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Remorse Druids

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Overview on druids

Remorse druids are simple but very good to play. They have good damage and are the best all round class on the game as they can act as a tank, or dps. Tanking helps you the most for soloing things like; doing your daily dust and daily mist run. Or even soloing some bosses(soloing bosses is possible but very time consuming). DPS is best in feral and is the most simple dps "rotation" i know but that's later on in the guide. The bad things about druids are that they get a lot less HP than plate classes as for plate gear have much much more hp than our leather gear has. But HP isn't everything if you can kill very sufficiently. Tree form and Boomkin are pretty much useless and tree form heals the maximum of about 500k+ but the cast time is about 2 seconds long so its not worth it considering attacking in bear form you up every now and then. Boomkins are the worst dps as there moves hit about 20k+ which is useless when a boss have over 1000m HP.

Feral Tank

Feral tanks are pretty much one of the best survival classes i know. They survive well because of all their healing and defense moves which makes them really hard to kill in PvP and there damage is not too bad if you follow these simple steps.

The main thing to do damage on single target is to spam Maul, It does high damage and doesn't contribute to the Global Cool Down of other moves so its just extra damage, The main thing is to make sure you never stop spamming it no matter what your against. For AoE use Swipe and it hits everyone in a 360 degree angle so even if someone behind you you will hit them and it bashes your enemies down evenly. Mangle is the next best move as it hits the highest but unfortunately has a 4 second CD which makes it a move to be used whenever you can against single target. The rotation i use on single target dps is; 1.Maul(never stop spamming it) 2/3.Swipe,swipe, mangle, swipe, swipe, mangle and repeat When ever you have Beserk ready to use, use it and spam mangle as it takes it off its CD and puts it on a GCD so it makes it a very usefull move to use.

If you are trying to solo lots of enemies at once and they are killing you slowly, Use barskin every time you can and if they get you to about 33%-45% use Frenzied Regeneration and Survival instincts. That will heal you to pretty much full hp.

Feral DPS

Feral DPS Druids are pretty simple, Go in cat form and pow pow pow. Feral DPS have very high damage but die when trying to solo things so its best to rotate between cat and bear form for maximum DPS. What is do in Cat form is so simple its unbelievable. All i do is spam Mangle and use Savage roar once every 30 seconds to keep the 30% more damage buff up on me. When ever you start to go low on energy use Tigers Fury and when you use berserk, Just like in bear form Spam mangle for single target dps. For AoE just spam Swipe and if you want try and get a savage roar in if you have enough energy. If your againt multiple enemies use berserk then spam swipe as it hits about 3-4 times the damage as the bear form one so it kills your enemies faster. But beware you cannot solo bosses in cat form unless you have Uber good gear.

Druids Weapons, Armour etc.

Obviously the best druid armour is Storm Rage 3 but the best weapon in the whole game without being a donor is Panda, Sword of Illidan but the next best sword i found is the 2 Vote Warglaves. The best idol i have found is Remorsfull idol but the most easiest one to acquire is Storm Rage Idol from Illidan which thankfully drops most of the time. Also the best bracers, Boots and Belts can be found in many places and i think the ones in Black Temple are the best and the ones from Shattard Halls are the next best.

Bignana's thoughts of druids of remorse server

Ive been playing my pretty much from the start and have noticed that although they are the simplest to play they do good damage and are all round what you need. No need to carry a shield if your in bear form YOU ARE THE SHIELD!Cat form is the same, So simple but it does enough dps to get you to the top of the Dps Chart. Also they are brilliant for PvP as cat form you can stealth behind your enemies and kill them before they realize your there. And if you get caught stealthing, Go bear form and just Use your defensive moves spam maul, Mangle and swipe and you will beat whoever your up against.

Contact Bignana for questions.