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Remorse PvP

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All you need to know about Remorse PvP


About PvP

Luckily for us the Eternal-wow staff have got Remorse server a fully working Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm Battle ground system. A lot of very good players including donors play PvP so its not a good idea to join one with less than 3000k HP or you will be one shotted by good people.

Warsong Gulch Rules

Warsong Gulch(WSG) is a flag capture based game and two flags, Horde and Alliance, are placed in each base and members of the opposite faction have to capture their enemy's flags and return it to base to score a point. But the only thing is you can only capture their flag if you flag is in your base. The winner is the first one to 3 points or who ever has most points over a 25 minute game. It is possible if both teams have captured 1 flag or 2 flags each that it will end as a draw/tie. To pick up the flag walk up to it a right click it and then run back to your base. To capture the flag just run over where your flag spawn place is( remember your flag must be in the base when you try to capture the enemy flag or nothing will happen).

Power Ups

Power ups are a less used thing in WSG but are a big help. There are three types of power-ups found in Warsong Gulch. To use them, simply walk up to one. They will respawn after a short period of time.The 3 different power ups are:

Berserking - Increases all damage caused by 30%, all damage taken by 10% and increases your size by 10%. Lasts 1 min.Found in one of the 2 houses

Restoration - Restores 10% of your health and mana every second for 10 seconds. Attacking or being attacked will cancel the effect.Found in one of the 2 houses

Speed - Increases movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds. Found in the tunnels at the bases.

Arathi Basin

Arathi Basin(AB) is a capture the base game with 5 different bases which each give you points if they are your factions flag. There are 5 different flags to capture at 5 different location, Gold Mine, Blacksmith, Lumber Mill, Stables and Farm. The easiest base for horde to capture first is Farm as it is just in front of there starting area and with alliance the easiest base is Stables as it is right in front of there starting place too. The more Bases your team control the more rapidly you gain points. The winner of the match is first one to 1600 points. There is no time limit on this game. To capture a base you have to right-click the flag at the place and it will turn a white colour of your factions picture. After about 1 minute 10 seconds the captured flag will turn to your factions picture and the base will be yours and you will start gaining points. This game also has powerups just like WSG and are exactly the same things but appear at each base.

Eye of the Storm

I have always thought of Eye of the Storm(EotS) as a mix between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch as it has both capture bases and capture the flag. This time there are 4 different bases and 1 flag bases in the centre of the map. The 4 location of bases are Fel Reaver ruins, Draenic Ruins, Mage Tower, and Bloodelf Tower. Both teams start in a bubble waiting to be released. To capture a flag you must stand at the base and the more members of you team that stand on it the quicker it will capture(sort of like scales the more of you team on it means the base will become yours). The winner is the first one to 1600 points but the flag in the middle if captures rewards bonus points if returned to one of your teams captures bases. This match also has power ups located inside of the bases.

This is my second Eternal-Wiki page by Bignana and hope it helped you out. REMORSE SERVER FTW!!!