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Remorse Playing a Druid

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Remorse: Guide to Playing A Feral Druid


In Remorse playing a Druid is easy and fun.First we can start from leveling.


Levelling a druid is also simple,all you do:

  • Level 1 is that you have to learn Bear Form
  • Level 40 you can learn Swipe(Bear).When you have learned Swipe(Bear) you can use it to attack many enemies just like AoE. Simply attack many enemies that are your level and just spam Swipe(Bear).
  • Level 255 go to Nexus get the gear and do quests.



Well when doing PVP with a druid you are weak if you don't blind your target. Since druids do a lot of damage, they are good for PVP, wherever you're Prowling in Cat form (Prowl), and when you see an enemy not more that about 1500k hp more than you, just use Pounce to stun him.After that spam Mangle 2 times and then use rake then rip when you've hit 5 combo points, after that spam mangle until you got 5 x combo points, then get Savage roar, making your attack much more powerful.Spam mangle again and then use Maim to stun him ,Continue like this and he will be dead in no time.

  • Rotation; Pounce, rake, mangle x 2, rip -> Manglex3, refresh rake, savage roar (depending who you are fighting, if its someone you need to stun, then use maim)Now repeat that cycle.
  • Predatory swiftness; When you finish a combo, you get something called "Predatory swiftness, this allows you to instant cast a spell, ALWAYS remember to use it before the spell wears off, so you can get instant cyclone/heals.

When i get it i cast Regrowth, then rejuventaion and then Wild Growth, after that i use Swiftmend, this should get your health up abit, if you need more time then cyclone the target and swich to healing staff and use Tranquility + Swiftmend.

Druid vs. Rogue

Rogues are tricky so when a druid there is another way of defeating them. Even if you attack first a rogue always stuns you. Right when the stun finishes become a Bear and use Frenzied Regeneration and then use Bash to stun the target then fast become Cat Form and spam Mangle, Maim and sometimes use Savage Roar for extra power.


Well I hope you become the best druid ever. Cya.

                                                          By Dayaran playing on his druid-Tarrdrud.