on the Store Page and offer a wide, but well balanced approach to gaining items. Better items require more vote points (VP), while less valuable items require less VP.

The store offers Heirloom Items, Kharmaa's Grace, Ulduar-level offset items and weapons, Naxxramas-level trinkets, various crafting recipes and materials from Trial of the Crusader, vanity pets, various hard-to-obtain mounts, and a large variety of 'fun' or 'collectible' items such as Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E. and Arcanite Ripper.

Custom Teleporter

Eternal Gateways outside of major cities, instances, and PvP areas. They can take you to the various places listed below. (Tip: Using "Track Flightmasters" or "Track Elementals" on your mini-map will help you easily spot nearby Eternal Gateways)

  • Major cities
  • All instances
  • All raids
  • Mall in Dalaran with all the class trainers, and Tier 1-7 vendors.

Constant Raiding/Instancing

Raids are on a three-day lockout timer.


The Culling of Stratholme, The Occulus, have major bugs that render the instances impossible or hard to do and/or closed due to possible bug exploits.

All other WotLK 5-man raids work perfectly. The random dungeon finder tool is also working.


Almost all of the entry-level raids are unscripted/bugged up until Naxxramas. Ulduar is also pretty buggy, the bugs make some fights plain impossible.

The following raids function, with some bugs:

== Raiding 101 ==

Raids 101 Icecrown Citadel


Leveling in Redemption is a painstaking task, but it pays off well of course in the end. To start off, you need to buy heirlooms in the vote shop. Voting is easy. Just click on each link, type in the Captcha code, and vote now. Heirlooms level with you, making them an easy way to keep geared while you level. Prioritize buying heirlooms that increase your experience gains and make leveling much less of a painstaking task!

Horde Level 1-80 http://eternal-wow.com/forum/redemption/basic-leveling-guide-t59923.html (guide by Athina/Gromic)

Alliance Level 1-80 http://eternal-wow.com/forum/redemption/alliance-leveling-guide-1-80-t76426.html (guide by Lawsonwade)

For the PvPers

Redemption is a PvE realm hosted by Eternal-Wow, but PvP is also a huge part of Redemption. Battlegrounds and Arenas are scripted and work well with minimal issues. Minor problems with bugs means a highly competitive large-scale PVP environment. In addition to working battlegrounds, the Battleground Queue works perfectly, which makes it easy to find a battle. Since Redemption is a Blizz-like server, and not a fun realm or custom item server like Remorse, a large portion of players come to Redemption to enjoy PVP as it was before Cataclysm.

Custom Gear

Eternal-WoW offers it's players balanced custom items. Unlike other servers who's custom items change the game, Eternal-WoW's Redemption custom items only add to the gameplay. These vary from role-based trinkets and transformations, to other fun-to-earn items. These items can be acquired by earning Shards of Eternal Victory from events hosted on Redemption. The Staff team organize a variety of events and choose from a wide range of different games. Players can work together in GM Fights or go solo and try to solve the legendary Eternal-Wow Maze. The amount of shards given on each event may vary, but they frequently rewards 3 and 6 shards for the GM Fight and Maze event, respectively.

Tips for Redemption starters

  • Buy Tier 7 when you hit level 80 for 1,000 gold each piece, a total of 5,000 gold for the whole set, just to get your end-game play started. Don't forget to vote for the Ulduar hardmode weapons, they help out quite a bit when you're looking to get started. An easy way to get gold in this realm is by doing daily quests at the Argent Tournament area in Icecrown. As well as that, Icecrown Citadel is often a major source of group raids (you normally would not be able to kill high level bosses by yourself), and a player has the opportunity to earn faction points as well as emblems, which can be redeemed at quartermasters for T8-T10 gear. *Note* that certain raid leaders will require a certain level of GearScore (there's an addon which calculates the quality of one's gear with the same name - Download) - although it does not always determine the skill level of players.
  • The best way to gear up is buying gear with Emblems of Triumph (EoT) and Emblems of Frost (EoF). The fastest way of getting EoT is by going to Pit of Saron (POS Farm). You get 2 Emblems of Triumph per each boss (same with Emblem of Frost). Also you can buy Emblem of Triumph using Vote tokens at Eternal-WoWs Item Store.
  • Vote for Eternal-WoW, and receive vote points that can be redeemed for epic gear, or donate and gain access to the VIP area (a special area where you can get free buffs and buy special potions and flasks), and also purchase even better epic gear.
  • Pick up a couple of Professions. Trade skills such as Alchemy Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewel Crafting, Leatherworking, and Mining all of them allow you to create or obtain materials that can be sold to help you obtain some gold when you need it by putting your products on the Auction House. Also additional trade skills can be purchased through donating for VIP points. It is also possible to have more than the Blizzard standard of two primary professions.


Guilds are a huge feature in Redemption. In-game, Redemption guilds can accomplish a number of tasks that make your WoW life easier. Some of these guilds can accomplish: making raiding and dungeoning groups easier to find, creating a private battleground possible, gathering an enemy-city raid quickly, making questing faster, making money easier, and finding activities with your guild friends. While leveling, grab a few friends and join them with your quests, it makes it all much easier with some friends, but it is not necessary as Redemption offers leveling for players with its x10 experience rate.

Guild Features:

  • A custom Guild Tabard.
  • Raids with guild members (in raiding guilds).
  • Use of a guild vault to share items for guild members.
  • And much more!

List of some guilds which may be interested in having you.


Daily Quests, Great Way To Make Gold
For new players, the easiest way to make gold for buying gear and other helpful items is by doing Daily Quests. Each quest will give you an average of 300 gold. The first Daily Quests you should start with is in "The Argent Stand". The best way to get there is to fly from Dalaran. "The Argent Stand" is straight East, or you can use the portal and go to Instances Level 70-80 "Dark'Tharon Keep". You go up the ramp and fly over to "The Argent Stand". This quest is very simple, all you do is just talk to the NPC (Non-Playing Character), and you will instantly receive 376 gold. The next Daily Quests are at TOC, or Trial of the Crusader. To get there you need to use one of the portals. TOC is located in the Raids page 3 number 22. When you get there, fly up and you will see 2 tents on the ground. Go to the circle tent first and talk to "Narasi", she will have 5 blue quests available (blue meaning Daily or Repeatable Quests). Then you go to the other tent, which is in the shape of a rectangle. When you enter the tent on the left, talk to "Cellian" and get his quest, then to the right talk to "High Crusader Adelard" which will have 4 quests, you should get. Finally, read the quests and complete them, they are very easy and don't take very long.

Wintergrasp quest
A lot of people have forgotten the Wintergrasp quests. Every week you could complete 2 quests that rewards Honor, Gold, and Stone Keeper's Shard. Stone Keeper's Shard can be traded for items with the quartermaster.
-- DragonixFrost

The weekly quest. The weekly quest is located in Dalaran in between the landing "Dalaran mall" and the south bank. This quest is a 10-player raid that on completion you will receive 500 gold, 5 EoF's (Emblem of Frost), and 5 EoT's (Emblem of Triumph). The raid is usually quite easy and fun to do.
-- 95911922 20:15, 26 August 2011 (CDT) The weekly quest

The weekly quest. The weekly quest is located in Dalaran in between the landing "Dalaran mall" and the south bank. This quest is a 10-player raid that on completion you will receive 500 gold, 5 EoF's (Emblem of Frost), and 5 EoT's (Emblem of Triumph). The raid is usually quite easy and fun to do. === For more help with the game click the 2 === [[2]] Good page, still not done.
-- Caliph 13:05, 29 August 2011 (CDT)

There is a problem because you cannot be a full Alchemist. When I wanted to upgrade to the degree of Apprentice, Master alchemist was missing. Is this the game problem or a server problem?
-- Bigdaddyalfa 17:37, 31 August 2011 (CDT)